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Run · Sprint | Chenghai District: Building a new industrial demonstration area

2021-11-30 18:08:51 54 ℃

The twelfth party generations of Shantou City, the first-ended party will be clear. In the next five years, Shantou will adhere to the road of "industrial yield, industrial powers", and promote reform and opening up at a higher starting point, strive to create new New Site in the Construction of the Era Economic Zone. Among them, one county and three functional districts in Shantou Six districts will be based on their own resource endowments in the process of promoting regional coordination, and struggle to create a new example of modernization.

Chenghai District

Create a new industrialization demonstration area

The 12th Party Congress of Shantou City pointed out that Chenghai District should be fully integrated into the central urban development, accelerate the construction of Liuhe core area, promote industrial agglomeration development and transformation and upgrading, and build a new industrialization demonstration zone.

"This new positioning requirement, very close to the development of Chenghai District. Wang Chu Bin, secretary of Chenghai District Committee, Shantou City, said that the new requirements have reflected the support and ardent expectations of the Shantou Municipal Party Committee and the Years of Chenghai. Provide new opportunities.

How do I grasp in front of the opportunity? Chenghai District has set a future development path - play the superior geographical area, the development space is wide and the special industry highlights "three major advantages", focusing on transportation infrastructure construction, modern industrial park construction and toy creative specialty industries development, Promoting Chenghai faster and better into the development pattern of Shantou Central City.

Efficient and fast transportation systems are the premise of accelerating the development of the central city. To this end, Chenghai District will fully support the planning and construction of the Guangdong Intercity Railway, South Australian Line, and Shanra Expressway, so that the project has been built early, early to open the car; accelerate the promotion of National Road 324 line, Jinhong Highway retrofit upgrade and one The road construction in the batch, encrypting the external transportation line of the six-in-one core area, further promoting the close connection between Chenghai and Shantou Central City, strive to build a modern transportation system through urban and rural, internal communication, efficient and convenient and convenient.

Land intensification utilization, space refined layout, industrial park development is the mainstream direction of future industrial development, how to do "incremental" and "stock" in industrial land, "industrially established, industrial market" The road is especially the key.

The total area of ​​76 square kilometers is undoubtedly the treasure of the development of Chenghai Industry, and also the "increment" of Chenghai Land. In this area, it will solidly promote the construction of the six-in-core area. In the next five years, the planning and infrastructure construction of the park will focus on the investment of large-scale projects and quality projects, and strive for a group of major quality industrial project layouts to build the world. The first-class park of the level industrial cluster is finished. In terms of "stock", it will learn the excellent experience of the renovation and operation of Pearl River Delun Shunde, Dongguan and other land, classification, step-by-step promotion of a group of village and towns of Lianlian, Lian, Lian Nong, "Industrial Reform" and upgrading According to the actual situation of the specific plot, take different renovation models, focus on the establishment of a toy intelligent manufacturing new park, digital intelligent manufacturing new base, digital intelligent manufacturing new base, the main area of ​​the modern service industry, driving the city and even the city Upgrade and transformation of agglomeration area to promote industrial agglomeration innovation.

The Chenghai District also proposed that according to the construction of "three new two special" industrial development patterns in Shantou City, fully promote the integration of toy industries and cultural animation, develop toward high-end, brand, intelligent, guide support enterprises to increase Science and technology research and development investment, accelerate the improvement and transformation and upgrading of all-industrial chain from the R & D side, production end to the sales terminal, and strive to achieve the output value of the toy creative industry in five years. Break through 50 billion yuan.

[Reporter] Yang Li Xuan

[Correspondent] Chen Shaozhen