Working is not willing to submit a financial report, Fara, Future, I received a refused warning

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Working is not willing to submit a financial report, Fara, Future, I received a refused warning

2021-11-30 06:06:09 32 ℃

Jia Yueping's electric car brand La La's final (FARADAY FUTURE) received a returned warning letter before, and was referred to by the company to postpone the financial report of the third quarter, and did not comply with NASDAC listing rules.

A week ago, Fara's future informs the US Securities Exchange Commission, indicating that the relevant data of the third quarter of this year cannot be submitted in Nasdaq, as the company is being subjected to improper disclosure.

Currently, Fara Subsequent Financial Report is required within 60 days, otherwise it will face a penalty of delisting. After the news came out, Farassa said that the company hopes to submit the quarterly earnings as soon as possible, but it is really difficult to give the specific time for the submission data before the company's board of directors complete the investigation.

Regarding the improper disclosure accusation referred to Fara's future, it was derived from the empty mechanism J Capital Research (MGAG Investment) released a stock research report in early October, of which analysts accused Fa La's future suspected of falsifying electric SUV FF 91 reservations. The quantity, this is related to the short-term share price and investor confidence in the company.

This report also believes that Fara Future is the ability to mass production in electric vehicles in approximately seven months, and founder Jia Yueping has achieved mismatch from the recent public list, because its IPO is in the acquisition of a special purpose The company's merger is completed.

Fara Mi was established in May 2014, July this year, the company acquired the company SPAC in Nasdaq through special purpose. The future, I have previously admitted that although its financial declaration had to be postponed, the company lost $ 28 million in the third quarter.