Everbright cars accidentally fall over 20%, what is the situation?Just returned to 7 pieces of land and went back to 1.3 billion, Xu Jiayin couple also set "unfamiliar"

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Everbright cars accidentally fall over 20%, what is the situation?Just returned to 7 pieces of land and went back to 1.3 billion, Xu Jiayin couple also set "unfamiliar"

2021-12-01 06:06:20 51 ℃

The decline in Evergrande cars is an accident.

On November 29, at the Hang Seng Index slightly 0.95%, under the minimum closing point this year, ECD stock collectively low, among which constant cars fell more than 20%.

On the other hand, on the one hand, November 26th, Everbrucks said in the announcement that the unhearted life supporting land and industrial land of Everbruck retakes 7 projects, and returning to the cage of nearly 1.3 billion yuan. The construction and payment of migrant workers, paying the land models of the remaining ground, and some of the returns have been confiscated by the government.

On the other hand, the latest document of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange shows that China Evergrande Shareholders Xu Jiayin, the company Xinxin (BVI) Limited and Xu Jiayun wife Ding Yumei sells 1.2 billion stocks in Hong Kong dollars, and the shareholding ratio is reduced from 76.96% to 67.87%. . Relevant insiders said that the Chinese reporters of brokers have said that Hong Kong dollars that the company's printed income will continue to use for the company's bailout.

Evergrande is collectively decreasing, and the largest car has the greatest.

On November 29, the Hong Kong stocks Hengsheng index low off, as of the closing, Hang Seng Index fell 0.95%, reported 23,852.24 points, and set the minimum closing point since this year.

It is worth mentioning that under the weakness of the Hong Kong stocks, the elevation stocks have fallen, including HK $ 2.28 / share in China, China, a decrease of 8.8%; Evergrande Property reported HK $ 3.88 / shares, fell 4.68%, The big car reported HK $ 3.78 / share, down 20.08%, the biggest decline.

Why is the Evergrande car fell the most? This may be related to the announcement issued by Evergrandge last weekend.

On November 26, Evergrande Auto Update has been the latest situation since the report on September 24.

First of all, Hengda Auto discloses, in order to improve the overall efficiency of the body and supplement the operating funds, it has been actively negotiating with potential buyers to sell the health valley, new energy automobile life projects and other assets of Hengda Automobile.

As of November 26, Everbruck has completed most of the assets held by the company's negative company Evergrande Hofer PowerChain GmbH, and the interests of relevant shareholders held in Meneco AB; at the same time, the independent third party Transactions of shareholders' equity held by large cars in Protean Electric Holdings Limited and e -traction EUROPE BV will also be completed in the near future. However, the above transaction did not disclose the specific transaction price.

Secondly, Hengda cars said that in order to return funds, as of November 26, Everbruck has been refunded by the unnormal living standard and industrial land total 266.33 million square meters, involving 7 projects, with a total amount of 1.284 billion yuan. The above returns are mainly used for engineering construction and payment of migrant workers' wages, paying the remaining blocks, and some return orders have been confiscated by the government.

Hengda caravan said that the company is still in contact with different potential investors, introducing funds for the company, as of the meeting, is still in the process of consultation.

Currently, keep building, future seek new energy transformation

It is worth mentioning that according to the previous statement, the focus of Evergrande future will turn from real estate to new energy vehicles.

However, for the current constantger, the keeper is still the first task. On October 22, Xu Jiayin said in the Evergrande Group's completion of the resumption of production, in principle, it is not bought within 10 years, but it is now not selling land.

Xu Jiayin revealed the three strategic decisions of the constantification risk self-help: one, unswerving, go all out to achieve the completion of the completion of the replenishment; the second is to fully implement the sales of the building, large pressure drop real estate development and construction scale; In 10 years, the transformation of the real estate industry to the new energy vehicle industry is implemented.

In order to obtain liquidity, payment project construction and migrant workers to achieve completion of production and replenishment, Evergrande thinks in a variety of ways, in addition to the above-mentioned constant cars, seven unusual projects, etc. Pickups to Henture.

On November 26, according to the latest equity news disclosed by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Chairman Xu Jiayin, the Chairman of the Evergrande Board of Directors, and its consistent action, the average price of 2.23 Hong Kong dollar / shares per share. The total amount of the amount is about 2.676 billion Hong Kong dollars.

After the transaction is completed, Xu Jiayin fell from 76.96% to 67.87% in China, which has changed this year.

Relevant insiders said that the 2006 million Hong Kong dollar funds obtained by this Xu Jiayin will continue to use the company's bailout.

In mid-November, Hengda exposed, since the crisis Products, Headquarters employees have salary and pay interest in public funds in terms of domestic and foreign public funds.

For Evergrande Future, Xu Jiayin said that in 10 years, it implements transformation from the real estate industry to the new energy automotive industry.

Since this year, Evergrande is also speeding up. He successfully completed the NG 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7 trucks, and successfully completed the winter test, summer test, plateau test.

November 9, the Ministry issued the "road motor vehicle manufacturers and product announcement" (batch 350), in which a car Hengda Chi Heng brand of pure electric vehicles appear in the notice, has triggered concern. October 11 this year, rival auto strategic Partner Conference held in Tianjin production base, Liu Zhuo Hengda Motor president said, Hengda Motors has started a three-month battle to ensure Hengchi first car early next year in Tianjin factory assembly line.

The end of August, rival cars in the first half financial report shows a net loss of 4.787 billion yuan, 2.274 billion yuan over the same period last year loss, operating loss mainly from the stage of development and investment in new energy vehicle division.

Experienced early repairer "buy buy buy," "Hehe together", "circle circle" and other processes, to today's "sell sell sell" the road to mass production Hengda new energy vehicles, as well as future how much resistance?

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