China is heard through the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?Is the A shares that have a high-level waist?

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China is heard through the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?Is the A shares that have a high-level waist?

2021-12-01 00:03:50 20 ℃

If you want to ask what entity is the best, the duty-free shop is undoubtedly the leader, and the most famous is undoubtedly the group in China, with the attraction of the duty-free shop, China is free to make a lot of money. Music, but the stock price in recent recently is not too popular, and it has already asked the high level. Many people have just hearing through the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Do you still? Is there any hope in Hong Kong?

First, China is from hearing through the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?

According to the news report, recently, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange documents show that China Tourism Group Sino-Free Co., Ltd. passed the HKCO listed, and Joint sponsor was Zhongjin Company and the Ruiyin Group.

After the hearing, the information is concentrated. As of 2018, the year, 2019 and December 31, 2019, the income from China is 34619.0 million yuan, 48009.6 million yuan and 52596.8 million yuan, and net profit is 386.71 million yuan, respectively. 54.70.2 million yuan and 7109.5 million yuan. From 2018 to 2020, the income increased by 23.3% in the compound year, while net profit increased by 35.6% in the compound annual growth rate. For five months ended 2020 and 2021, the income from China is 1446.65 million yuan and 3046.2 million yuan, while net profit is 210.8 million yuan and 5803 million yuan respectively.

On June 28th, China was exempted to announce, submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange submitted an overseas listed foreign shares (H shares) listing applications. According to its prospectus, the funds raised in China will be used to expand overseas channels, consolidate the mainland channels, promote the extension of the industrial chain, improve efficiency, etc., it can be seen that the next development will be overseas.

Not long ago, China's third quarter report was released in China, and the report shows that China's total operating income is 4,9499 billion yuan in the first three quarters of China, which is 40.87% year-on-year (previous year), attributable to the net profit of the shareholders of listed companies 84.91 100 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 168.35%.

According to the "Investment Express" report, it is exempt from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in China, and China has only hit the stock price, and China has only 4.16% in China on November 25. The market value is 413.5 billion yuan! "Investment Express" reporter noted that China's exemption from the historical high of 403.78 yuan in February 18, the company's share price has reached 47.55%, and the corresponding market value has exceeded 37 million yuan. .

The public information shows that China is exempt from China International Travel Service in October 2009. In recent years, through frequency acquisition has become the absolute hegemony of the domestic tax market. In June 2020, China International Travel is a total of interest in China Tourism Group, and the company's securities referred to as "China International Travel" also changed more "China." In 2020, the domestic market share in China reached 92.2%.

Second, is A-share high-level waist 斩 ​​免 免?

In the face of China's hearing, he encounters a stock market value, many people have begun to worry about the trip to Hong Kong stocks from China, then, how do we think of the Hong Kong stocks in China? ?

First, there is no problem in market share and fundamentals in China. As the most famous duty-free enterprise in China, China's duty-free market in China can be described as an exclusive, arrogant, and all major tax companies are impossible to expect their back. As our foregoing, China said that China is not only in the market share of China's domestic market. Amazing 92.2%, its international market has excellent results, according to Froster Shari, according to retail sales, global ranking in China has continued to rise in the past 10 years, ranking 19 in 2010 By 2015, the fourth place in 2019, and in 2020, it is among the world. In 2020, 22.6% of the global tourism retail industry market share were exempted in China in 2020. It can be said that China is exempt in the market influence, competitiveness is unquestionable, and in the case of the current epidemic in the world, as long as the fundamental changes in the market have no fundamental changes, China From this point of view, since this perspective, the market advantage in China is still no problem, we don't have to worry too much.

Second, the waist of the A-share stock price in China is the process of returning. We carefully study that the stock price trend since China in February this year will find that there is a situation in China's exemption price, which is actually caused by multiple factors, on the one hand, due to the exemption concept before China The stimulus, continuous stock price is high, the increase in its share price has exceeded the fundamental support of its performance. In such cases, the results return to the chapter. On the other hand, the main layout of China is in various airports, but this year is influenced by several rounds of epidemic, several very important tax-free consumption nodes have more or less problems, for example this year's summer epidemic The relative gas of the whole summer business is exactly what we see that there is a relatively large share price in China, and the overall performance is not as expected by the objective factors. Third, is China exempt to Hong Kong stocks still hope? Objectively said that China is exempted in China is still a more normal process. Now, with the fourth quarter market gradually go to the peak season, China is exempt from hope, this is because from July last July, Hainan is free from Hainan. Later, the Hainan duty-free market showed vigorous trend, and every winter is the peak season of Hainan, China from the core channel of Hainan's free tax-free sales, including Haikou Meilan International Airport, Sanya Phoenix International Airport, Haikou and The city core area of ​​Sanya, as well as the Solitary Asian Forum Address Region. Moreover, China will have been temporarily connected to Meilan International Airport, and will build a national largest airport is from 10,000 m2 in the new T2 terminal building, and the tax-free commercial area is about 10,000 m2. It is expected to open in the year. If these elements can be complete, the year will become a place in China, and the entire Hainan will become a place in China, which will undoubtedly bring a strong intensive needle for Hong Kong stocks in China.

Fourth, what should I see in the future? From now on, the market influence and market development level in China can ensure that its basic good performance, from the short term, it is difficult to appear in the market with a higher power in China, so The advantage of China is not doubtful in short-term advantages, with yourself, just worry about the objective factors of the epidemic. However, from a long-term point of view, the tax-free market can be described as a huge cake. Although China is exemplary is a unique, many companies have begun to stare at this cake, such as Wangfujing, Star Travel Started to compete for the tax-free market, Swiss tax giants Dufry and Alibaba are also closely collaborative layout, under such a big background, the competitive war in the tax exemption market is likely to be sent, so China is exempted in such fierce competition. This is an unbeaten advantage, which will become the biggest uncertainty.

Therefore, there are no need to worry about Hong Kong stocks from China, but how long-term development may need further observation.