More important than semiconductors, China has been leading, the West is trapped, the people have a miserable

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More important than semiconductors, China has been leading, the West is trapped, the people have a miserable

2021-12-01 00:04:30 25 ℃

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In answering the public winter electricity problem, the commitment will not let the British noble can be used, who knows, the voice is just the power, it is too powerful, and the scene is in a dark.

This is the embarrassment of an Energy hearing in the UK in September this year. More "embarrassing", there are countless European people, this year's oil prices and electricity prices continue to rise, they face the dilemma of parked due to arrears, and some countries have even have a "backflow" of pipeline.

What is the genus of European natural gas? In the past six months, the price from 18 euros per MW, soared to more than 117 euros, and there was a lot of 5 times, which was described as "rocket speed."

The reason why European natural gas is so tight, "World Oil" website is pointed out that "" is caused by the decline in the investment of traditional fossil energy such as oil and natural gas due to lack of wind and solar energy. "

In other words, in the field of renewable energy, European steps are too large, significantly reduce energy power generation such as coal, so that it is "bitter fruit". The UK is exactly in the typical, 2020, the British renewable energy distribution ratio reached 43%, and plans to completely eliminate coal power in 2024.

On one side, cut off the electric power such as coal and electricity, but there is no truly solving the stability problem of the renewable energy such as wind, solar energy, can only "eat in the sky", the wind speed is slow, the amount of light is low, the electricity crisis is coming. In order to fill the "gap", natural gas is accelerated, but this has also exacerbated the shortage of natural gas resources and the price of prices.

When Europe's falling energy crisis is unable to extricate, in contrast, it is not difficult to see that China does not have a similar energy crisis. In this regard, you may ask, in the end of September, China did not have more than ten provinces that have a power-on electricity electricity?

Many provinces have really pulled the shutdown, but they will soon be resolved. This is because the relevant departments of the state will announce a series of measures, including "release coal-free production capacity according to law, adding coal imports in order", still strict management of people's livelihood, but the price other than people lives can be floating.

European renewable energy is not easy, the social environment is more environmentally friendly "lock", because of this, even if natural gas has risen, there is almost no one dare to stand, restart the traditional electricity such as coal and electricity. In contrast, China's multi-pruning is more pragmatic, avoiding short-term energy shock evolution into an energy crisis.

In fact, the energy of China's energy "multi-tube is unsatisfactory" exceeds many people's imagination. Do not say China "rich coal", the control of natural gas and oil is bright.

It is to know that the country in the world is in turn is Russia, Irai Lang, Qatar, Turkmenistan and the United States, but China has traveled in the sixth place in the world through these years, especially for nearly ten years.

In terms of crude oil, after the 2019 "Seventh Action Plan", oil and gas development became a national issue, and China's crude oil production has grown continuously for three years.

According to the data, my country's crude oil production increased by 1.0% to 191 million tons in 2019, an increase of 2% to 195 million tons in 2020, and the output growth was accelerated. By 2021, domestic manufacturers continued to respond to the national oil and gas volume, increased oil and gas exploration and production efforts, as a result, Chinese crude oil production reached approximately 15,000 tons in the first nine months, an increase of 2.5% from the same period last year, all year production It is expected to reach 200 million tons.

In addition to controlling traditional energy such as coal, natural gas, oil, building energy security "base", China's development of renewable energy has also achieved remarkable results.

According to media reports, China Hydropower, Wind Power, Photovoltaic power generation, and biomass power generation capacity have been 16 years, 11 years, 6 years and 3 years, ranking first.

As a result, in 2019, the total amount of fossil energy accounted for more than 15.3%, raised by 5.6% from 2012; 2019 carbon emissions fell by 48.1% from 2005, "reversed the rapid growth of carbon emissions."

More critical is that China has not stopped in traditional energy, but strives to lead innovation in the energy field.

For more than 20 years, China's "bet" in many battles in the new energy sector, through the total investment in power generation, transmission, electricity, etc., has a total of several leading global new energy industries. Form a strong industry combination of "photovoltaic + special high pressure + new energy vehicle".

Specifically, from the field of photovoltaic, China's high-pure crystal silicon production is ranked first in the world, and the battery, and component production accounted for more than 70% of the world. The top ten enterprises in the global photovoltaic assembly, China won 7 seats, and in the field of electricity delivery China has become the only country in which the world has fully mastered special high voltage transmission technology.

At the same time, China's new energy automobile manufacturing and sales scale ranked first in the world for 6 consecutive years, and can fully undertake relevant power resources.

China's unique "photovoltaic + special high pressure + new energy automobile" industry portfolio, let new energy form a closed loop, truly realize self "hematopoietic", and can continue to be strengthened.

In essence, this is a energy revolution with silicon energy replaces carbon energy, just as analyzed: "For China, this is a more important army competition than semiconductor."

Strongly control traditional energy, vigorously develop renewable energy, establish "photovoltaic + special high pressure + new energy car" big triangle, this is the powerful and stable" truth "of China's energy pattern.Going back, Europe is not easy, only take care, it is inevitable!


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