US stocks three major indexs have fallen down to 650 points

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US stocks three major indexs have fallen down to 650 points

2021-12-01 12:08:55 56 ℃

China New Jingwei December 1st Electric Tuesday Tuesday, US stock three index fell. The Tao, the S & P 500 index has fallen over 2% in the end of the tail; Nag is also over 1.5%.

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Specifically, as of the closing, the road refers to the drop of 652.22 points, the decline is 1.86%, and the points are 344,83.72 points; the decline is 245.14 points, the decline is 1.55%, the report is 155,7.69 points; the S & P 500 index fell 88.27 points, the decrease of 1.90%, reported 4567.00. In November, the Dow fell 3.7%, and the Nag is 0.25%, and the S & P 500 index fell 0.8%.

Most of the large-scale technology stocks fell, Apple rose 3.16%, Amazon fell 1.53%, but fell 3.31%, Google fell 2.5%, and his face fell 4.01%, Microsoft fell 1.79%.

The anti-vlotenis concept is different, and Moderna fell 4.36%. Geely scientifically fell 2.43%, Novivax's medicine rose 7.56%, Biontech fell 2.97%, and Pfizer rose 2.54%.

The bank share is full of low, Morgan Datong fell 1.5%, and the Gao Sheng fell by 1.36%, Citi fell 2.04%, Morgan Stanley fell 2.47%, and US bank fell 2.81%.

Energy stocks are low, Exxon Mobil fell 2.89%, and Chevron fell 1.65%, and the Pefei oil fell 2.8%, Schlumber fell 2.9%, and Western oil fell 1.6%.

Most of the popular stocks fell, the fog core fell 19.03%, and the lychee fell 15.4%, Dada Group fell by 15.4%, and the Hai Liang education fell by 12.44%, and the Thunder decreased 9.11%, and the treasure fell 9.11%, and it fell 7.59%. Jingdong fell 4.32%, Alibaba fell 3.15%. In terms of rising, the tiger's teeth broadcast up 9.41%, Xiaopeng Motors rose 7.01%, and the combustion medicine rose 6.62%, Green Hotel rose 5.17%, and no worries from 4.91%.

On the news, the Fed Chairman Powell said that it may complete the decline in debt in advance, and now I will give up inflation "temporary" this statement. He believes that high inflation risks have risks to recovery.

In the European stock market, the 100-Financial Times "stock average price index reported 7059.45 points, fell 50.50 points from the previous trading day, 0.71%. The French Paris stock market CAC40 index is reported at 6721.16 points, down 55.09 points lower than the previous trading day, and the decline is 0.81%. The DAX index of the German Frankfurt stock market is reported to 15,100.13 points, down 180.73 points from the previous trading day, and the decline is 1.18%.

In terms of international oil prices, the New York Commodity Exchange delivered in January, the price of Si Decs, who fell 3.77 US dollars, fell 5.4% to $ 66.18 per barrel.

In terms of international gold prices, the New York Mercantile Exchange Gold Futures Market Turban Division 2022 fell $ 8.7 more than the previous trading day, closed at $ 1776.5 per ounce, 0.49% decreased.

In terms of the US dollar index, as of the New York City Tail, Measurement of Dollars fell 0.33% to 96.0105 to the US dollar index of six major currencies. (China New Jingwei APP)