Escape from the bitter fruit brought by China, Samsung Vietnam factory reduced production, Korean giants for mistakes

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Escape from the bitter fruit brought by China, Samsung Vietnam factory reduced production, Korean giants for mistakes

2021-12-01 06:06:07 33 ℃

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China is the most robust country in the world, more than 500 major industrial products, including more than 40% of them, and China's production is ranking in the world. Moreover, according to the official data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China's manufacturing economy has taken the top position in the first one. From the screws to the big plane, China is inefficient, which has also made China a reputation of the world factory.

Overseas giants escape China

However, although the manufacturing industry is outstanding, many manufacturers have begun to flee China in the past two years. Take Fujikang as an example, which connects new production bases in India, Vietnam and other regions, and replaces China's capacity with overseas production capacity.

In addition, Apple, Samsung and other overseas giants have also been migrated. More and more Apple mobile phones, Apple, no longer manufacturing in China. Samsung was in 2020, closed the last mobile phone production base in China. At this stage, there is no relationship between Samsung mobile phones and Chinese plants.

Overseas giants will escape from China, in the eyes of the author, the main reason is that the Chinese population is about to disappear. As we all know, in recent years, labor prices have risen, and overseas manufacturers don't want to undertake over high production costs. Therefore, the population is more intensive, and the labor price is more cheap Vietnam, India and other regions, it has become the first place to establish a new factory in overseas giants.

However, the manufacturing level of India and Vietnam really can really compare with China?

Samsung Vietnam factory reduced production

At present, the answer is obviously negative. India, Vietnam does not replace China and perfectly complete the product production task. Take Apple AirPods3 as an example, the headphones produced by the Vietnamese factory are not as good as China.

Many users feedback "Vietnam AirPods3" work is not fine, there is burr, and listen to the song will perceive the current sound. This happens because there are differences in workers and factory regulations, and the reason for China's manufacturing costs.

In addition, Vietnam, Indian factory compared to China, there is a very obvious short board, which is production guarantee. The epidemic is called a major test for all manufacturing companies. And look at the world, only Chinese manufacturers have handed over the satisfactory answer. This advantage, although it is difficult to reflect on weekdays, but for Samsung, Apple's giant company is very important.

However, it is that Samsung Vietnamese factories have entered the car due to the problem of epidemic. According to Zhongguancun Online, Samsung's mobile phone factory capacity decreased sharply in Vietnam, in order to solve this problem, Samsung had to coordinate the partition Indonesian factory to produce related products.

However, this is not a long time. Vietnamese epidemics is currently spreading, many workers have successively strike, returning to hometown. In connection with the actual situation, the Samsung Vietnamese factory reduction is only more serious.

Although Samsung can coordinate the Indonesian plant, the production capacity of Vietnamese factory is relieved, but it is not known that the production capacity planning of Samsung Vietnamese factory and the printing plant is not one.

In Samsung's new plans, Vietnamese factory capacity is adjusted to 160 million, and the production capacity of Indonesian factory is only 18 million, and the phase difference is about 9 times. It can be seen that the Indonesian factory cannot share too much pressure for the Vietnamese factory.

Korean giant pays for wrong

Moreover, after the production capacity is re-adjusted, the product is transported, and the storage cost will continue to improve. In the whole, although Samsung moves the factory to a low-cost region, in fact, the entire production process, Samsung spending funds will not be much less than in China.

Not only that, Samsung also consumes more energy on this matter, which also makes the factory, become a loss.

In addition, Samsung Vietnamese factories have problems, and it also reflects a fact - China Manufacturing is not replacement. Although China Manufacturing is higher, the corresponding, customers can therefore also have more professional services, more powerful production guarantees.

In the context of the global industry chain, the extra "service" value of China's manufacturing can have exceeded the cost value of China's manufacturing.

And Samsung, the current may have already regretted China. After all, the global mobile phone market is currently being reshuffled, and the Vietnamese factory reduces production will reduce the deposity and sales of Samsung mobile phones. Affected by this, the share of Samsung mobile phones in the global market, or by friend merchants.

Written in the last

In a comprehensive view, Samsung has begun to pay for his own misunderstanding. Apple is also spoated by many consumers because of product quality problems.

However, two manufacturers should not return China. After all, the cost of building the factory is very high, the construction plant cycle is also very long, and the factory will move out of China's probabilistic probability.

This is a good thing for domestic competitors, with excellent product quality and stronger production security, China's Chinese flat, is expected to have more excellent results in the global market.