Germany's inflation rate is expected to reach 5.2% in November, which will be a new high in 1992.

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Germany's inflation rate is expected to reach 5.2% in November, which will be a new high in 1992.

2021-12-01 06:06:09 33 ℃

November 29, November 29th, the data released by the German Federal Bureau of Statistics showed that Germany's inflation rate estimates at November reached 5.2%, which would create new high since 1992. Germany's inflation rate is 4.5% in October. Experts pointed out that the rise in energy, food, housing and daily necessities leads to continuous inflation rates, and low-income families are affected by the increase in inflation rates.

Since the month, prices have risen sharply have become a global phenomenon. The British and US central banks have announced interest rates, while the European Central Bank adheres to zero interest rates and loose monetary policies. The European Central Bank President Lagard insists that the main reason for the rise in inflation in Europe is the base effect of energy prices and fell affected by the epidemic. The inflation rate in 2022 will drop sharply.

The long-term goals of the European Central Bank have always maintained the inflation rate at 2%. Since the past decade, the European Central Bank has always adhered to loose monetary policy. However, since the beginning of this year, affected by the epidemic and supply bottlenecks, the euro zone began to face a comprehensive high inflation. The European Central Bank believes that November will reach the peak of inflation, and will gradually fall in 2022. The European Central Bank German Executive Director Shi Nabel said in German media on the 29th that most predictions believe that the inflation rate will fall below 2%, "There is no evidence that inflation will be out of control."

However, there is also a criticism that the European central bank should not wait and see too long. It is understood that the European Central Bank will hold a new round of meetings to discuss monetary policies on December 16.