[Jingwu early morning shuttle] Yoshino family involved in the store to rectify; the road pointing up 650 points

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[Jingwu early morning shuttle] Yoshino family involved in the store to rectify; the road pointing up 650 points

2021-12-01 12:08:53 41 ℃

[China Finance News] Inner Mongolia Erlianhot suspended imported raw material production processing and transportation logistics

At zero, from December 1, the Endian Hohotic City jurisdiction was suspended with the production and processing of the imported mineral products, sheets, logs, pulp, fertilizers, food, fluff, wood chips, etc., and transport streams. Pause the above items in road transportation, short down loading and unloading and factory (hospital), bundled, sorted peeled, dodiplets, etc. Suspension of artificial, vehicles, machinery, equipment and other operation activities such as the above commodities (except for railway international intermodal container operation places).

5.8 earthquake occurred in Shuanghu County, Tibet

According to the official microblog of the national earthquake network, China's seismic network officially determined: 21:53 on November 30th, Shuanghu County (31.76 degrees north latitude, 87.94 degrees East), and 87.94 degrees East 2,000 Meter.

Zhangjiajie Housing Association Initiative: The price of commercial housing is not lower than 80% of the filing price

Advocate, strengthen distribution management, not false propaganda, eliminate the market kidnappings brought by high commission distribution, not malware. The sales price of commercial housing is not higher than the filing price, and must not be lower than 80% of the filing price.

Hong Kong University successfully separated and cultivated O'Kek's poisonous strains

The Ministry of Microbiology, Hong Kong University, announced on November 30th, has been successfully separated from the clinical specimen from the clinical specimen. This is the first research team in Asia to successfully separate and cultivate O'Kwell strains, and the isolated strains will be available to develop and produce inactivated full virus vaccines.

More than 70% of the product yield in the consumer theme fund is negative

According to WIND data statistics, only 1 yield in 210 consumption theme funds (including ETF and C) included on November 30, only 30%, 7 yields in 20% -30% In the room, the 17 yields between 10% and 20%, and 33 yields between 0% and 10%. It can be seen that in the above 210 consumption subject funds, the yield is a total of 58 fund products, accounting for 27.62%, and there is less than 30%, more than 70% product yields are negative.

The first batch of 6 peer deposits index funds on Friday

On November 30th, 6 of the countries, the South, Penghua, China Airlines, Huizheng, Huahe, etc. have released the fund contract, recruitment instructions, etc., 6 funds will be on December 3 ( This Friday) officially opened the issuance, and a new round of issuance of a war.

Official notification "good joins" incident

On November 30, Liuzhou Market Supervision Bureau issued a notification on the disposal of "good screw screw powder" consumption complaints in the official website. According to the report, after investigation, investigation, investigated product manufacturer Liuzhou Daihua Food Co., Ltd. holds an effective business license, food production license, and is currently engaged in food production and operation activities. Law enforcement officers check that the sample sample did not find abnormalities, and the third-party inspection agency was sampled on site.

Bank of China responds to Lanzhou branch to end business

According to the relevant person in charge of the Bank of China, the relevant person in charge of the Bank of China responded that there was a news that the "Gansu Supervision Bureau of the Silver Bank of China and the Bank of China, the Lanzhou Branch of the Bank of China", is received by the public and the media. The Lanzhou Branch is a branch of Gansu Province, and all services in the bank are in an orderly manner in the urban area, and the ending will not have any impact on customer services. Gansu Branch will continue to provide quality financial services for our customers.

Zhonggong Education received a warning letter from Anhui CSR

Zhonggong Education announced on November 30 that the company received a warning letter from Anhui Securities Regulatory Bureau due to the implementation of the board of directors, shareholders meeting approval procedures and information disclosure.

Yoshino's involved store suspension of business rectification

In response to the issue of "using expired ingredients, meat and soy sauce", Jiino Home (China) Investment Co., Ltd. issued an apology statement, said that the store has been suspended and has been suspended, and it has been accepted by the supervision department of the market supervision department.

[International Financial News] Federal Reserve Chair: Can consider an early completion of reduced debt programs

The Fed Chairman Powell said that it can be considered to end the reduction in decline in advance in advance will discuss the speed of accelerated reduction and decline in the future meeting.

India has increased by 8.45% in the second quarter of fiscal year.

The data released by the Indian government's local time on November 30 shows that India has grown 8.45% in the second quarter of the 2021-2022 fiscal year (July - September), and the economy continues to show signs of recovery. Among them, agriculture has increased by 4.5%, and the manufacturing industry has increased by 5.5%. The first quarter of the fiscal year (April-June) India's gross domestic product increased by 20.1%.

Eurozone November inflation rate created in 25 years old

The preliminary statistics released by the EU Statistics on the 30th show that the inflation rate of the euro zone continued to rise in November, and the annual rate was calculated by 4.9%, creating a new high in 25 years.

European CDC: O'K戎y infected people are asymptomatic or symptoms slightly

The Director of the European Disease Prevention and Control Center said on November 30th, as of now, 10 Member States have reported 42 cases of O'Kek's infection, and there were 6 cases of suspected cases. Most of these infected people have a history of African countries. So far, all infected people can only show mild symptoms or as as symptoms, no critical and death cases.

[Today's attention (Beijing time)] 15:00 National New Office held a launch conference in promoting high quality development in Beijing urban center

23:00 US November manufacturing PMI

23:30 United States EIA stock weekly

[Overnight data] US stock market

As of the closing, the road refers to the drop of 652.22 points, and the decline is 1.86.72 points; Nag is divided by 245.14 points, the decline is 1.55%, and the report is 15537.69 points; the S & P 500 index fell 88.27 points, the decrease of 1.90%, reported 4567.00. In November, the Dow fell 3.7%, and the Nag is 0.25%, and the S & P 500 index fell 0.8%.

European stock market

The Average Times of the London stock market "Financial Times" has been reported to 7059.45 points, down 50.50 more than the previous trading day, with a decline of 0.71%. The French Paris stock market CAC40 index is reported at 6721.16 points, down 55.09 points lower than the previous trading day, and the decline is 0.81%. The DAX index of the German Frankfurt stock market is reported to 15,100.13 points, down 180.73 points from the previous trading day, and the decline is 1.18%.

International oil price

The New York Commodity Exchange delivered in January, the price fell by $ 3.77, a decrease of 5.4%, a bucket of 66.18 dollars. Brent's crude oil futures fell 2.87 US dollars in January, fell 3.91%, and reported $ 70.57 per barrel.

International gold price

New York Mercantile Exchange Gold Futures Market Domestic 2022 February 2022 gold futures fell $ 8.7 more than the previous trading day, closed at $ 1776.5 per ounce, a decline of 0.49%.

Main currency

On the coast of the RMB against the US dollar (CNY) Beijing time, November 30, 23:30, closed at 6.3648 yuan, and closed 228 more than one night pan. As of New York City, the dollar expressed 0.33% to 96.0105 to the US dollar index of six major currencies.

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