The alarm sounded in the recycled metallic drug for antibody therapy "prevention needle"

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The alarm sounded in the recycled metallic drug for antibody therapy "prevention needle"

2021-12-01 00:04:54 27 ℃

After the Fin Federation (Shanghai, Editor's Zhengzheng), after the afternoon of the afternoon, after the afternoon of Modena CEO, the vaccine has the effect of effective risk, and more pharmaceutical companies began to "hit the needle" to the capital market.

According to the latest news, the new crown monoclonal antibody cocktail therapy Regen-CoV developer regenerated metapulsical release announcement, the efficiency of the company's products may be declining by the O'K tunain virus, and the company has already developed new A generation of antibody therapy. Similar to Madner, as offender, the regeneration of the pharmaceutical stock price fell 2.66%.

In fact, this news will not be too unexpected. After the release of a lot of variations in Okeck, the most important concern is to regenerate the yuan, the ritual antibody therapy and the vaccine may "take off" because these drugs are mostly The thorn protein acting on the virus, and the O'K戎 virus has a large number of variations in this regard.

Regeneration meticulosis said in an announcement that there have been no direct data that has not been affected by the O'Kek tunovirivirus to induce immune effectiveness, but the variant virus may be simultaneously Reducing the immune neutralization of vaccines or monoclonal antibodies, company products will also be affected. Analysis of the use of actual O'Kki variant virus sequence confirmation and quantitative potential effects is underway.

The company also further stated that in response to new crown viruses, the regeneration dollar reserves a lot of all-human source monoclonal antibodies. Preliminary studies have shown that there is a potential candidate object in the next generation of monoclonal antibody therapies developed by the company, which can effectively confirm the O'Koki virus and other major variants.

Dr. Yancopoulos, Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer, Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of the Regeneration, said in an interview that we must admit that our urgency is increasing in the past six days. The initial company is just a project that is started with a spare plan, and the current task is rapidly improved.