Giants!Buy a fierce killing, take 6 million from the husband's legacy every year, ordered

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Giants!Buy a fierce killing, take 6 million from the husband's legacy every year, ordered

2021-12-01 12:08:38 20 ℃

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Some people say that after years, Lady Gaga has to impact Oscar, relying on the recently released new film "gucci".

Yes, this film is the case of the GUCCI family, Lady Gaga played Patrizia, from Xiaobai, successfully married into the giants, and sentiment to the anger after divorce, and took a 360 million dollars to buy fierce killing, after leaving prison, continue every year from her husband's legacy When the small collar is 900,000 US dollars, it is almost 6 million yuan living expenses. She still said that "this to buy a murderous money is too worth it, cost-effective ..."

Not just shameless, it is a snake.

After the case, the whole world is eating melon, Sara Futon specializes in the novel "The House of Gucci":

And this story, you have to start with the start of the company from Gucci.

In 1898, only 18-year-old Guccio Gucci and brother, left home, and turned to London in Savoy.

This is the first luxury hotel in London installed the electric light, the elevator, Monet has created more than 70 famous paintings here. George 6th will make this as a fixed-point restaurant, the guest's luxury suitcase and hat box are printed name abbreviation.

I am used to the name of the venue, Guccio Gucci realize that it is still earning money to make money. Later, he opened a leather shop in Florence, making noble leather goods, luggage, and equestrian supplies.

He remembered the name abbreviation on the luxury suitcase in the hotel.

The business is going well, in just a few years, the Gucci brand is popular in Western Europe, and the European trustee in Florence holiday is a large number of gucci, making money to hand.

So Guccio arranged his four children - boss, old two Vasco, old three rodolfo and daughter Grimalda, have entered GUCCI.

This old master is extremely strong, he deliberately pits the relationship between his son, so that they are embarrassed, hate, and even encourage them to report each other, then GucCIO will punish the child who makes mistakes.

This is not enough, when allocating the heritage, he is also heavy, the three sons are all divided, and the daughter is not worth a penny. The reason is "Women can't share the shares", "the company can only be charged by men."

This can be buried in the days. After many years, the boss's Aldo boasted that our family did hum with the royal family, and the daughter accepted the media interview. "I have to stand out to tell the truth, our gucci family, never The royal family has talked. "

Go directly.

GUCCI's second generation of three brothers were divided into shares, or they were unfair because they were completely different in the company.

The boss Aldo has played the most, and he has a mind to do business, let the old man go to the bank loan to add the lever, and open the Gucci's branch.

After World War II, because Gucci's military boots have excellent quality, the Italian army order, many European soldiers have purchased Gucci to take home as a souvenir, selling all Europe.

In 1938, Aldo came to Rome to open a branch, the Italian royal and the British Prime Minister Churchill became his mobile visit. Soon, the Gucci family opened a leather processing plant in Bologna, Italy, specializing in high-grade women's leather bags and accessories.

After World War II, because Gucci's military boots have excellent quality, the Italian army order, many European soldiers have purchased Gucci to take home as a souvenir, selling all Europe.

The old two Vasco is relatively lazy, and it will be addicted to hunting through the heritage.

The old three rodolfo, I wanted to be a movie star. At the age of 17, I served as a male protagonist in the Italian movie "Railroad Trail", but there was no longer transcending this height. When he was 40 years old, he exited the entertainment circle and entered the family business.

However, he asked his handsome and a small name, he went to the store, and the female customer came one after another.

More than growing handsome, the old three will come to things, deep women:

In 1966, the king of Morocco came to Gucci Milan Store. Rodolfo had a gift to the queen, and the queen was difficult but "then sent me a silk scarf. The kind of flower is good." At that time, there were not many scars in the store, and Rodolfo couldn't take appropriate, "We are designing a silk scarf, etc., you must be the first". " After the queen left, Rodolfo quickly made his friend in the picture teacher Vittorio Accornero designed a flower scarf to give her a gift.

After the oil in the European market, Gucci's products entered the United States, and became one of the Italian brands entering the United States, soon, in the Far East, Tokyo, Hong Kong opened a store, and became an international brand.

The better, the better, the third and the boss bought the second share of the second year, but the young man developed the traditional bucket family to develop the children and grandchildren, still there.

Boss's son PAOLO at a conference, with his father and uncle, PAOLO is still injured. Subsequently, he left the Gucci family in anger, and the standing portal created the Paolo Gucci brand. In fact, Gucci's classic dazzling pattern is PAOLO design:

So Paolo also wants to use this logo, the Gucci Group tells him the court and finally judge Paolo to lose.

Paolo after the loss, in order to retaliate his father, he staged a good drama of a righteousness, reporting him to tax a tax bill, make a false account, let the old father 81 years old, I jail.

The boss is cold, and the third is the only one son Maurizio has become the only heir of the GUCCI's third generation.

At the age of 22, Maurizio encountered Patrizia.

Cinderella is classic because this drama is staged. Patrizia leaves a big wave, low-breasted, trim, and GUCCI family constructs.

Maurizio's dad sent a background investigation, see this Patrizia is never kind: Her mother is a laundry female worker, after returning to an outbreak, from this step, so she knows, must marry it. There is a rich, very typical worship woman.

The classic sitting in BMW, crying, is her original, but the principal is Rolls Royce:

I'd Rather Cry in a rolls-royce tour. On a bicycle.

I would rather cry in Rolls Royce, nor laughing on the bike.

The old man is resolutely disagree with this marriage: "If you dare to marry this golden woman, then I want to get a penny from me here."

Maurizio is worthy of people of Gucci, don't want to be beautiful in Jiangshan, simply enter Patrizia's outbreak households. In October 1972, this is a 24-year-old young man, and a wedding of the scenery of the scene.

His old man can't stand, after two years, I recognized this daughter-in-law. After returning home, the little two spent big hands, the villa mansion, yacht, private aircraft, the world is even more inconsistent, Patrizia has become a veritable "gucci lady".

Later, the old man died, Maurizio took over Gucci, got more than 200 million US dollars, but also made Gucci on the city.

This, became the beginning of GUCCI decline.

One is a goddess of the hoper, one is a worship woman who just wants to marry the giants. It will not operate the company at all, the more it is getting worse.

Seeing that it is necessary to lose, Patrizia has also ran to be the general manager, and the result of God appeared. She invited a girlfriend to come out, and I asked her first.

The company is not good, the relationship between husband and wife is also more stiff, and the gods, girlfriends, they need two people to work together, and Patrizia decided to take a step and show her husband.

Christmas, Patrizia deliberately prepared a diamond and sapphire cuffs to your husband, while maurizio prepared a gift for his wife - a very old antique watch.

Patrizia is in the spot, you send me this garbage? She didn't know that the antique watch was actually the relic of maurizio mother.

Maurizio is finally unbearable, divorced.

divorce? Is it not to drink northwest wind?

Patrizia is reluctant to drag until 1991, and finally the court did a divorce judgment: Maurizio gave her $ 900,000 a year of living, and paid two daughters support.

What makes her angry is that she found that Maurizio quickly sailed a taste, colorful new love:

Then it is a fire in an angry.

At this time, GUCCI is even more miserable, and sales have fallen all the way, inside and outside: there is no liquidity, no designers, no new goods, even the crocodile skin for the package is no money to buy, major banks are in charge, company The real estate and Maurizio's mansion are all frozen.

In September 1993, Maurizio, who walked without road, sold the remaining shares and got $ 120 million in cash and exited the company. Since then, the actual operation of the entire family and Gucci brand is no longer associated.

Originally, I could have peace of mind. For two years, Maurizio took the private office as usual, and the door guarded "Good Morning".

Suddenly, a "passerby" shot him and opened 3 guns. Maurizio head and backs of blood in the scene, died on the spot.

Killing people said that they have taken money, do not know who is paid.

After a year, the police surveyed clearly to buy a murder is Patrizia. She spent the money to let her spirit media girlfriend.

(The funeral is not sad, the black widow and two daughters)

In the end, the murder of the doctor was established, and Patrizia was sentenced to 29 years.

Ironically, Patrizia, who is imprisoned, is still gucci, with beautiful jewelry.

After two daughters, after this, I also chose to study legal professions.

In 2011, Patrizia got the hobs, but the court asked her to complete the community service. She said: "Thank you very much. In my life, I have never worked, even for a long time. I would rather stay in the prison, look at the pet, nourish the flower."

In 2014, because of the performance, Patrizia was released, she turned out: I dream back Gucci, I still love Gucci.

More arrogant is that in 2017, the court ruling that Patrizia can obtain approximately £ 900,000 alignments from the contract before divorce.

The judge said, although Patrizia bought a murderous husband, but the contract before divorced and murder did not conflict, and Patrizia still had the right to obtain divorce compensation.

When I was interviewed last year, Patrizia revealed that the mercy of employed killers was approximately $ 360,000.

Also said, "This money is too cost-effective."

She is really dare to say, because Italy is a magical country.

Patrizia bought a murder, but it became a traffic password. It was often interviewed by various newspapers. The old jewelry company Bozart specially invited her to design a consultant.

"She is like Michael Schumacher, this fashion pioneer gives us more creative." Bozart's boss mana said.

In September 2014, Bozart launched the rainbow jewelry series of Patrizia designed and the evening bag for the inspiration of their parrots, and the conference was held in Milan, with the GUCCI's release meeting on the same day.

Isn't this fighting in the face?

Patrizia's old-age life is very cool, wearing gold, wearing silver, babysitting, because she has a lot of heritage left in addition to the living expenses in the divorce agreement. After all, marry the rich people, it was originally learned from the mother, and the old lady was also a good hand.

Not long, a gucci handcuffs appeared on the men's fashion website, priced at $ 65,000, specializing ironically, PATRIZIA bought murder.

A typical bad man actually, the better, it is a magical world.

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