A well-known economist Song Qinghui 12-year-old son died, he hoped: "The 'Double Reduction' policy can truly fall"

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A well-known economist Song Qinghui 12-year-old son died, he hoped: "The 'Double Reduction' policy can truly fall"

2021-11-30 12:03:20 37 ℃

On November 23, the well-known economist Song Qinghui announced the death of his son Song, on a social platform. On the afternoon of the 29th, the open press reporter contacted Song Qinghui to confirm the news of his son unfortunately. In Song Qinghui's view, the overweight work burden, the school's frequent examination and "Idum", the child's psychological counseling is not in time, and it is one of the important causes of the child's high-altitude crash. On the afternoon of November 29, the reporter contacted the staff of the Shenzhen Longgang District Education Zone, and the other party said that the relevant departments had intervened the investigation, and the parents made questions, when negotiated with their families, have made responses .

When Song, when I was in elementary school, I painted on white short-sleeved paintings.

The first student crashed from the 17th floor

At about 6:26 on November 23, the 12-year-old Song fell from the 17th floor.

According to Song Qinghui, the incident, like us, the son of the first one needs to take a bed at 5:55 in the morning so that they can get to school before 7:10.

Different from the past, Song Li fell to the day, because there did not make breakfast in the day, Song Qinghui took him, before going to school, I went outside to eat something, Song, returned to say "good", then, then, then One day, because there is a job to catch, Song Qinghui does not drive him like it is often.

From the out of the door, the whole process is only about 15 minutes, Song has dropped from 17th floor from a community located in Wulian Community in Longgang District.

"I am crazy, I found him, I found him, it was already 20 minutes later." Song Qinghui saw that the son Song fell on the second floor of an enclosed balcony. He used the whole body to pull the guard field installed on the window and jumped into the balcony. "It's very cold that morning, he is quietly lying quietly, it looks very lonely, the brain is a blood. I kept manual breathing for him, and call 120, 110 and my family phone, wait for them. When I arrived, I touched my son's hand. "

The death of the son is too sudden and unexpected for a family of Song Qinghui.

Under the guidance of your mother's mother, Song Xiaran is very interested in painting. It is always written, as long as you can see even one piece of paper, he will take out the paint of the paint and bow his head. I have left this world until he left this world. In the past few days he left, I also told Song Qinghui. One of his big paintings can be completed for a month. Currently, I just draw a beginning.

Song's painting

"Children also said to my mother, this week should be exercised, calling mother to do something delicious, supplement energy and increase nutrition. The same month of children, schools have evaluated students' mental health status, school teachers told His mother, child mental health, no problem. "Song Qinghui said.

"Children are also responsible for the desperate school"

"After the child leaves, I have been reflecting my own question. At the same time, Song Qinghui believes that the heavy work burden, the school's frequent examination and" Idum ", the psychological counseling is not timely, the form is An important reason for the child's high-altitude crash.

"My son just in the two months of junior high school, every day, I have to do it very late, and there are more than a lot of don't finish it. The next day, I will make up for homework before school." Song Qinghui said, the child's class The burden is in a more concealed form, various cards, job groups, parent groups, and home committees are more than before, and some will charge a lot of extra charge.

"A taper software for a back-English word is 700 yuan. Sometimes the work is also tacked after the work." In Song Qinghui, the child's, in addition to heavy work burden, the school's frequent examination, also forced the child to force the child one of the reasons.

Song Qinghui recalled that in the 3 days before the child fell, the senior high school exam was found, and the achievement of not ideal allowed Song's depression. At that time, my mother told him that if mathematics learned too much, you can put it. At the same time, the day before the incident, Song Bran is not ideal because of the homework, by the teacher, the teacher is criticized, and after returning home, Song Songran is depressed, and his favorite painting also seems to have lost interest.

In front of the exam, Song, back to all the books.

"My son likes to paint. Whenever he is in a bad mood, he went to look at his favorite" Van Gogh manuscript ". Because there is too much time, books are almost slid."

Afterwards, Song Qinghui questioned whether the school guided the children to see the test results correctly. Since then, the reply from Song Qinghui is that the children's period of the exam, the school has psychological counseling lessons to children, and appease the children after test.

"I went to check the class of the child class behind and found that the school did not have this psychological course. Under our question, they said purely."

The Education Bureau said that has been involved in investigation

After the pain, Song Qinghui said that the relevant departments of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Longgang Branch, the New Student Police Station, Longgang District Street Office, Longgang District Women's Federation, etc., "Only the school executive department Shenzhen Longgang District Education Bureau I have been avoiding, trying to push all the responsibilities, which is very unacceptable.

After this pain, Song Qinghui said that they made changes with my son Song's mother. In the future, it will not let the children bury their heads in the book test will let him do what they are interested in, free to grow into materials. "My son has brought us many changes in this way. I hope that his short life and tragedy can produce a certain wake effect and social impact, avoiding more similar scenes in the future, let" double reduction " "On the afternoon of November 29, the reporter contacted the staff of the Longgang District Education Zone, and the other party said that the relevant departments have been involved in the investigation and parents. When negotiated with their families, they have made In response, based on the protection of minors, it is not convenient to accept interviews.

Since then, the reporter queried the official website of Longgang District Education Bureau found that on October 12 this year, the relevant departments released articles "Implementing" Double Reduce "Policy Longgang District Course Service has a new meaning", the article mentioned, "double reduction" landing, the amount of work A clear provision made. Reduce homework, not just to do simple "subtraction" on "quantity", but also "change" in "Quality" to ensure that "quantity" less "quality" high. At the same time, the teacher is required to reasonably determine the proportion of basic operations and expansion homework, and vigorously promote the scientific integration operation, and will use scientific exploration, physical exercise, art appreciation and discipline operation. The students have played creative, boldly, and fully stimulate students' enthusiasm.

Song Qinghui believes that the reflection brings to him by children. He said that "Double Reduction" is a central government to reduce student work burden, promoting students' comprehensive development, and has a significant significance and far-reaching. On the one hand, it helps to improve the quality of my country's overall education, implement the education of Lidshu people, and on the other hand, it truly helps to reduce students' work burden, torsional scores and unscientific education evaluation guides of the degree of education, let students We have time to explore their own interests and specializational areas, so that students morally developed all over the world, rather than learning, other things considered undesirable.

Song Qinghui also said that in general, all localities have good implementation of the "double minus" policy, but there are still some places to be implemented, the supervision is not in place, and the student's work burden is more important than "double reduction". This is obviously with the spirit of the central "double minus" policy.

"I hope that my son will leave, let our whole society can get a strong force from the loss, I also want to pay homage to his farewell in this way." Song Qinghui said.

Responsible Editor: Li Huan