"Thousands of olive juice" suspected of false propaganda, has been investigated, and like tea investment

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"Thousands of olive juice" suspected of false propaganda, has been investigated, and like tea investment

2021-11-29 12:02:50 39 ℃

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"Thousands of juice" investment in tea is turned into the car.

Recently, according to the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration issued a news, after the "Shenzhen Milk Tea Shop" continued to investigate and evolve the previous time, the actual purchase price of the store was not complied with the publicity price, now The company's suspected violation of false propaganda is investigated, and the follow-up treatment will continue to notify.

It is reported that the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Authority is notified to the "Yucai Mountain", and the company is Shenzhen Hao Lin Catering Co., Ltd.

In mid-November this year, Wildley Mountain once mounted the "1000 yuan a glass of olive juice" in the launch of the "1000 yuan a glass of olive juice", facing the public's attention, the company has publicly replied, the store is selling price of 1,000 yuan The olive branch is expensive because the raw material of the drink is relatively expensive, "its raw material comes from Chaoshan's Jinyu Sanyu olive, the price is probably 800 yuan a pound", "If the consumer is going to drink, you need to make an appointment 3 hours in advance. ".

Jin Yu Sanyu Olives is a specialty of Jinzao Town, Shantou City, Guangdong Province. In 2008, the Quality Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine was approved to implement geographical indicators of "Jin Yu Sanyu Olive". According to professional determination, every 100 grams of Jinyu three-olive flesh, its vitamin C and protein content is more than doubled in ordinary olives.

"Financial World" weekly publication found that a pound of Jinyu Sanyu olive offer from 88 yuan -680 yuan. This product "is the best in the origin of Jinzhao Town, the older the tree age, the better the variety, the higher the price," Soup, juicer, tea, etc.

At present, 1,000 yuan a cup of Jin Yu Sanyu olive juice as the company "treasure of the town", has not yet removed from the "Yucai Mountain" applet, and some stores have shown "sold out". At the same time, the company's high-priced products include 300 yuan a cup of olive juice, 108 yuan a cup of durian juice and mangosteen juice.

(Photo / Yogui Mountain Approach)

"Yucai Mountain" brand was established in 2019, the first "molecular juice" concept, the main health concept, that is, the best global fruit, the best maturity, maximize the fiber and vitamins, provide consumers with healthy natural juice product. Up to now, "Yucai Mountain" has opened 34 stores in Shenzhen. In November this year, "Yucai Mountain" related company Shenzhen Hao Lin Catering Co., Ltd. has a business change, adding Nie Yunzhen as chairman, and Xi Tea (Shenzhen) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. is the first major shareholder, accounting for 60% .

Tea is the most optimistic new tea faucet enterprise in the market. Since the launch of the brand in 2016, we have won 5 rounds of financing. The investors include today's capital, high-spirited, sewing capital, Tencent investment, etc. 100 million yuan. Multiple heads, including the young tea, have passed the news that is ready to be listed in the year, but since the June of this year, the tea of ​​the Kaiku, the tea, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, so far, the market has been shrinking, the capital market The enthusiasm for the new tea brands is very good.

Hi tea also denied the "transformation" VC after listed this year, and the more far from the road of investment. According to public information, since July 21 this year, Xi Tea launched the first investment, after entering the boutique coffee brand SEESAW, after the four months, it is frequent, and the wild plant Yanmai milk brand YEPLANT, tea and drink brands And the peach, pre-tiered wine brand Wat and Yucai Mountain. In addition to the pre-tiered wine brand WAT, the other investment projects have shares. On November 11 this year, Xi Tea completed the combination of Yucai Mountain and did a change in business and commerce, and the tea was 65% of the two companies, and the founder of her tea was a chairman.

In addition, the tea also acquired a newly established lemon tea brand Wang Jie lemon tea this year, and the Maicai was 70%. There is an analysis, and the philosophy of tea this year is "aiming at the category that I have tried to launch", "and searching for new brands that have been received and recognized within a certain range.

Among them, oat milk and alcohol are new products that have been tried in 2019-2020, and the brand and other brands such as the peach, Yucai Mountain and Wang'er Lemon tea, it is more like a beautiful tea, The decisions made by the competitors such as Honey Snow Ice City, such as the Japanese "girl's heart" style, "Girl's Heart" style, "Nai Xue's tea", Wang Jing, lemon tea, is straight to the honey snow The city's hot explosive lemon tea, and the layout of "cold door fruit" tea.

However, investment is risky, and the tea is frequent, and it is inevitable that the "thousand yuan olive juice" in Yushan Mountain is turned into an event. How many brands of future investments form a contract, the industrial chain is complementary, and it will also be a major challenge for the tea.

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