12 days 11 daily limit, stock price soared 178%, who is "hype" Jiu'an Medical?

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12 days 11 daily limit, stock price soared 178%, who is "hype" Jiu'an Medical?

2021-12-01 00:04:06 15 ℃

Author: Yang Lei Editor: small sister city

November 30, Andon Health continued daily limit, 12 trading days recorded even 11 panels, the stock soaring 178.82 percent. Continuous surge trend makes it a focus.

In fact, before the stock started Andon Health belong to the A shares of an unpopular stocks. Because from the beginning of November 2015, no one institution to its written research reports, indirectly reflects the agency's attitude. But from mid-November, it began to counterattack, become a bull stock.

As to why the rose, for the following reasons: Andon Health is a home health care leader in the production of electronic products. With new overseas crown once again become a serious epidemic, the fight against SARS products are sought after. And the company's new crown antigen home self-test kit in the United States subsidiary of OTC official website selling retail price of $ 6.99 / person.

Because shares short-term rise too fast, regulators formally intervene.

The evening of November 23, at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued letters of concern, requiring Andon Health explained, "if there is easy to use interactive platform to meet the hot market speculation the company's stock price situation," while the description "the existence of the alleged share price by cocking for 2020 equity incentive target profit independent exercise of the situation. "

According to Andon Health Latest reply: it says "there is no easy to use interactive platform to hype the company shares situation."

Who participated in the stock price "speculation"? Charts show the institutions, idle funds, individual investors Jie "credit."

November 26, has a "retail base camp," said the Eastern Ring Road East Fortune Securities Lhasa first securities business department, the East Fortune Securities Lhasa Unity Road securities business first part do not buy 14,586,700, 12,539,700.

November 29, a large body seats buy 18,389,100. At the same time, two seats on hot money "Little Crocodile", "Shenzhen gang" were bought 20,798,200, 18,771,100.

I know that the outside world Andon Health controversial.

On the one hand, on the market since 2010, Andon Health buckle non-consecutive losses of more than 600 million yuan net profit, profitability is weak. At the same time, the company's equity incentive plan is significantly lower due to the existence of objective performance evaluation situation, questioned by the media as a transfer of benefits.

On the other hand, the industry is not optimistic about the new crown home self-test market, because the industry has a big change, fierce competition and so on.

In terms of competitors, An Xusheng was hot scene biology, bio-based egg, Matilda biology, biotechnology and other companies have East-related products to enter the overseas market new crown home self-test.

By brokerage analysts also said that "the fight against SARS product performance has begun massing significant contraction in 21Q3, the performance impact of the epidemic continues to tend to weaken." Typical cases include, diving medical first three quarters of net profit down 10.5% year on year, BGI third quarter net profit fell 68.86% year on year.

Andon Health performance fundamentals in general, the outside world has been questioned, when speculation craze faded, who is swimming naked, we'll see!


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