"Good fun snail" was exposed to the egg, and some people have a low price?

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"Good fun snail" was exposed to the egg, and some people have a low price?

2021-11-30 00:02:05 27 ℃

| Wu Jiaying Su Qi

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Super net red snail powder, also "turned".

A few days ago, the head brand "Good fun snail" was exposed to the consumer, "eating the eggs", causing a hot discussion.

On the two days after the "Senct Eggs", the topic of "Good Jiji Eggs" "Good Father Suspic Response" is on the hot search. In the early morning of November 28, the good service released statement, saying that the production process is fully compliant. Food safety standards and authoritative certificates, and "hard" means that the incident will be verified, "if there is a driving after the scene, it will protect according to law."

On the evening of the 28th, the good lasers were once again released, saying that the special investigation team has been fully inspected on the production site, while the full chain trace is repeated to the batch products, and no abnormalities have been found. It also emphasizes that direct contact with the complaints, and strives to comprehensively restore the objective real situation of this involved product.

Two statements within a day, not only were "comic friends" bad review, but also known as "reverse teaching materials" by public relations practitioners. But the screw powder in the "eggs" is "low-cost recycling" by all netizens "low price".

These "recycles" may be imperative for the inexpensive psychology, perhaps the immunization of net red food "turned", but this is enough to explain, is smelling, enough, enough sour spirits, it has made a lot of young people "addictive ".

However, as the blogging traffic password, the net red screw powder of the big anchor live broadcast, once frequently exposed food safety issues, including many brands, such as good joke, screw king, plum, etc., all due to product quality The problem encounters consumers complaints.

The egg incident, in fact, it also gave a snail powder brand, including a good joke, sounded a alarm: on food safety issues, no brand will be lucky.

It was exposed to eat insect eggs, and the "tough" responded to suffering?

On the evening of November 25, a little red book blogger came out of the platform, "Eating a good snail and eaten eggs", but because it is "directly in the water", it is not clear From which packs from. The blogger note shows that from October 8th, a lot of businesses have purchased 10 bags of hard snakes and plus scikin powder (produced on September 16, 2021), spending 117 yuan.

The blogger said "Eat well and eat the eggs" source / Xiaohong book

According to the blogger, after complaints to the platform, the platform pays 200 yuan to it, and promises to conduct limited bills for the merchant, then the business apologize and full refund, pay 1000 yuan. However, the brand is called the blogger, the merchant has not been licensed, the source is unknown, and the foreign object cannot be verified after the package.

On November 28th, "Good Jiji Eggs" "Good Lake Response" mount Weibo hot search, many snail powder enthusiasts have said that "scared scalp hair numb" "The snail of the hand is not fragrant "Suddenly slammed the snail powder."

After the money is fermented, the brand is inherently responded in the morning. "The seasoning packaging is passed through the Papan sterilization of Passes" "The production operations are completed in 100,000 GMP certification workshops" "" completely conforming to food safety standards and passes by authority certification. "

At the same time, the good fun snail has questioned the rapid fermentation of this public opinion, saying "I will conduct verification of the incident, if there is a push, it will be privileged according to law."

Good joy, two degrees responding insect eggs Source / Weibo

But this "too hard" statement, but let a "combo friend" more "inherent". "The product is exposed to quality security issues, and it has not surveyed clearly, it will give the pot to the 'public opinion, and the good feeling of this brand has dropped straight." A consumer spit.

On the evening of November 28, the good lasered reminded, said that a special investigation team has been fully inspected on the production site, while the full chain trace is repeated to the batch product, and no abnormalities have been found. It also emphasizes that direct contact with the complaints, and strives to comprehensively restore the objective real situation of this involved product.

Two statements within a day, not only were "comic friends" bad review, but also known as "reverse teaching materials" by public relations practitioners.

"The two declarations there are more serious than talking." Senior brand public relations people Mark believe that the good time to respond to the first time, "Almost sincerity", and the content does not respond to consumers. However, throw the problem to the public, the subtext is "We are here, really fake you own investigation", this is a pit to yourself, basically self-destruction response.

In the marketing industry, there is a loose view, and the second statement of a good junction is to demolish the first declaration. The first declaration is then "hard", so that the outside world is "real hammer" that the brand is spoofed or extorted, so it refers to the self-confidence of the product with a tough posture. But the second declaration of "revealing", revealing yourself without a hammer, then the self-confidence of the product is difficult to let consumers convince.

Such as a loose say, "the public is a problem to solve the response, first solve the problem of the parties, talk about other, the tough declaration before the question is clear, it is invalid for the public."

Chinese food industry analyst Zhu Danpon also said that the good time should be done first, it is a review of the products involved in the product, and the cause of the reason and results will be announced in the outside world. "Do not respond to quality problems in the first time, will give consumption The impression of lack of social responsibility may cause great damage to the brand image. "

"Maybe a good comacy after the screw, but the first step has been wrong, the competitive brand may borrow its mistake, do your own brand maintenance. And the fun snail can only use a larger price to save the situation Mark said. After the "egg incident" is also available for purchase, how many addictions in the snail powder?

In response to this good fun snail incident, although most netizens believe that consumers do not have to self-directed self-sufficiency, "nausea they" "Net red food, not very unfortunate", but some people have questioned authenticity, "Whoever ovals is high temperature and boil," "why is there only one bag in the same bag," "Will it be a store to sell counterfeit or expired food" ...

In addition to the truth of the incident, more "comic friends" is, how to deal with the goods.

The double 11 that has just been in the past, many snail powder enthusiasts have conducted "replenishment", now "good fun snail" is exposed to egg eggs, more troublesome than accusing brand business, how to deal with goods. There is a blogger, there is still 40 packs of fun, but have confirmed the receipt, I don't know if I can refund.

Netizen's "good fun snail" snail powder source / small red book

In the face of the troubles of "者", some netizens began to "low-cost recycling" platform "low-cost recycling" platform "low price", "I hope everyone will buy it, I can buy, happy after price cuts. "And someone proposal" Don't buy it, wait for the official active price reduction. "

Fans low-priced to receive a good source / small red book

Consumer knives have difficult to understand the acquisition behavior. "This is really really wanting to recycle, but it is just a social platform 'brush and feels'. If you really recycle, don't you eat' worm eggs?"

Why is the "Switch Eggs" in the "low price recycling"? To some extent, this young man is not shallow to the snail powder "poison".

The knife is the first time to eat the snail powder is done as a challenge. The child fell in love with this taste. "It's so spicy, enough, the semi-finished product is also very convenient, you can also add all kinds of food." The knife said that he once a screw powder as a reward with a ritual.

Let young people addictive snail / respondent for map

"The snail is almost all foods, and it is best to remember the taste." Zhou Li became a loyal fan of Zhou Li, which is because "this brand's screw powder is the most heavy."

Zhou Li found that the snail powder became a "social secret" between the young people as early as the epidemic. "Love to eat snail powder will become a unique label you stay in others, there is a common topic between people who love to eat."

The "addictive" reasons for comics, the analysis of Zhu Dan Punt. In his view, the spiral powder is sought after by young people, which is not only related to its own properties of local characteristics, and is also inseparable from the preference of the new generation consumers.

According to its analysis, on the one hand, in the case of China's mainstream diet, this type of taste is extremely sought after, and it is also true like Chongqing, Hu Sang, etc. Moreover, the key bamboo shoots of the snail season, the acid beans is fermented food, addictive. On the other hand, as young people "lazy economy", "house economy" rise, the snail powder also borrowed Dongfeng, which was convenient for the rise of fast food products. The light generation capacity is enhanced, and the market is naturally grown.

"I won't buy it in the short term." Zhou Li added, if there is low price repurchase behavior, not behind the push, that description This kind of "greed" behavior is not only unable to urge brand self-examination and rectification, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, will also "get rid of" brand.

Net red snail powder, can you still have a few times?

Let people "don't forget" screw powder, last time, the last time, the epidemic occurred during the 2020 epidemic.

The epidemic has stimulated fast food demand, and the snail powder is once sold to the hair, but also causing a chain reaction, some consumers who have never eaten a snail powder also want to try to try with the wind. One month in the most out of stock, the snail powder is hosted 10 times, which is equivalent to searching for every 3 days.

Snap powder is difficult to seek, connect hot search source / network

At the time, the "full network to buy snake powder" in the air, with sweeping to the live electric business community. Some merchants said that in the first half of 2020, many head anchors and star anchors were actively cooperated with the snail powder brand.

For a time, the traditional brands such as the king, the screw, and the fun snail, Li Ziyu brand, three squirrels and other new players have become a fragrant.

However, since the food safety problem is not an example in the snail powder brand.

Open the pineapple Finance to see the black cat complaints, complaints related to the snail powder, more than 896 complaints, the brand contains Li Ziji, the migratory horses, the horses, and the fun snail, etc., the problem is concentrated on food quality issues. One type is food damage, such as rice noodles and quail shoots, peanuts, etc.

The problem may be in an in-work mode.

Because of the numerous ingredients, the supply chain is dispersed, and the distribution is the most common production method of snail powder, and some mature spiral powder brands are also the foundry mode. "All food safety hazards are more big", in Zhu Danpo, in the invigorable distribution of the spiral powder supply chain in the foundry mode invisible. With the increase in demand, the shipping cycle is accelerated, and the management is also increased. "To reduce the occurrence of food safety, the brand needs to improve the quality internal control system, but also strictly screen the foundry, and improve the distribution fee." Zhu Dan Punt said.

The strong local characteristics, one side makes the brand mostly penetration route, on the other hand, and the snail powder is also "ice and fire" both ends between consumers and capital.

Unlike capital crazy investment, rice, etc.

In this regard, there is a consumer track investor say that although the screw powder has a famous brand, but in the number of sales and fans, it is better to come to the show "Li Ziyu". The reason is that the snail powder racing trail is too vertical, the market tray is not big enough, the general audience is not high enough, at the same time, the product is stronger, and the user's brand loyalty is low.

Many industry insiders believe that capitalization is not a problem that the local gourmet can solve in a short time, and the food safety problem in front of you will be more harmful to the industry.

Compared with more crazy marketing in the past, compared to channel construction, today's screw powder brands need to pay more attention to supply chain management, otherwise, "turn the car" snail powder, more than a good joy, "comic friends" may not be loyal .

* The title is from visual China. In response to respondents, Mark, such as Pine, Zhou Li, Knife.