The real-controlled person is sentenced to life, who is the control of the control of the Wheat new material?

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The real-controlled person is sentenced to life, who is the control of the control of the Wheat new material?

2021-11-30 00:03:37 30 ℃

China New Jingwei November 29th, the organization, leadership, black social nature, etc. .

The announcement shows that the "Criminal Judgment" of Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court (2020) Cantun No. 487 is as follows: The defendant Zhang Wei's criminal organization, leading the nature of the community, sentenced to ten years in prison, and confiscated all the people Property; committing illegally absorbing public deposits, sentenced to 500,000 yuan in prison, and penalized a gold RMB 500,000; committing crimes, sentenced to five years in prison, and penalized 500,000 yuan; committing intentional injury, sentence imprisonment Six months; the crime of illegal detention is sentenced to two months in prison; the criminal sentence is sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life, and penalty of RMB 5 million; committing crimes, sentenced to fifteen years And penalized a gold RMB 5 million; a crime of gathering a crime, sentenced to three years in prison; crimes committed, sentenced to seven years in prison, and penalized a gold RMB 500,000; And penalized 20,000 yuan; the crime of bribery, sentenced to five years in prison, and penalized RMB 650,000. A number of crimes and punishment, decided to implement life imprisonment, deprive political rights for life, and confiscated all personal property, fined RMB 12.17 million. (The fine will be paid within three months from the date of effectiveness of the judgment).

The public security organs continue to recover the illegal income of the defendant Zhang Wei in the case of forcing trading, extortion, fraud, etc. The illegal income of crime such as public deposits, and the principal of the "routine loan" crime, and it is confiscated after compensating the victim loss in accordance with the law; continue to recover the defendant Zhang Wei, the leadership of the black society, the leadership Zhang Wei himself with the accumulation of criminal activities due to black social nature.

For the handling of the mobile phone and other mobile phones, the defendant Zhang Wei's mobile phone, it is confiscated according to law; for the seal, frozen, the defendant Zhang Wei is all owned by the defendant Zhang Wei, which is confiscated according to law.

Guangdong Senior People's Court "Criminal Claim" (2021) Calibration of the Period No. 939 believes that the original judgment identified the facts, the evidence is indeed, sufficient, convicted, and appropriate. Trial procedure legal. Each appellant, an appeal unit and its defending the appeal, the defense opinions and related applications are not established, and do not adopt. In accordance with the provisions of Article 236 (1) of the "Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China, the rules are as follows: dismiss the appeal and maintain the original judgment. This decision is the final judgment.

He Shengxin pointed out that the company's controlling shareholders Shenzhen Zhongke Chuangyi Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sino-Science Assets") holds 7766.79 million shares, accounting for 31.34% of total shares. In terms of pledge, the number of shares in Zhongke's Creative Assets is 77.5912 million shares, accounting for 99.90% of the number of Shandong New Material Shares, accounting for 31.31% of the total shares of He Sheng's new material; frozen situation The number of shares assigned by the judicial frozen is 776.79 million shares, accounting for 100.00% of the number of Shandian New Materials Shares, accounting for 31.34% of the total shares of Hessan.

He Shengxin pointed out that the future, the company has the risk of actual control. The company will continue to pay attention to the progress of the above incidents, and perform information disclosure obligations in time, please invest in investors, pay attention to risk.

The sky-eyed check provides information showing that Sino-CSCF is established on April 3, 2015. The main business scope is asset management, investment management (above must engage in trust, financial asset management, securities asset management, enterprise management consulting (Excluding talent intermediary services), economic information consultation, investment consultation, financial management consulting (without securities, insurance, fund, financial business and other restricted projects), equity investment, supported management equity investment fund (may not open The fundraising fund must not engage in public raising fund management business), investing in the intelligence industry (specific projects separately). Zhang Wei holds 100% equity in Sino-Science Breakfast.

WIND data shows that as of September 30, He Sheng's new material has 15060 A shares shareholders. On November 29, He Sheng's new material took 0.41% to 7.32 yuan. (China New Jingwei APP)