Official notified "good joy juvenic eggs" incident: the sample sample did not find abnormalities

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Official notified "good joy juvenic eggs" incident: the sample sample did not find abnormalities

2021-12-01 12:09:07 13 ℃

China New Jingwei December 1st, November 30, Liuzhou Market Supervision Administration issued a notification of "good screw screw powder" consumption complaints. According to the report, after investigation, investigation, investigated product manufacturer Liuzhou Daihua Food Co., Ltd. holds an effective business license, food production license, and is currently engaged in food production and operation activities. Law enforcement officers check that the sample sample did not find abnormalities, and the third-party inspection agency was sampled on site.

Specifically, it is said that November 27 (Saturday), Liuzhou Market Supervision Bureau surveillanced 12315 platforms: 21 o'clock on November 26 (Friday) Number 21 o'clock in Fujian Province, Xiamen City, Yang passed the national 12315 Platform WeChat applets have complained that they were found in a lot of prime screw powder, and their complaints were found to be inquiry. The complainant has sent the relevant pictures and content to Weibo and Xiaohong books, which quickly became a microblog.

Liuzhou Market Supervision Bureau attaches great importance to this, first sent two law enforcement inspection teams in the morning of November 28, respectively, to the complainant store (Liuzhou Chengzhong District, Hars Food Store) and good joy screw powder manufacturer (Liuzhou Daihua Food Co., Ltd.) Carried out investigations.

According to the survey, the complainant Liuzhou Chengzhong District Hals Food Store held an effective business license, food business license, and the on-site examination did not find the same batch of spiral powder. The parties said that the complainant purchased the spiral powder through the network platform and received the goods on October 13. On November 22nd, there is a problem with the feedback of the snail powder. After consulting with the complainant, the complaints have been returned to the complaints 129.8 yuan, and pay It is 1,000 yuan, and the complainant is currently not returned to the spiral powder. At the same time, law enforcement personnel took the initiative to contact the complainant Yang, confirming that the above consultation first refund, the compensation situation was true, and it was said that the spiral powder of the foreign matter was discovered, the remaining spiral powder was sent back through SF Express in the afternoon of November 29 Complainant.

After investigation, investigated product manufacturers Liuzhou Daihua Food Co., Ltd. holds an effective business license, food production license, and is currently engaged in food production and operation activities. Law enforcement officers have fully covered their production places, and have not yet been found that they do not meet the production environmental conditions and production process requirements. At the same time, the related procedures for traceability system for traceability of the same batch, the supplier of raw materials provided by the manufacturer, the raw material storage and collecting record, product feeding record, production process key control point record, product factory inspection and test record And product sales records are complete, and manufacturers have led the batch of products in accordance with the prescribed procedures and requirements. Law enforcement officers carefully examined the sample sample, did not find abnormalities, and sample third-party inspection agencies in accordance with the law.

According to the report, it is investigated, and the spiral powder is involved in the Hals Food Store, from Liuzhou Liun District Hengwei Department Store, Hengwei Department Store, purchased from Liuzhou Yale Jia Mother and Child Products Co., Ltd., and I Jia Company is a special dealer for the Gaomi Food Co., Ltd., and the products are purchased directly from Delhi Food Co. Law enforcement officers conducted on-site inspections to the above three business units, and did not find violations of laws and regulations in food storage.

In addition, after inquiring, the current 12315 platform has not received other complaints of the same batch of spiral powder.

It is reported that on the afternoon of November 29, the Liuzhou Market Supervision Bureau has received the test results of the inspection of the test screw powder inspection project, all of which are qualified; the remaining inspection items (Salmonella, golden Staphylococcus aureus , Sub-preservative vest, molds, etc. are being inspected, and the test results will be announced to the public in a timely manner.

Previously, "Good Fai Ji Eggs" boarded the microblogging hot search, hot search content is a small red book, saying that "the eggs" are eaten in a good joy.

In the early morning of November 28, the good fun snails said that the dry material package, vegetable bag, etc., all passed through Papr sterilization, in line with food safety standards. A good joke also said that from the Xiaohong Book number to release notes on November 25, 2021, to each microblogging number forwarded to the microblogging hot search for only 2 days, the event is fermented and exceeded, good fun snail The event is checked, and if there is a push of the scene, it will be relied according to law. On the same day, the good servants have also said that the official links have been directly contacted with the complaints of customers. Next, they will cooperate with the regulatory authorities to investigate and evolve, and strive to comprehensively restore the objective real situation of this product. (China New Jingwei APP)