One year, "the" Social Terrorism ", why did you love to immerse your home?

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One year, "the" Social Terrorism ", why did you love to immerse your home?

2021-11-30 18:08:12 45 ℃

"Yang Ming Hundred" is a small black horse in the recent movie market. As of November 29, the film box office reached 611 million yuan. At the same time, a new concept - the script kills movies and begins to be familiar with people. Movies, script kills, these two seemingly unsatisfactory content consumption have become the main form of consumption in the current young people, especially the script that is later hosted.

"You went to the cinema this year to see several movies? How many times have you played?"

Due to the participation in the "Catch" "Catch" "Pancake" and other movies played a famous scenery of the CEO, I saw the "Daily Economic News" reporter asked.

A well-known video platform is also lamented: "Organize a built-in, consult young children, what do they want to play, they say: 'Script Kill'. I said that this time is abundant, it is not limited to playing script killing They said: 'Then play three script kills.' "

Last year, the epidemic made the cinema closed for nearly half a year, and when they came back, the new entertainment method was killed in a social consumption status in challenge. Even in the price, the price of a script kill is about three times the movie.

Kill from overseas, killing, killing the table gamble or secret room, the time in China is not short. "Heavy players" Zhang Jin also remembered that before 2010, he was full of Beijing City to find a room to escape. "A store is a theme, the decoration is very cold, there is no machine, and the reasoning is relying on the book."

And in the past two years, this old town has quickly changed. More than two years of the film and television industry, many star friends, investors are asking Zhang Jin: "Script killing will become a normalized industry, or have a fortune after the wind?"

Immersed script killing pictures Source: Respondent for map

Like all "wind", the script is accompanied by elimination while killing. "Guiyang's script kills 'inner volume', the store is much more, and there are more unparalleled." Guiyang's script killed the analyst analytic analyst to visit. It is also this year, the script kills the new homework that this analyst must understand.

In 2021, each reporter participated in the internal seminar of the drama that was organized by local governments. In the regulatory layer, everyone discusses the script killing, no longer around "what is the drama kill? Why is it full of fire?", But "how to help industrial development".

A true story

Fast girl champion by "resurrection"

Script kill is one of the largest wind in 2021, driving the development of the industry, and "rescue" Duan Linxi.

Duan Linxi has a more famous title - the 2011 fast female champion.

Duan Linxi's name has disappeared for a long time. Until she found the "second spring" of the cause, she opened her opera to kill the store and did DM (the host in the script). Smile back to her face: "I feel that I am alive."

The script kills into part of Duan Linxi life Source: Duan Linxi Weibo

"My advantage is kind", talking about the content of the script, Duan Linxi will fly. "I didn't open the store before. I think about how to find activities every day. Like a thing, like a donkey, it is particularly full, and I have no time to rest."

Ji Li Duan Jin Shuki shop opened the store in early June, Duan Linxi is one of the bosses. The partners also have the same year of the 2011 fast female, Jiali, Jin Yinling, and Youth Writers. Unlike other script killing, this "star shop" boss is not behind the scenes, but in close contact with the player with DM identity.

The opening of the store is Yu Jiali "撺掇". In 2020, several friends played several scriptures together. Yu Jiali thought that there were so many artists around you, so love to play, it is better to open a family. "Business is definitely not bad", Yu Jiali pre-judge.

In May 202, "Jili Section Jin" script killing store began preparation, and opened less than a month. "Yu Jiali executed is very high, I am in turn to walk." Duan Linxi recalled, "I am in the beginning, Yu Jiali stares at you, reminds you, hard to force me into DM."

"Jili Section Gold" script killing shop Source: every reporter Wen Menghua

During the business performance, Duan Linxi will stay in the store all day. "At 11 o'clock in the morning, the end of 1 to 2 points in the evening, go home, almost 3 points to sleep", this kind of truth is true for life.

Duan Linxi with performance experience has a natural advantage for DM, and she also found a lot of confidence. Many players mentioned DM identity. Duan Linxi. "The pace of the control is very good. When the reap is clear, it is very clear.

Duan Linxi is also a hard work. In order to understand the plot, she used to play this morning, I have learned from morning to night. "Before bringing this, it is necessary to watch the host manual, but also to look at the player's role. When is the car, add difficulty, find a way to change this is DM to do."

In only more than a month, the partners have been planned to expand the store, and many merchants take the initiative to seek cooperation.

The burst of the script kills is not limited to a first-tier city, nor is it a professional artist to act as DM. In fact, the script is killed as a new style, and it has been filled in the north and south of the Yangtze River. Countless young people will add fans, pursue a novel experience.

Upstream upgrade

Movie Xuanfeng Boss Joint Li Chenyuan

Script kills into a film industry

The script kills the first to "break the circle", but it has to be attributed to the variety.

In 2016, Mango TV launched the real show reasoning variety show "star big detective", which is well known by Chinese consumers.

In 2019, Chengdu Games were fascinated by the first script killing the store. "I love to play the script too much, play from the West Gate to the city center every day, the road is too long. So just open a family, the original purpose is to play itself."

That year, it is also a node that broke out the number of scribed stores. The relevant research of MIA consultation shows that the number of national scriptures have soared to 12,000 in 2019; the Chinese script killing industry market is more than 10 billion yuan, an increase of 68% year-on-year; most players are also in this year's first experience line Script kills.

Image Source: Report Screenshot

Like the idea of ​​Mao Lingzhou, most of the models of the lattice killing stores are players. I have never thought about killing the script as a real business or business. A group of young entrepreneurs, starting from scratch, forming this industry in a few years.

At this time, the main business is the retail e-commerce Mao Lingzhou once thought. Do you want to use the script from the secondary industry? He participated in a script killing, and the situation of the chaotic scene was destroyed. "I can't buy the real 'definitely this' 'exclusive', I feel that the industry specification is particularly chaotic, so even if it is."

The level of script is uneven, and the toll dragon in the scriptures is mixed, and Zhang Jin is a feeling. "Many consumers will feel that playing scripts will follow the blind box, all with luck, may try to have a drop in the pit. This is actually a consumer's pain point, for a play for 5 hours The game, that high time cost, if the experience is not good, then there will be no longer play. "

In order to compete for differentiation, the store will confine the "exclusive", but the so-called "exclusive" is full of routines. It is clear that the author writes, the content is similar, only two or three of the "limited to sale", it is packaged into exclusive book. The store has a higher cost, and the player will feel "playing a lonely".

Amazing script killing script picture Source: Each reporter Wen Menghua

"When the player feels that the 'limited indicator' is different, the limit is lost, the rules of the script will change, how will the rules go? The road to the movie industry is a reference to the script." The drama kills In the early years, the chaotic movie in the early years is exactly the same, which makes the movie to fade from Zhang Jin to the business opportunity.

From the next quick hotel to the Script Kill Trading Exhibition, to Jinshajiang Venture, the reading group has invested in the trading of the trading of the trading app "small dark", the trading (issuing) link of the script has undergone several changes.

In Zhang Jin's view, as a "one drama" of the script, the script has a large upgrade space in hatching, distribution, and Xuanfa.

"Business trading script, players play the script kill, to see sales, word of mouth, these need after-sales, quality control to grasp, otherwise it is easy to fake. How to ble account, how to make marketing promotion, how to hatch? We Experienced and resource for movies and declare. "Zhang Jin said that in 2021, he and the actor Li Chen, the script killing the scriptures," Jun Shu Phoenix "jointly created a script killing industry service agency. "The plan is a thousand-level investment. The first round is expected to be 20 million yuan, some of the parties, two-thirds flowers in the content copyright, newly incubation, the rest is released."

Downstream flock

150 people, average age 40 years old

Large business is built to play "two days and one night"

In order to establish the dramatic killing agency established this year, Zhang Jin organizes team inspected the creed killing store, discovered the situation other than the industry report.

"The city's top-killed city is not Beijing Shanghai, but Guiyang, Guiyang has more than 2,000 stores; the script kills the most group of the store, the most united city is Wenzhou, a show will go to a few people, and share the resources. Sharing; The most competitive city is Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu. "Zhang Jin said that Chengdu has already had a mature" two-day one night "script kill project.

Zhang Jin said, "Two days and one night", players need to stay in the evening before you can play forecast. Kill the script to the "Script Kill + Wen Travel" of the scenic spot, it is a successful session of the playback script kill, the real search script is once again it.

Image Source: APP screenshot

In Chengdu, Mao Lingzhou is the name of the "two days and one night" script killed. In 2020, Mao Lingzhou was killed in Shanghai, and it was completely subverted to his understanding of the sudden killing of the script. "At that time, Chengdu didn't have much drama that truly brought people's immersion experience, I am determined to be a family."

In a small scattered, buy several pirated scripts, rent a basement, you can support a market in a script, and the theater type script of Mao Lingzhou, just like a city in the city through the video hall, high investment The high return allows Mao Lingzhou to taste the sweetness of "heavy immersed script". Unlike the players, they are sitting at the table. Through personal scripts, clues card analysis, hosting, etc. Enhance the immersion experience.

If you want to make "Chumen's World" more and more realistic, open a decoration in the city center business district, the famous real scene search, the murder is not enough to play, this year, Mao Lingzhou turned its sight to the scenic spot. The ancient town of the street is the first script killing scenic spot project that the Mao Lingzhou team landed. When the player walks into the scenic spot, it is like entering a virtual world, the tour and the game task are superimposed, bringing a more immersive experience. Mao Lingzhou believes that the murder of the slimming script is difficult to make differentiation, and consumers will only choose the store, but the moderate immersion and severe immersion gameplay are different.

Martial arts suspense two days, one night, the drama kills "Kyushu Jianghu · Qing Tianjian"

Image Source: Chengdu Wolf Jiuling Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

"We already have a 'expeditionary army who flies from other cities to play' two-day night '. There is a group that touches me, a large-scale Shanghai branch, 150 people to play' two days a night ', they The average age is over 40 years old. So this industry is more than 90, after 00, you can finally go to men and women. "

The data provided by Xiaohong Book shows that in July 2020, Xiaohong Book "Script Kill" search volume increased by 280% year-on-year, and July 2021 increased by more than 670%. In the "2021 Supreme Script Killing Consumption Insight", it is mentioned that the domestic drama in 2021 will be more than 15 billion yuan, the consumer is 9.41 million, and the super 70% of young people under 30 years old.

The rapid growth of numbers does not mean that this is an easy business. There are many new stores every year, and there is also a lot of elimination.

The defendant of the Guiyang Script Killdian store owner revealed that they have done a large-scale script to kill merchants. After 5 years, 2 franchise stores, 3 direct storage shops, and a shop shop. Previously, the company tried to kill the realistic script from the desktop script, but it was not successful. "We also realize that the script will be separated from desktop properties, more than interpretation and relatively heavy scene interactions, so 'Two days a night' we also tried, but all closed."

Regulatory new wind

Take the first level of good script

Clarify business units as the first responsible person

On September 22, Xinhua News Agency issued a article called "Procurement of violence, spirituality, and turning the taste" of "the" struggle "article. Wen: "As the industry competition is becoming more fierce, a few merchants began to promote violence in the game content, scene settings, etc., and this is to attract young people for commercial gains, causing public worry."

According to every reporter, the player will use "Camp Ceremony" in the process of playing the play. Another pain point of the industry is pirated, 12426 copyright monitoring center data shows that more than 60 dramas such as "Qianqiu Fu" "Da Mountain", in seven mainstream e-commerce platforms to monitor suspected pirated sales links 5418 .

Some offline shops are to reduce the re-purchase costs, and take the initiative to send the money to piracy pockets, QQ group, and short-selling information on the very low price, there is no lack of "Ancient Mood", "22 Famous scripts such as school regulations.

Image source: every reporter Wen Menghua

"From the perspective of supervision, kill this new thing to the script, or hope to conduct a benign guidance, promote the development of the industry's health standards, on the basis of sticking the bottom line, can not be penalized," a web letter The staff disclosed that every reporter, "such as the establishment of a digital copyright center, a copyright service for the script killed. Not long ago, our mayor's mailbox received an intensive complaint, called a script killing the store 'violent horror', finally found It is a malicious complaint for several competitors to squeeze down this store. So we need more refinement on the definition of 'terror' violence '. "

In November this year, the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau announced the "Regulations on the Administration of Shanghai Secret Room Script" (Draft for Comment), which stipulated that the secret room of the secret room will conduct self-trials in the operations used in the operations. Establish a sound content self-trial system, equipped with auditors that meet the needs of self-instance, establish technical supervision measures to adapt to content management, and submit the script of the scriptures to the literature department.

The Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau disclosed the above provisions: "This provision clarifies the 'first responsible person' of the murder of the secret room will become the 'first responsible person' of the script of the script, and must take the responsibility of the first customs of good script. . Record management ≠ Help management, is not the 'hit management' of the industry 'pipe small tube death', but through the filing of the work to supervise the company to keep the bottom line, standardize orderly operation, eliminate a group of bad content scripts and illegal business mains Emphasize the inclusion prudential supervision. "


Mango Super Medium National Layout

The people of the fry movie IP turn to the drama this kill IP

Like any industry, the volume of the "Regular Army" of the big company is an important step in the industry from scattering. In April this year, "Star Detective" national first script killing store M-City opened in Changsha, which also marked mango TV officially entered the real scene. According to Southwest Securities, during May Day, the store has more than 900 people, and the total collection exceeds Changsha other script killing store a month's earning sum.

Image Source: "Star Detective" official micro

The person in charge of a state-owned enterprise, revealed that every reporter, Mango Super Media is killing the store in many city layout of the country. "From the store area to the location, the conditions opened by Mango Super Media are very demanding. We welcome them, but we must find a win-win situation in cooperation with them. It can't just rent the land. It is best to invest in. Into the stock. "This year, in the 2021 Tencent Game Conference, about 60 luxury lineups," social new pet "script hosted a place. Introduced in the form of IP, the first step in the line of Tencent into the market. Up to now, the cumulative income of more than 10 billion US dollars over the years has launched the first official script to kill "Night Changan · Organs."

"The script kill is really too old. It turned out that everyone sat together is a chat movie. Now there is a script kill outside the circle." The script killed, so that Zhang Jin seems to have seen a movie industry a few years ago.

The capital flooded into the script kill, the price of IP was stirred as high, which is similar to what year.

After the "Qing Yu Ye" once again released, the reading group has reached a cooperation with the drama killing publisher, such as "Ghost Blowing Light 2", "Full Master 2", "Full Vocational Master", "Fuji". Hand tour "Xianjian Qi Chuan" series authorized the first IP script "Fairy Sword · Participants", authorized intention has exceeded 500 script killing stores.

In the face of numerous film and television, games, literature IP, in order to occupy the content of the highland, many script kill the publishers, the platform believes that "will definitely".

"We determine that the number of IPs that have been adapted has exceeded 100." Zhang Jin said that most of the IP of most a little famous is now, the adapted cost of authorization to the script is not cheap. "Single ten thousand thousand, the time to adaptation is generally two or three years. When IP authorized parties discovered that a script can only sell 500,000 yuan, now you can sell 5 million yuan, will definitely increase the price, so I bought it first. The bad place, first. Literary IP price is the highest, we plan to invest tens of millions of budget to buy IP. "

The business that Mao Lingzhou wants to do is getting more and more expensive. "If the single topic is invested 2 million or 3 million creative costs, my present will be very cow." But in the eyes of the parties, the script kill is a "non-standard", which is not easy to copy like milk tea. "Standing in our point of view, you said to do new scripts, expand new stores, need to do script time, training and consolidate uniform waiters. I want to ask Mao, if it is a capital financing, we You need to expand quickly, how can this problem solve it? "At the internal communication meeting, a well-known venture capital unit was asked to Mao Lingzhou.

A script killing can be more than 100 pictures Source: Chengdu Wolf Jiunan Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

"In fact, I don't want to go back to the traditional theater mode. I turn it into the subject of selling, I want to do my own direct camp, constantly add code theme, self-replication, become a head player." This is the answer to Mao Lingzhou. "

"It is now a billion output value, which is not so high, it is calculated to put each link." Zhang Jin said that "the core high-frequency player is more than 10 million."

Like any content industry, the software killed by the script, the hardware upgrade is inseparable from capital investment, but in the end, the money cannot solve all problems.

Reporter's incoming man in someone else's life, young people's "self" craving

When I turned back, I used to accompany the 5-piece friends with her, who was holding fireworks, smiling and looking at her. This desire to finish her dreams, let her smile and cry can't stop.

The moment of fireworks burned, this scene of the script was drawn by the show.

When the lights lit, the teammates looked at each other, and they didn't seem to be unfamiliar, cauting. I have gone in someone else's life, and everyone smiled and discussed each other, and then gathered together.

A short script kills, the distance between strangers is quietly pulled into, in an open experience, immersive performance, young people release pressure, game recreation, social desire to satisfy. Most importantly, these close interactive exchanges can be hidden under the role and have nothing to do with three yuan.

For the lonely, the script kill is a magical parallel universe that can experience a diverse life. There is no morning for life, and you don't need to cover your emotions. In a few hours away from reality, they can get small accomplishments in reasoning, or laugh or cry in the plot to immerse, and cry. It belongs to your own time.

"Self-expression" "sensual consumption" "novelty experience", these kernels killed in the script just cut their inner appeal. A selling plot, one to buy itself. In the time of visible time input and emotional cost, the young people of the "Society" are willing to do a short but have a dream.

Reporter: Ding Zhu Yang Wen Menghua Biyuanyuan

Editor: Dong Xingsheng Song Hong

Vision: Zou Li

Typography: Dong Xingsheng Wang Yujie

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