Bank insurance resident sales are expected to restart: I have been banned for more than ten years, will have a good head insurance

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Bank insurance resident sales are expected to restart: I have been banned for more than ten years, will have a good head insurance

2021-11-29 12:02:34 29 ℃

Recently, "Delivery Opinions" (Draft for Comment) "(hereinafter referred to as" Draft for Comment ") (hereinafter referred to as" Draft ") is widely circulated in the industry, the document proposes normative requirements for all aspects of personal insurance sales, and clearly makes eligible sales staff. Sales suitable products to the right consumers, guiding people's insurance to develop in new phases.

"Draft" is intended to adjust the sales model of the silver insurance channel, implement the selection of special outlets and depth cooperation models, causing the industry's hot discussion, once the relevant system lands, meaning that the banned bank sales model for more than ten years Will be restarted, it is expected to open a new pattern of strategic cooperation in banks and insurance institutions. The industry is generally considered to have a good head large insurance company and the "Bank of China" insurance company.

For a long time, an intrinsic channel is the core channel of all major life insurance companies to create profits, and the silver insurance channel is determined to quickly make a large-scale auxiliary role. Today, the transformation of the insurance is gradually entered the deep water area, and the insurance company also changed the shake of the silver insurance business, and incorporates it in strategic planning.

The industry believes that in order to completely release the value potential of the silver insurance business, it is necessary to highly focus on the true needs of the customer group covered by the Cooperative Bank on the basis of the establishment of a medium and long-term stable banking cooperation, and create custom silver insurance products and solutions. , Banks and insurance institutions jointly focus on the "Guest Group Management" transformation, focusing on the height of the insurance business, and jointly build the "secondary growth curve" of the silver insurance business.

Bank insurance exclusive network depth cooperation adopts "two choice one" new mode

On November 1, 2010, the former BCRC issued a "Notice of Further Strengthening Commercial Bank Agent Insurance Business Compulsory Sales and Risk Management", called "Silver Insurance Resident Sales". "Notice" requires commercial banks to allow insurance companies to pay the bank outlets; the staff directly selling insurance products directly, should be bank sales staff holding insurance agency qualification certificate; each outlet can only exceed Three insurance companies launched a cooperation, sales of insurance products of the cooperative company, known as "1 pair 3" model.

After the former China Banking Regulatory Commission, after the Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission, after the Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission, the "Measures for the Administration of Commercial Bank Agent Insurance", continued "1 to 3" mode, and the commercial banks can only be in the same accounting year in the same accounting year. Three insurance companies carry out insurance agency business cooperation, and non-commercial bank practitioners such as insurance companies are not allowed to engage in insurance sales related activities in commercial banking.

This model is expected to be broken after more than ten years. Recently, the "Delivery Opinions" has been adjusted to the sales model of the silver insurance channel, which is expected to open the bank and insurance institutional strategic cooperation, and the silver insurance channel will usher in a new round of recovery cycle.

Focus changes, one is the exclusive network point selected, from "1 to 3" to "1 to 1"; second is the deep cooperation model, the insurance company can dispose of the sales staff, providing auxiliary consultation or direct sales in the exclusive bank outlets Carry out insurance products.

Specifically, insurance companies can choose to carry out deep cooperation in extensive cooperation from the business banks. The exclusive cooperation outlet should be selected by the insurance company with the commercial bank municipal branches and reported to the primary agency approval. Each exclusive cooperation outlet can only cooperate with a person's own insurance company in the deep cooperation with a family insurance company in this approach, and may not work with other insurance companies.

Insurance companies have adopted "two choices" in deep cooperation with commercial bank exclusive cooperation outlets. One way is that insurance companies can provide assistive counseling in special regions of the commercial bank exclusive cooperation outlets. If the commercial bank considers that the insurance company personnel will provide assistance consultation, the commercial bank shall direct the customer to the auxiliary consultation area, and record the video throughout. The customer has purchased the intention after accepting the auxiliary consultation, and the commercial bank sales staff continues to complete the insurance sales activities. Sales management responsibility is borne by insurance companies and commercial banks.

Another way is that insurance companies can serve the salesperson to the exclusive sales area for insurance products sales, and provide service support for sales processes to provide venues and recording recordings. Sales management responsibility is borne by insurance companies.

Clear responsibility division, in the industry, it seems a considerable point, reducing the bank and insurance institutions to the responsible push. In addition, whether it is a resident consultation or direct sales, "double book" needs to further protect the rights and interests of consumer.

Guo Zhenhua, director of the insurance department of foreign economic and trade universities, said in an interview with blue whale insurance, overall, supervision plans to explore a new set of silver insurance channel systems, "" 1 to 1 'mode "in the bank and insurance companies will be in depth, Due to the existence of uniqueness, the quality outlets are scarce, and the insurance company will exacerbate the competition for the outlets and the increase in channel fees. "

Guo Zhenhua believes that the provisional contribution of "Silver Bao" life insurance companies and silver insurance channels that have the powerful life insurance companies and the equity relationship, the premiums of the silver insurance channel, the product structure is expected to optimize, to high value and long-term development .

"Bank, insurance mixed, under the premise of unified supervision, the transformation of silver insurance channels provides a good regulatory environment, and the business cooperation between the two sides will be more smooth, and the adjustment and innovation of related cooperation models can also be understood and Cooperate, a life insurance company manager introduces Blue Whale insurance, future, banks and insurance companies should be guided by customer needs, upgrading from simple agreement agency to strategic cooperation, product design and sales services. Silver insurance strategy is often in the form, and the "Guest Group Management" transition should be built to the form.

Previously, McKinsey released the white paper of "Cracked the new model", exploring the development of high-quality silver insurance, mentioned, different from the global mature banking market, domestic banking and insurance companies generally adopted "multiple-to-many" cooperation models, fresh silver To build a medium- and long strategic partnership, the two sides of the strategic agreement is often in the form, and the rights of the two sides are unclear, and lacks a binding force. Even if there is a controlling relationship, "Silver" "guarantee", the two sides have not fully excavated the value of Solitary policy cooperation after depth fusion.

Over the years, there have been many distressions and paradoxes in the development of SMB, such as the size contribution of silver insurance channels, but the value contribution is limited; bank and insurance companies are difficult to collaborate in customer operations; bank marketing team is difficult to sell complex High-value insurance products; insurance companies are difficult to establish a long-term stable cooperative relationship based on mutual trust and bank. In these ingredients, many insurance companies cannot accurately grasp the positioning of the silver insurance channel, resulting in a medium and long-term business strategy, and the business development is incapable.

Nowadays, in the case of the development of the insurance development, many insurance companies are thinking about how to deepen cooperation with banks, and the silver insurance channel will return to the "strategic vision" of the silver insurance channel. From a few years, the products of the silver insurance channel have begun to show the characteristics of long-term, affordable, from the main, low-value products, to the period, high-value products, combined with insurance guarantee and Double characteristics of financial reserves.

The head insurance company has begun to move. In July, Frienda Insurance announced that the East Asian bank opened for 15 years of exclusive silver insurance cooperation, and launched the first batch of life insurance products, covering retirement planning, asset inheritance and education planning. Recently, Peace proposes the concept of "New Silver Insurance". In addition to the original wealth of the customer, the private banking manager, build a sales of life insurance products, and taking into account the wealth management team sold by complex financial products. The construction of the new banner team is not only an important measure for the upgrading of the Ping An Bank's big wealth, but also an important part of the "channel reform" in the safe reform.

"Bank as a channel-side heavy-scale growth and current, insurance company as the product party hopes to create a new business value creation of sustainable development in medium and long-term," the above life insurance company manager, this is the difference between banks and insurance companies .

The administrator believes that in order to completely release the value potential of the silver insurance business, in the future, it is necessary to establish a real demand for the customer group covered by the Cooperative Bank on the basis of establishing a medium and long-term stable banking cooperation, and build a customized silver insurance product. And solutions, both sides, to "Guest Group Management" transition, focusing on the highly relevant endowment, health, educational ecological scenes, and build a "secondary growth curve" of the Silver Insurance business. The "1-to-1" depth cooperation model advocated by the "Draft", which is conducive to the binding of banks and insurance companies.

In fact, my country's silver insurance market still has a huge potential. Data show that the international leading bank is 30% over the insurance penetration rate of ultra-high net value, high net value and rich passenger group, and most of my country's medium and high net worth insurance penetration rate is only about 3% to 5% (excluding savings replacement Products), the gap is obvious. If my country's silver insurance penetration is doubled to about 6% to 10%, it will mean double the size of high-value products in the silver insurance market. (Blue Whale Insurance Li Danping [email protected])