Is funds to buy ast?Recombinant play skills?How does Xinli Financial lithium drapers go?

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Is funds to buy ast?Recombinant play skills?How does Xinli Financial lithium drapers go?

2021-11-30 00:03:48 46 ℃

Since this year, the lithium battery sector has risening a dusty. At the beginning of the year, the lithium battery index rose 105.55%, and the market of listed companies "lithium and rising" can also see the continued enthusiasm of funds.

Recently, another listed company-Xinli Financial ( announced its own "lithium-plated", from November 10th to 29th, the stock price rose 48.5%; while taking long time, from October 26 On the recent closing, the share price rose 85.3%. But the outside world is not unfolbened, and the gains seem to be very early, and the funds are all in a hurry, and the abnormal performance of this stock price occurs before the message is announced.

And the reporter learned that although Xinli Financial Recombinant is the target company Shenzhen Bike Power Battery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bike Power") is lithium-e-commerce, but not the leading lead, can bring to listed companies. Whether the performance is worth the share price, still need to be verified.

On November 28th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a question in the company's restructuring plan information disclosure, directly refers to a few questions: whether to circumvent restructuring, whether it meets the reorganization conditions and whether there is insider information leaks.

After the 29th, Xinli Financial released stock trading risk tips announced that due to the abnormal fluctuations or abnormal transactions of the share price of listed companies, the two sides may not be able to reorganize the valuation, and it is improving the assets. Wait, resulting in the risk of suspend, suspend or cancel this reorganization.

Private equity is ambush in advance?

Why is it a bit anxious? Let's take the time line of things.

After May 26th, Xin Li's period of time experienced the shares of shares, from 9.18 yuan / share to 6.4 yuan / share at the minimum October 25, most of the time stock price is 8 yuan / share to 6.6 yuan / share between. However, on October 26, the stock price trend suddenly changed significantly, and the share price of 11 trading days was rapidly placed from 6.53 yuan / share, and the accumulated rising nearly 30%.

Previously, in addition to the third quarter report on October 23, the company has released the resolutions of the 16th Meeting of the 8th Supervisory Commission, without other stimulating stock prices. In this 11 trading day, the company also announced a guarantee for the holding subsidiary Anhui Delun Financing Rental Co., Ltd. in the last day.

At this time, the price of the stock price has not been known, and the company's operating results have declined. 2020 companies achieve business income of 492 million yuan, down 4.89% from 2019, and realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies - 800,000 yuan, down 124.78% from the same period of the previous year, main influencing factors for the preparation of the account for the argument It is caused by 444.167 million yuan.

In the first half of 2021, the company achieved business income of 212 million yuan, down 8.97% from the same period of the previous year, and realized the net profit attributable to the shareholders of listed companies. The net profit of the listed company is 10.255 million yuan, down 86.22% from the same period of the previous year; the first three quarters of operating income is 3005 million yuan. It decreased by 14.34% from the same period of the previous year, and the net profit belonging to the shareholders of listed companies were 88.846 million yuan, down 69.51% from the previous year.

On November 10, Xinli Financial suddenly received the first daily limit board in the second half of the year, and the turnover of the turnover reached 353 million yuan, which was significantly higher than that of the next half of the year, and the change rate reached 7.74%. Then, the company's suspension announcement on planning major asset restructuring is formally disclosed.

According to the reorganization announcement, Xinli Finance is purchased by asset replacement and distribution of shares to purchase the equity of the Bike power, and raise funds. At the same time, the Xinli Financial Advancement will start the market on November 11, 2021.

On November 25th, Xinli Financial Duplex trading was until 29, and the share price was closed.

The first financial reporter noted that there were two new private placements in the list of the company's circulation shareholders, from the same company "Shanghai Tongyi Investment Management Co., Ltd.". The two products of the private equity have a total of 5874,300 shares, accounting for 1.15% of the circulation A shares. If calculated according to the total, the company's shareholding shareholders share shareholders.

According to the public information, Shanghai Tongyi Investment Management Co., Ltd. was established on March 23, 2015, registered at No. 51, No. 51, No. 51, Yongshi Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, is 401 rooms - 012, and the legal representative is a reservoir. Tomo has served as the sales manager of Shenwan Research Institute and the Deputy Director of the Ministry of China, which has rich sales experience.

It is worth noting that when the third quarter is announced, the new shareholder has not appeared in the top ten circulation shareholder roster at the end of September. The emergence of the shareholder is "smart" to catch up with the company's share price, and the buy in less than a month has harvested 4 daily limit, from November 10th to 29th, the stock price has risen by 48.5%; and from October On the 26nd to the latest closing, the share price increased by 85.3%.

Since the total share price of this restructuring, the total amount of the company's share price increased by the top 20 trading days before the plan, the 200% standard stipulated in Article 5 of the Notice of Information Disclosure of Listed Companies and the Information Disclosure of the Relevant Parties. Companies supplement the specific process of planning major matters before the bet, including contact, negotiation, signing the agreement and other major nodes, and the relevant personnel involved, indicating whether there is an insider information leakage, and verify the list of insider information that is submitted. Whether it is true, accurate, and complete. Is it a recombination or borrowing?

According to the content of the announcement, it is said that this is a financial business that Xinli Financial tries to get rid of non-financing capabilities and has no development prospects. The major assets returns to the lithium battery industry is worse than that is more like a Biki to relieve funds. Pressure and realize it.

According to the plan, Xinli Finance plans to put it the equity of company equity such as financing guarantees, small loans, pavilion and financing rental, and the compliance with Bike Power or Tibet Haozhao. The equivalent part is replaced, and finally the listed company's controlling shareholder Xinli Group or its designated third party. The difference in assets and the price of asset transactions is placed, and the company is intended to purchase the transaction to buy a shares.

Among them, Xinli Finance plans to set up the assets, including 58.48% equity, Dexin guarantee 100.00% equity, German finance 67.50% equity, Dexus min loan 56.51% equity and Demato as 77.05% equity, planning assets Bike power 75.6234% of the equity.

It is worth noting that Xinli Financial Capital Anhui Xinlikuang Group Co., Ltd. only holds 23.6% of the company's total share capital, which means that Xinli Financial Control will trigger the risk of restructuring after the transaction is completed.

The company chooses "bypass" and sets the transaction to obtain the voting rights of the listed company's shares to the listing company's existing major shareholder Xinli Group. "

Submitting the Submit, the company's programs are only placed in the bike power 75.62% of the equity rather than the reasons and considerations of all equity, and whether there is a subsequent arrangement of the remaining minority equity, whether there is a number of shares issued to the Bike Power Some shareholders Avoiding the situation of restructuring.

At the same time, the company also needs to combine the cause of asset formation, historical transaction pricing, performance commitment completion and this transaction estimate, indicating whether the main consideration of assets is set, and whether there is asset arrangement, deliberately reduced direction ratio The number of Bi battery or Tibet Haoze issued shares avoids the situation of restructuring listing, whether there is a situation in which the interests of listed companies are harmed.

Briefly, in addition to clarifying insider transactions, it is a reasonable asset replacement restructuring, or to avoid "techniques" listed on the housing, Xinli Finance needs to answer one by one in five trading days.


Although new energy sections such as lithium electricity and photovoltaic are belong to the big fever plates in this year, the listed company "lithium" is not the first time, but is the Bike power is a good lithium-electric standard?

The public information shows that the Bike power is founded in 2001. Headquartered in Shenzhen Longgang District, Guangdong, the company's three core services were lithium-ion batteries, electric vehicles and battery recovery. Shenzhen Bike Power, Zhengzhou Bike Battery, etc. The upstream industrial group integrating the lithium-ion battery and electric vehicle R & D, production and sales.

Before the "Hand in Hand" with Xinli Finance, the Bike power has tried to log in to the A-share market.

In March 2017, Changxin Technology plans to issue a shares and payment of cash and raise a $ 75% shares in the purchase of Box Power. 5 months later, due to the relevant regulatory policies of the returned assets returned to the Assets of overseas listed companies, Changxin Technology decided to stop the reorganization plan and changed to cash to purchase some shares.

In February of the following year, the China Lili Group announced the price of 100% of the equity of Bark power, and the post-announcement said that the secondary market has fluctuated sharply, and the actual situation of the binding is the actual situation of the company, the company's future development plan Great uncertainty is generated and terminate trading.

Today, today, from public data, the day of the Bike does not seem to be better.

The recent annual and latest quarterly report showed that the net profit of Bike's power is from -768 million yuan, -1001 billion and -170.22 million yuan, in a sustained loss. Although this year, although the performance is slightly improved, business activities have improved, but it is still possible to have sustainable loss due to business strategies, unreasonable litigation, default risk or other unpredictable significant matters.

In addition, the Bike power has a large number of unreasonable proceedings, involving customers, suppliers and shareholders, mainly including prosecution customers, is prosecuted by arrears of supplier goods, due to trigger equity repurchase and performance compensation by shareholders, etc. Large, there is a potential liability.

For example, Bike Power is one of the most core power battery suppliers of Zhongtai Automobile, accounting for more than 50% in the provision of Zhongtai New Energy Battery. On November 27, the "Announcement on the Litigation" on the November 27th shows that its wholly-owned subsidiary - Hangzhou Jievel Power Co., Ltd. arrears the payment and is prosecuted by the Bike battery. As one of the defendants, Zhongtai Automobile needs to be lifted to the debt of 616 million yuan in a total of 616 million yuan.

"Buck has passed the golden period of the industry, but after the launch of Tesla is 46mm, the height is 80mm, and the car enterprise pays attention to the cylindrical technology route, the demand is increased, and the domestic doingThe cylindrical battery is not a few, and the Bike is also lived. "A new energy industry fund manager said to the first financial reporter:" But the promotion of the technical route is not always, the company still needs to be promoted, the current statement is stillIn the loss, the obstacle to independent listing is large. "At present, the Bark's power still has 61.57% equity in a pledge state, and 54.88% of the equity is in the judicial freezing state.Although the Bike Dynamics promises to sign a limited number of rights, freeze, etc., which will be released before the official agreement of this major asset restructuring will be resolved.However, if the transaction party failed to complete the pledge and freezing, there is still a risk of transaction cancellation before the official agreement is signed.