Nearly 800 companies release plan, equity incentives become equity benefits

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Nearly 800 companies release plan, equity incentives become equity benefits

2021-12-01 12:08:30 46 ℃

Recently, a number of listed companies announced the equity incentive program. As, on November 22, there is a listed company including bunny, Opit, Futai New Materials, China China Iron and Jiali Shares, and other listed companies announced that the equity incentive plan is proposed. As of now, the A-share listed company has issued 796 equity incentives. Compared with 400 copies of the same period last year, I doubled. Such a large number of listed companies issued an equity incentive plan, which is very rare. Personally, beware of the equity incentives of listed companies into equity benefits.

Equity incentives are one of the most commonly used methods of motivating employees in order to encourage and retain core talents. Equity incentives allow incentive objects to form an important role in improving the competitiveness of enterprises, promoting corporate development. Because of this, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets have a number of listed companies to launch an equity incentive program every year.

The equity incentive plan launched by Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets this year is quite different. One is a lot of listed companies that publish equity incentives. This is related to the needs of some listed companies, and it is objectively related to the number of listed companies. Second, the equity incentives of many listed companies have many people, with certain Popularity. For example, in nearly 800 listed companies, there are 34 people with more than 1,000 people. Among them, in a listed company in which restriction stocks, Haikang Wei was first in 9973; while the option as an incentive listed company, Great Wall Motors took 8,535 people. Third, from equity, many listed companies are "big hand", and the number of excitation shares accounts for more than 10% of total share capital. For example, Di Wei is 10.99%, Ebison is 13.65%, and Tianyang Technology reached 16.02%.

Behind many listed companies launched the equity incentive plan, the Shanghai-Shenzhen Exchange's attention is like a snow. For example, in November, many listed companies have received their concerns due to the equity incentive plan, and the scientific and rationality of their equity incentive performance assessment indicators is doubtful.

According to the "Measures for the Organization of the Listed Company", equity incentive performance assessment indicators (including company performance indicators and motivational objects, individual performance indicators) should be objectively disclosed, clear and transparent, and in line with the company's actual situation, which is conducive to promoting the company's competitiveness. . Set scientific, reasonable performance appraisal indicators, can benefit both incentives, and listed companies can benefit from it, so that "win-win" pattern can be produced. However, the reason why some listed companies is received by the regulatory authorities or related to their performance appraisal indicators, or related to their alleged interests.

For example, the "2021 restricted stock incentive plan" disclosed by Mei Asia Optoelectronics shows that the assessment indicators at the company level are based on 2020 business income, and the assessment target is 2021, 2022, 2023. The growth rate is not less than 20%, 40%, 60%, respectively. It was only 2 months left in 2021 in 2021. At this point, in 2021 as an assessment goal, it is obviously not suitable.

Moreover, the listing company has shown that Mei Ya Optoelectronics achieved operating income of 1.373 billion yuan in the first three quarters of 2021, an increase of 31.15% over the same period in the previous year. In the case of the first three quarters in the first three quarters in 2021, it is clear that the scientific and rationality of its equity incentive performance assessment indicators are dealt with 2021. Unexpected.

In addition to the scientific and rationality of the performance assessment indicators set by the listed company, the voting of small and medium shareholders will also illustrate certain aspects of issues. Although the first temporary shareholder meeting of the first temporary shareholders in the first temporary shareholders meeting this month, the equity incentives have passed high, but the small and medium shareholders attending the meeting have voted against votes. The opposition votes of small and medium shareholders are essentially an attitude towards the draft of the equity incentives of listed companies.

Zhongqingbao, which is not clear, its equity incentive plan is too low in its equity incentives, and there is also a problem suspected of transportation. The equity incentive plan disclosed on November 22 shows that 2.63 million stock options respectively, and 5.26 million stock options account for approximately 50% of the number of incentive programs. The company's performance assessment indicators are based on 2021 years of business income, 2022 - 2024 The growth rate of operating income is not less than 10%, 20% and 30%, respectively. The equity incentive plan of the listed company, and it is said that it is better to inspire the human father and son incentives. Moreover, its performance appraisal indicators are too single. It does not incorporate net profit, equity dividend, etc., and there is also a space in which operation is also operated.

Undoubtedly, in recent years, the equity incentive plan issued by the listed company, but the "scriptures" of the equity incentives are not in a small number. In essence, due to the lack of scientific and rationality of performance appraisal, certain listed companies' equity incentives have become a shareholding benefits that only have a few people can enjoy, but this is not far from naked to make interests. For such equity incentives, there is no doubt that "no" should be determined.