The Norolian Tianjin world-class organic oxide base is put into operation to meet the growing demand for Asia

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The Norolian Tianjin world-class organic oxide base is put into operation to meet the growing demand for Asia

2021-12-01 18:06:21 47 ℃

On December 1st, the special chemical giant Nuolone world-class organic peroxide production base was fully put into production in Tianjin. The base has the largest peroxide factory in the world, which will meet the growing demand for organic peroxides in Asia's packaging, paints and coatings and customers in the construction industry.

"Asia is the important growth market of Novolon, and Novolon is committed to China's long-term development. The new organic peroxide base in Tianjin is a major milestone of the company's development." Chairman Charles, Charles Shaver, Chairman, CEO We have been developing in Asia for a long time, and this strategic investment shows our commitment to continuous growth, focusing on partners on the regional value chain to create sustainable innovation solutions to meet the current and future social needs.

Nolie is the leader of global special chemicals, with more than 400 years of history, business covers more than 80 countries around the world, and entered China 's production investment in the early 1990s. At present, Novolon has 7 production bases in China, including a total investment of more than 5 billion yuan built Ningbo production base. Norolon supplies DISSOLVINE, BUTANOX, MORWET, MCA and other brand products for the Chinese market, and product products involves personal care products, cleaning supplies, coatings, building materials, agricultural products, food and medicines.

Organic peroxide (including polyvinyl chloride and thermosetting resin) is an essential raw material that produces various polymers, wherein the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and the composite industry uses the polymer to the window frame, artificial marble, coated resin And medical packaging materials and other products. The Novolon product brand produced by Tianjin Base includes Trigonox® and Perkadox® organic peroxide and Butanox® glycetone.

The base is equipped with advanced wastewater and other environmental processing systems, with world-leading security processes, reduces waste, exhaust emissions, and reduced water and energy consumption.

Johan Landfors, president of Executive Vice President and Technology Solutions: "I am very pleased that our modern organic oxide production base settled in Tianjin, and we introduced the world's leading innovation technology. This investment highlights us. The leading position in the product and manufacturing process, the determination to develop together with the region of the region and the promise of Asian customers long-term support. Novolon is committed to further improving environmental footprints, improving safety performance, in line with the strict security of local governments and Environmental standards. "

In Asia, Nolid produces organic peroxides in Ningbo and Tianjin, Japan, and India in China. Recently, Novolon also announced the production of new production facilities in Ningbo to produce two key intermediates for polymers and composites.