Have a praise: content based interest consumption leads new consumer demand transfer

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Have a praise: content based interest consumption leads new consumer demand transfer

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Blue Shark Guide: stock market: short video, live broadcast into new traffic gathering

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On November 27, at the 9th Anniversary Ecology Conference, the CEO Books shared its latest insight into social e-commerce, private economic, new retail and other fields.

Last year, there was a 8th anniversary meeting. Books first proposed the "private triangle" growth model, which is the most critical indicators of private economic operation capacity: private domain property, single customer value, and customer recommendation rate. Under the new consumption trend, how to "expand the area of ​​the private domain triangle", thereby improving private manner, and the white interpretation has put forward new interpretation. White crow said: "The entire private domain operation can be summarized as: through interest connection, trust connection, interest connection, continuous increase in private domain's property rights, single customer recommended, customer recommended rate, so that the area of ​​private domain is constantly increasing, Enterprises have been continuously enhanced by customer assets. "The following is the white rickets, the content has been deleted: On November 27, 2012, in the Beta café in the Hangzhou City Western Flower Bird Market, I opened the entrepreneurial tour with the scorpion. . We haven't told the product name yet, and the name of the trademark domain is complete, so I will take the company name - at least technology. Because we start from the code: starting from the code, there is at least a cow's product, very cattle technology, at least to create some value for customers, at least to create some value for the society, at least let yourself earn a little money. In the past 9 years, our greatest energy and heart power are in persistence, how to root product technology, how to continue to create some value for customers. Because of this, every year, we will be very serious and very serious. What value has we created in this year, we have seen anything, what is growing. And will invite our most important customers, come to Hangzhou, everyone sitting together, let us report, and take a field, let new and old friends can get together, learn, gain. In January 2016, we set a long-term vision for yourself: becoming the most trusted leaders in the business service. Since then, in the past five years, each year's 1127 we will focus on the focus of the annual report on: We have seen what leader is rising, and what kind of views and judgments we are in the future. In the past 5 years, these contents are almost focused on social e-commerce, private domain economy, and new retail. In the past few years, because of the belief in the private domain economy, there is a leader like a shaking flag, in addition to providing products and services, through various ways to constantly surround social e-commerce, private economic, new retail to everyone information , Confidence, there is also a suggestion. Over time, everyone is growing, we grow, now in private domain economy, new retail is more than a strong direction of praise and praise, and there is also a concern of the industry. Social e-commerce and new retail are not just a direction of faith, which has already made a lot of achievements in the ground and has accumulated a lot of results. With the continuous deepening of this track, each specific vertical industry, specific vertical scenes, all the people have more specific and more effective practices, our guidelines have also given the direction of the direction. It has become companionship and empowerment, accompanying the leaders who are really in the first-line industry, more businesses who have governed and helped more industries have also become the leader. We are witnesses and leaders who are accompanying leaders. This makes us feel that everything is very convinced, it is worth proud. Today's praise is more like a basic ecology, there are countless vertical industries, vertical scenes, vertical applicants, everyone in this ecology to learn and grow, and constantly lead the development of the industry. I think we need to have the best user's perspective, that is, "consumer perspective". In the past two years, I sponsored a institutional "Nugget Noteping Consumption Research Institute" that was committed to China's consumption habits, combined with a varied business data observation, and the Nagi Ninth Consumption Institute outputs the interesting Chinese consumption behavior. Variety.


Content-based interest consumption in leading new consumer demand

This is a phenomenon of a little talk, just a constantly confirmed and refined every year.

Undeniable because the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the rise of our material life has become increasingly diverse, mainstream consumer groups are no longer anxious to feed and clothe. Even sometimes I just gotta tell you different, as most people will do their own hobbies and interests do the pursuit of a few people. Especially in the female consumer market, herself, to buy their favorite, recommended friends to be concerned about the community and the private sphere of grass, or a sense of meaning to help farmers such as welfare, etc. Based on these consumer their favorite and has become a cause mainstream, based on content to attract interest due to consumption is the norm mainstream consumer groups. The content may be micro-channel group, circle of friends, the paper / notes, short video, broadcast, or TV show, all contact with everyone in the media and the consumer's. To some extent it also represents, demand for reduction in product features, the product brings soft feel part of the increase. A bit like the "innovator's dilemma" which described the product's features increase has exceeded the increase in demand, and this time should begin to subdivide scenes, sub-groups, to provide more vertical matching of differentiated products and services that even the many brands should always be based on the needs of different groups of people and scenes and do different brand, not the crowd with a brand to serve the needs of a broader, and more to meet the wide scene. 02

The new empty nest families like invisible rich as a major contribution to incremental consumption

So a group of people between the middle-aged and older: they have not retired, but they clearly see the bottleneck of their own career before retirement, there is no need to continue the struggle for the cause of too much; they have a pretty good fix income, fixed expenses and no large pieces, because there is already a car and house; their children have been hard wings, fly around the university or to work, children's children yet does not require them to pay for the inter-generational appear; they spouses began to have their own interests, their old friend, spent many years together, spend time on the other hand, who make each other too much discomfort to start, even offensive. In conclusion is that rich, leisured, there is no burden, and over the past forty-five years they have never lived for himself, a child living in the request of their parents, and later living in coordination with the requirements, then later two for more than a decade and the next generation is alive now, finally began to live for themselves. They skillfully use the mobile Internet, they have their own circle of the same group of people, and are willing to share and disseminate, and even comparisons. Excuse me, there are more than a group of people better target consumers do? Rich, leisured, no burden, likely to be recommended, willing to recommend, has been suppressed can finally let go of their own spending. You can not fool them, but they just would want to try for yourself, I feel should be on their own better things to spend. This is now rapidly growing tens of millions of us called "empty nest new family" of people, they are not old, in fact, before the arrival of an aging society, is to go through a large number of this population. Well worth the influential resources, content capacity, with a corresponding high-quality products to businesses who provide services for them.


Old Boys are more willing to spend money to play, sports and fitness badly volume

All along, the men despised the bottom of the chain in the consumer market, circulated on the Internet through a consumer market investor presentation PPT, ordering is: girls> Kids> young woman> elderly> dog> man. Put a little harsh, but it is not entirely without justification. However, we found that men after the epidemic has been a lot of upgrading the status of the consumer, in fact, the main reason is "men, women inside," the social habits, men usually assume an important source of household income, while the epidemic was quickly brought health risk and income risk of double anxiety. Through outdoor sports, Lego and video games, and other digital consumer is also used to resist change to anxiety, while men's fitness training began to roll powerful, and also led to the consumption of all the surrounding sports and fitness, health and even the consumption is constantly increase. Also, interestingly, the last half of the boys do not have skin care products, what is decided by the spouse with the other half, now more than 20% of people start buying skin care products, and more than half of the men began to decide what skin care products. Men start consumer can not be ignored, man becomes old boy, they have their own side to create better living and consumption side. They do not necessarily need affordable, but they need to cool the product, there is enough, "saying" it is worth to have. But they are willing to pay for the consumption choices of the time is still relatively limited, if you do men's brand, a brand covering multiple categories is also a good choice, through friends with them, and solve them quickly cool the decision-making needs, it is recommended Strategy.


Bedtime economy is still in an accelerated consumption dark horse

One of us know is that Chinese people are always together before sleep, not books, televisions, or spouses. One hour before going to bed is relaxing to stop the brain, consumer entertainment content, not knowledge content, more interesting is that psychology research shows that people are more prone to impulse consumption in late night. These are caused by these synthesis, and it has become a compensation gold time period of merchants for one hour and even several hours. Their main behavior is: Eating late night (if the milk tea is not late, there are 90% of our respondents who will eat after dinner), watching drama and brush video, shopping, everyone is going to videos and live every night. It consumes 64 minutes, of which two-tier cities are 2.2 times the first-tier city, because their offline will be less. In addition, WeChat private domain consumption is also very obvious, more than 40% of women will spend at night, especially after ten o'clock in the evening, 15% of women at night consumption comes from WeChat groups and friends. They buy things in the e-commerce platform during the day, and they buy things in social e-commerce and content platform at night. Similarly, the traffic of the merchant in the line after dinner is also increasing, the flower shop, the fruit shop, the cake baked shop, has become a watery. In fact, it is not the line scene or offline scene. The dating economy reminds us: First, the store is closed, and the store marketing can be placed before dinner. After the online marketing makes the flow of people after dinner. Second, Chinese merchants have more online sales time, which is worth all of our merchants to pay attention to at 7:30 to 12:30. Concerns longer business hours, is a new topic, and new opportunities for each merchant. We believe that China's consumption changes far more than these, the above is the key change in our limited resources and energy, hoping that this information can bring some of its business strategies. More detailed reports You can pay attention to the WeChat public number of the "Knife Noteping Consumption Research Institute". Of course, these consumption changes have driven some changes in leadership business. For example, everyone's short video and live broadcast are more hot, and the interest of domestic brands has entered the second depth management stage, and the growth of e-commerce in the same city is increasingly effective. 05

In stock market: short video, live broadcast into new traffic gathering

First of all, we have to face a bad news: the Internet industry is powerful, and the future can only be the competition market. We basically have no incremental users, basically there is no incremental market, only have some depth applications based on the market, such as e-commerce. For an e-commerce platform without incremental traffic, the traffic fee will only be more and more expensive. Therefore, in the future, for brands and merchants, the most cost-effective guest scenario is not in professional e-commerce platform channels, but the content platform and social platform. In these places, good products and good services, through good content, you can get more new customers, and our customers' continuous interaction. ▪ Short video has become a new traffic aggregation, which is originally consuming traffic, now because of the rich content and no longer consumption, short video and live user markets have exceeded other applications, including IM and games. ▪ New traffic gathering, is also a new important consumption scenario. Because these are very living content, consumption is part of life, so consumption content is also an integral part of short video and live platforms. ▪ It is necessary to self-broadcast here, it is like a brand self-operated in the commercial neighborhood.

We believe that every buser and brand should try to broadcast. The most difficult first is not where the traffic is, first of all, is actually the ability to self-broadcast. You have to ask me how this ability is built, in fact, the most critical is "If you do it, you will never know." The flow is a gradually developing process. At present, we have seen the dance of shake is not bad, but it is also a casino logic. The video number gradually started to have a presence, and the video volume of the video volume in the past three months has grown very quickly. We believe that the next year will grow very good. The video number has recently grown very well. Every day, the number of visitors is followed by shake, and the quality content is more than a day, but the length of the user is not enough. We estimate that the video number team should be able to solve the problem of content distribution in half a year, and promote the length of time through a better content brand. In addition, the promotion of video number live is also a good solution. The video number is the most suitable goods, because here is more close to life scene, the content is more healthy, and the video number can better combine in private domains, and there is a foundation traffic guarantee, not just the expectation of the domain casino. Unlike the commercial neighborhood, the most welcome in the content platform is the creator of the quality life content. How the core of quality creators has the power of continuous creation content, and most of the final still should be hooked with income, the higher the income, the higher the content, the more quality created. Subsidy is unrealistic, advertising is not realistic, reward is not enough, the final high-quality creator belt will become the mainstream of the creator, and the most welcome of the platform. Because he is three win. We also saw a lot of brands and merchants to find big anchor goods. This is also an option. However, people who have not tried may have some misunderstandings for the results expect. Big anchor requires high commissions and low pricing, so when the effect advertisement pursues the possibility of profitability, it is considered to be brand publicity, because the exposure time is too short, it can be the beginning of the market and brand breeding. It is also a good choice to cooperate with a large number of medium waist. This year, through the love shop, we helped many video portals in the video number. In addition to the contour volume of goods, love will also do a good job for the video number, the fans portrait analysis matching goods, and also provides live planning, after-sales service, let the people do not worry. We believe in future brand self-broadcast, influential content creators help fans choose live band, which will become the best e-commerce experience. This mode is an alternative to the photo e-commerce. It is recommended that everyone should try it, feel it, and it is impossible to understand and judge if it is not a sense. We do not necessarily have it, everyone will experience it. Next, let's talk about the topic of the "new brand" in the second phase. 06

New brand enters the depth operation stage

Recently, there are many unpredictable new brands, saying that the bubble has, saying that the liar is also, which is a new way to go, and the questioning sound will be encountered. We are still firmly optimistic about the future of domestic new brands, I believe that most domestic new brands can be found. The reason is very simple: [1, the brand-name people have more mission more pay more attention to the long-term value of the brand] The new brand of this generation, the motivation of most entrepreneurs is not to upgrade and make money, they have dreams, feelings, The eyes, capable, have your own soul, and love to the world. They have a lot of eagerness, attacking the counting, and has more basic skills for products, brand value management, customer communication, etc. [2, as long as it is willing, the quality of the products can not be so difficult to make the level of consumers satisfied] China's ability to overflow, let new products that match new needs, become one Not a very high threshold [3, Chinese consumers' national self-confidence, let everyone support our own national brands] [4, only the entrepreneurs in the Internet "know how to communicate with consumers through new media] The new media gathered new traffic, almost occupying the main life time of Chinese people, except for sleeping and working, we are all Internet. New media represented by WeChat shake microblogging, gathered new traffic, these new traffic is part of the normal life of Chinese, and there is a new profession such as net red, and the consumer content is normal here. Not hard "advertising", and these platforms have also made strong technical upgrades to make the content and people's matching more accurate. Only the entrepreneur in the Internet age knows how to communicate with consumers through new media, how to manage users, how to better use new media marketing, how to better use digital infrastructure. In addition to the annual summary of 1127, we will have "Menlo Conference" every spring, which is forecasting things to do this year and what will happen this year. When you are ready for this sharing, we look at it again and find that our key factors on the growth of new brands in the first half of the year are still valid. We can watch it again:


Product power = Scene demand + value proposition + consumer mind

First of all, the base of the brand is definitely the product capacity. With regard to product power, the past brand payment function, today's brand product is a combination ability. His core is based on insight into consumer demand, clear insight into what kind of consumer scenario has a need for your brand. Based on this consumer scenario, today if you find a crowd's core consumer scene demand, you can make a new brand based on this consumer scenario, occupying a secondary, three-level sub-class. In this process, the value of the output product is started, and the consumer mind of a certain second-third class class is the new product force. 08

Productility × Precision Social Marketing Ability × Customer Business Ability

After the product, we found that new brands grow, or the growth of old brands, basically three parts, product force × Estressive social marketing ability × customers operate, this is the basic formula we see new brands .

Regarding social marketing, the first is the packaging ability of the content, although we all say that the product itself has spreads, but no matter what kind of product, today's new media era, must have content packaging capabilities in accordance with the new media form . In the past, we talked about the content packaging, how it is more easily discovered on the shelf, but today's consumers found that your product is not the first eye to see on the shelves, but in short video, live, Xiaohong book Diary, advertising places these places. Today you need to continue to repeatedly pass consumers 20 times, 30 times, can make him a tendency to consume this brand while purchasing. And your content needs to meet their interests and aesthetics. About the business of the customer, basically three parts: it is our most important private domain triangle. Private field property rights, single customer value, customer recommendation rate, then let's talk about this more important business model in detail. We are very convinced that in the future, China's brand is really essential. The most important thing is not that we can't do it well. It is not that we will not market. It is we can do a good job in our customers. Of course, finally, all of this, if he can constantly enlarge, constantly appear super-brand group, brand methodology is constantly replicing, there is a quick growth, can stand, stand up A brand, inseparable from the upgrade of the entire business system, inseparable from the full digitalization of the full channel, and inseparable from future data intelligence to the full-chain operating efficiency, we must let all the data network, let all the links It is intelligent, and it will not be an island to optimize the business process in real time.


Productility × Precision Social Marketing Ability × Customer Business Ability + New Retail Digital System

The whole of the future is integrated, the product is the foundation of all, social marketing is the need to establish brands and do retail, and customer operation is the fundamental of brand value.

And all this requires excellent, reliable new retail digital system to support, requires a constant upgrade of future digital intelligence drivers, requiring digital intelligence to guide the entire business process. This is the direction we understand the future of new retail, that is, there is a matter of praise the core of retail core. Today, how to treat national brands today, the capital will never shrink, we don't know, but we will unswervingly do the infrastructure of domestic brands, including products and services. Because we believe that in the next few decades, in the world of world brands, the most dazzling will definitely be the Chinese brand of this generation. Accompany these brands grow, achieve this matter, let us have a sense of happiness.


Help the new power practice: there is a voyage brand "leader plan"

We found that there is about 72% of new consumer brands in the work of private domains. This means that there is a great importance to become an important trading and operational infrastructure of many new consumer brand entrepreneurs, and is the first choice for private manner.

This year, there is a special new brand operation team, and launched a "leader program", hoping to accompany new brands to practice internal strength and become a leader on the road of new brands.

There is a good support from the four major aspects of operation, system, ecology, and Tuiti to fully support, to build a private manner and follow up. This means that there is a small number of people in the living, running fast, paying attention to user communication, and most innovative and energetic new brands will receive more praise. In addition, our eight major issues and four trends of new brand currently in private domains, and the corresponding programs will be more detailed to disclose the "Like New Brand" summit in the next day in the afternoon. Wire broadcast will also be conducted.


Like the property rights assets, treating private mans

As a solution vendor that is committed to helping each business and service, our infrastructure is basically done around content marketing and customer management. The more customers who have a service, the more discovered that these things are unlike literally expressible private domain traffic or fans operations, this is a full-process operation system covering customers' acquisition, marketing, and social fissure. The first most important thing here is that we should treat private mans. Perhaps the business of business is always the most important part of the user. When people 's material life is enough to enrich the consumer scenario is rich enough, the guest's means will continue to be rich. The basic main division we see now is to be based on advertisements that are accurately launched as core objectives, and another is a private domain for the continuous operation of customer assets as a core capabilities. Different from precise advertising, private domain operations are not a secondary precise purchase traffic in the media, but to make customers a fixed asset of property rights to continuously value, continuous improvement A single customer creates a richer value. If the consumer is more than an asset, the past merchants can only use the lease in the form of short-term, and now the asset has become the business of the merchant. This is the attitude we should have to treat the private domain.

Through many years of practice, we have found that we want to do private manners, the key is three links. The first is the accumulation of private domain traffic, we call "private domain of property rights"; secondly, the customer has created value, we call it "single customer value"; finally the recommended effect of the old customers, we call it "Customer Recommendation Rate". The three links are closely connected, the ring loop is buckled, and a complete set of customer operations will be shaped. To a certain extent, we can also make this process more than to be members, then turn the membership into a process of partners. Although the association between the three links is relatively close, after all, there is a first order, functional role, so in actual operations, each link has its own key content and profit mode. [1, private domain of labor power = Establish a customer's number of clients to access customers] Connecting customers can simply consider the number of concerns including companies, employees and other social accounts. The ability to touch the customer mainly refers to the capabilities of enterprise information to directly reach the customer, as well as the quality of the enterprise can expose the ability in front of consumers. Saying big white words, you have fans, have you have the ability to send your information to your fan? If you have a mobile phone number in the past, you have sent him a spam message. If you don't look, so your touch ability is 0, even if you connect more customers, there is not much significant. For example, when you own the fans of Weibo, then a fan is paying special, your microblogging fans will not see. When you have a fan of shake, when the fans open the shake, he sees it is recommended, not the information he pays attention to, and his concern is just some of the algorithm rights of the recommended content, let you be slightly larger. The probability appears in the process of his brush screen. And when we have a WeChat or a Fan of WeChat, you can send him a message directly, or send a friend to let him brush; if a person pays attention to you in WeChat video #, when you live broadcast, video number will send Message Notification He, WeChat's discovery page will have a red point to appear on your avatar to tell him that you are broadcast. Whether it is because the open frequency is high enough or the open mechanism, WeChat fans are highest in all platforms. So, a WeChat fan is usually several tens of fans, or the value of hundreds of times. The touch capability also includes your quality content that can expose the ability in front of consumers. For example, I have made a very good corporate propaganda film, a particularly good customer case, today is not a fan, I may also pass the advertisements, through the form of cooperation with the media, this is to give it to my customers. It is also a touch of contact. [2, single customer value = overall customer repurchase ratio x single customer full life cycle total value] Business and consumers should not be a hammer sale, should pursue more customers to buy, more Customer repurchase means that the better the customer's ability. Of course, it is also necessary to see a single customer repeat the ability to create value, the overall customer's disk activity, and a greaterization of a single customer value, is a complete measurement of the overall single customer value. For example, the market is connected to 100,000 customers. How many customers have a repurchase, this is called a repospheric, and the average value of each customer re-purchase, how much is the total value of repurchase? This is the value of a single guest. The re-purchase rate is multiplied by a single guest. [3, customer recommendation rate = the ability to bring new customers from old customers X in the associated field to the customer's consumption choice] Social era, except that the merchant is connected to the customer, each customer has its own connecting ring. Each Internet user has its own influence rings and impact ranges, and the stronger consumption of customers, the greater the influence of other people's influence. When these customers like a merchant, they will recommend the goods they like to recommend the goods they like, and the merchants who promote their favorite, our popularity is called "fission". How to let more customers like themselves and promote themselves, help themselves bring more new customers, is an integral part of customers' business capabilities. At the same time, in the era of private domain, when customers like a merchant or brand, it is also trusting this business and brand, trusting our ability to produce and identify in the relevant field. When I trust a merchant selling rice, I will trust what to store rice, I will even trust him, boil what kind of pot is used. To some extent, when we connect a lot of customers, I am also a new sales channel. Because consumption is in addition to our goods here, I will willing to ask us to recommend other goods recommended, at least the relevant field, category Other commodities. So how many customers can bring you new customers, and how much influence you can give each customer in the concept of ideas, this is the entire customer recommendation rate, it refers to the customer recommended customers to recommend customers and I will talk to customers. Recommend the recommendation rate of other things. Private field property rights, single guest value, customer recommended rate three key nodes have formed a triangular system for private domain economic operations, acquired from customers, to create value capabilities and levels of value, and promote customer fission, It is a complete set of customer service processes.

[Key to enhance private domain operations] In addition to this fixed private domain operating model, we have continuously summarized some key actions in private domain operating capabilities in the past year, and try to find inherent relationships. We have found that the improvement of private domain operations is just like "the area of ​​continuous expansion of private domain." First, around the most basic core capabilities of the private domain triangle or create better products and better service. This will not be traceable, we believe that every merchant who pays attention to products and services, every brand-owned person must always have products and services, and everyone has their own methods and best practices. Then, "Private Private Property Right Force" is then choosing different channels to choose different channels willing to open to us, and how to continue to expand the "breadth" of private domain connections after choosing channels, which is the number of connections. The ability of the core here is actually content capabilities, through articles, notes, short video, live broadcast all reputation, constantly connecting between "interest connection" between the target customers. Then, about "single customer value" is actually operating "depth", our focus is to promote more re-purchase of more customers, usually here is more effective means to be community operation, brand D2C operation, member operation How to betterform in private fields, all of which are actually a "trust connection" with customers. After the trust connection, the product class that can be sold is naturally expanded, and more key categories that meet the brand positioning can be sold. Finally, regarding "customer recommendation rate" mainly requires more customers to be willing to do spread, or even second, multiple disseminated, effective means is usually distribution, preferential, fissure, etc., their common feature is to build with customers " Interest connection, quickly let more people participate in sales and marketing process. The entire private manner can summarize: through interest connection, trust connection, interest connection, continuously increased private domain's property rights, single customer recommended, customer recommended rate, so that private domain triangle is growing, The business capability of customer assets is constantly enhanced. This ability to test the understanding of customer needs, more test in social networks and new media age companies with customers' communication skills, products and services, and connect and infect customers, let customers participate in product design like partners, An ability to industrial marketing process, this ability is just as important as you have to make better products. We have seen that more and more people who have the ability to operate in the ability of the customer's operations into a core development driving force, and stabilize the capacity of continuous output. For them, private domains are not only a channel that can be efficiently sold efficiently, but also a new dimension to treat customer assets' business capabilities. Like cash, go continuously, and value added these customer assets, becoming a key business capabilities.