Today, the native disease is getting more and more serious, how can it prevent the occurrence of local diseases?

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Today, the native disease is getting more and more serious, how can it prevent the occurrence of local diseases?

2021-11-30 12:04:39 73 ℃

Today, the native disease is getting more and more serious, how can they prevent the occurrence of native diseases.

Now, people use low fertilizers, resulting in soil strips, crops dead. Underground pests are rampant, causing local diseases that are getting more serious.

Today, this way is to improve the soil.

It is the lime you want to talk about today. Lime can play soil disinfection, regulate soil alkalinity, supplement calcium elements, can also release nutrients in the soil.

Can effectively prevent vegetable fuxing, green disease and other local diseases. 50 kg per acre can reduce the phenomenon of vegetables. Lime can effectively improve soil, sterilization and disinfection. Be sure to use, strictly follow the proportion, such as improper use, not only the bactericidal effect does not work, but also seriously affect crop growth.

We should pay attention to these points when using lime;

1; strictly stored. We use raw lime in soil disinfection, ingredients are calcium oxide, and the calcium hydroxide is formed in metofine, and there will be a lot of heat. It should be taken to take it, try to place a dry place.

2; strictly in accordance with proportion. We have to apply in use when using raw lime to sterilize. If each acre is more than 100 pounds, there will be poor consequences of crops, resulting in rapid decomposition of organic matter in soil, reduced humicity, and causes soil structure damage. It will also cause excessive release of manganese, boron, zinc, and other trace elements in the soil, and the nutrients are rapidly lost, causing fertility to decline. We should strictly control the amount when using lime. Generally, the amount of usage per mu should not exceed 100 pounds.

If it is soil acidic, high concentration, texture viscous, cultivating, and the amount of lime can be appropriately increased. Conversely, the amount should be reduced. The amount of dry land should be greater than the waterfield.

3; when cultivated land, the lime should not be mixed with fertilizer, and this method is not advisable. Lime and fertilizer mixing is easy to form, seriously affecting fat effects, and reducing the sterilization effect of raw lime.

Life as much as possible, do not use many times, usually in one year, frequent application of raw gray can lead to rapid decomposition of organic matter in the soil, and it is difficult to accumulate in humus structure, causing soil structural strips, seriously affecting crops normally. Growth.

When a raw lime is formulated, the content component is more than 90%, and during the formulation process, please pay attention to safety protection.

4; We will release a large amount of heat in the soil after administration of a raw lime, killing bacteria, underground pests and eggs. Also capable of forming calcium hydroxide can be bactericidal effect. At the same time, we should replenish the beneficial microbiobacteria in time, can be applied in front of planting before planting, and it can be supplemented in time.