Said capital November investigation map: group research "mustque" is optimistic about the consumer building materials faucet pays attention to the "Yuan Universe" in the VR business

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Said capital November investigation map: group research "mustque" is optimistic about the consumer building materials faucet pays attention to the "Yuan Universe" in the VR business

2021-12-01 00:04:28 22 ℃

Fin Federation (Beijing, Reporter Wang Hong) News . And asked the relevant VR business progress in many companies.

Specifically, the insurance capital believes that the real estate policy is stabilized, and the faucet of home improvement is ushered in the layout. In the large consumer industry, the industry believes that Fuling mustard is concerned because of the overall price of consumption; at the same time, the pig price is expected to be expected to be relieved to promote the transfer of insurance, the sowing of the pigs; for the "Yuan Universe" The industry believes that the Yuancosian follows hardware, software, and flows. Three songs are united. It is reflected in the hardware to engage in the share of the VR / AR related business. In addition, many regional banks, including Ningbo banks due to low valuation And cost-effectiveness has received secure attention.

Real estate policy is stabilized to optically optimize consumer building materials

Fin Federation reporters noted some of the building products on the "Real Estate Chain", the building materials industry company received insurance capital. Among them, Weixing New Materials, Trail Hardware, Yonggao Shares, Tianshan Shares, Jade Shaoyland and Sichuan Shuangma receive insurance companies and insurance distribution.

It is worth noting that the main business has got 1 insurance in the Olympic Garden Mei Valley for real estate. However, Olympic Meal is expressed, it is running through M & A medical institutions to quickly cut into the medical beauty track. Financial Street, China New Group, and I love my home, although I have not obtained insurance capital, I have obtained 1, 8, 4 institutions have been founded.

In terms of human security assets, the "warm air" operating in the real estate industry chain is blown. Currently near New Year, the focus is still sustainable, and the demand still has a super-expected possible new energy upstream industry chain, and the estimate of the real estate policy is significantly smoked, but the medium and long-term demand is still expanded, the lead concentration The bottom layout of the bottom of the home improvement building materials faucet.

Minsheng Securities said that the real estate chain focuses on the status of the policy, the marginal mortgage rate margin, high credit central enterprises finance, pay attention to the status of the signal, and the valuation of the consumer building materials is stabilized. It is recommended to focus on new materials applications, future revenue contributions are expected to rise steadily, smooth real estate / infrastructure periodically, while overcoming the restricted impact of new production capacity of traditional business under "double carbon" background.

Debon Securities said that the real estate ushered in the policy bottom, the consumer building materials faucet concentration improvement trend Waterproof materials, followed by plaster faucets with plasterboards with consumption attributes.

18 institutional groups surveyed "squeezing" tap consumption low valuation opportunities

Fin Federation reporters noted that food processing and meat, agricultural products, footwear, clothing, household appliances, etc. have also received securities concerned. Among them, "squeezing," Fuling mustard, 18 insurance companies and insurance data management companies, "Pig Cycle" shares, new hopes, and animal shares, etc., have also obtained a number of insurance capital investigations.

A insurance company's rights investment person in charge said to Fin Federation agency reporter that Fuling mustard investigation is a factor in the overall price increase in consumption. The Wen's shares are mainly considering the pour cycle. Everyone is expected to be present in the second half of next year. Better, it may be significantly improved this.

The stars data show that Fuling mustard on November 11th accept investor research, when answering the "price increase" considering, the company has industry product pricing rights, dare to take the pricing price; also can be strategically increased, accelerate industry wash Card. In the face of the sustained price increase of the upper reaches of this round of commodity, chemical industry, and will consider the management strategy.

There is also an insurance data management industry, also said that behind the four-quarter valuation to switch the market, it should be based on the pricing of next year's boom. The overall idea is to strengthen the contrast layout in the middle and lower reaches. The price of food below the expected expectation, the pig period, etc.

"Yuancos" has been concerned about topic, Liand, etc.

According to the statistics of the stars and mine data, in the investigation of November, inquiry, including 6 listed companies including Liyade, Hong Soft Technology, Hongbao Technology, Baotong Technology, Oufi, and the style of the style. / AR business layout problem.

When Lyade has accepted investor research on November 12 that this year's VR business has slowed faster, the main results contributed to the US NaturalPoint (NP) of wholly-owned acquisition, the company's core business to have optical action capture technology and product. As of the third quarter VR experience plate revenue, 23% increased year-on-year. It is expected that the development of the sector will gradually improve with the needs of VR applications at home and abroad.

As the concept of "Yuancos", the style is said in the reception of investors on November 9. In the 2020 strategy investment, VR content platform is fast technology (VEER), this year, it is proposed to increase investment in fast technology, currently The investment intention agreement has been signed.

The controversy also said that the initial Yuan Universe is a virtual digital world that realizes the final time of the "Yuancos", and it has uncertainty and risks. VR / AR technology, 3D modeling, real-time rendering, CG vision, immersion experience, etc. related to Yuancai Concept is the important contribution of company profits, the application of the above digital technology related to the Yuan Cosmic Concept, to enhance the company's project Profit margins, strengthen the company's bargaining ability, etc. has certain help. What is the investment logic of the Yuan Universe? Another insurance personnel investment person in charge said to the Fin Federation agency reporter, as in the past, each subversive technology innovation investment path, the Yuan Universe also follows hardware, software, and flows such a three songs. At present, the most mature in the hardware corresponding to the Yuanhe is VR / AR wearable equipment, software, and the construction of the universe requires multiple technologies, including cloud computing, virtual engines, etc., related business companies are very good. title. After the software is mature, the presentation method will be more.

Ningbo Bank won high-frequency start to see the low valuation and cost performance

Fin Federation reporters noted that six regional banks, including Ningbo Bank, Wuxi Bank, Su Nong Bank, Changshu Bank, Hangzhou Bank, and Shanghai Bank, including Ningbo Bank, Hangzhou Bank, and Shanghai Bank. Here, 18 insurance companies and insurance groups have explored Ningbo Bank.

According to the stars and mine data, Ningbo Bank has obtained agency group research on November 12th, November 17, November 18, respectively. Investors concerned, including, Ningbo Bank's risk management measures, loan targeting, wealth management business situation, horizontal level, financial science and technology development.

A banking analyst said to the Fin Federation agency reporter that this year's influence factors have not expected in addition to economic recovery, there are also real estate industries. At present, everyone is expected to market, so they will go to the fundamental situation of the bank. At the end of the year, it may face the case of valuation switching, so it will vote for the cheap valuation of bank stocks. The stock of Ningbo Bank has landed, the biggest market constraint is not, and after the completion of the stock, the stock price has the driving force. So currently investigating banks, mainly valued banks' price / performance ratio and low valuation.