Liu Qiangdong Zhang Ze Tian established a new private placement, is the private equity fund?

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Liu Qiangdong Zhang Ze Tian established a new private placement, is the private equity fund?

2021-12-01 18:05:36 38 ℃

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Liu Qiangdong couple established a private equity company named Hainan Sanya Tianbo Yibao Private Equation Fund Management Co., Ltd., showing the company's registered capital of 10 million yuan, Zhang Zide's shareholders who share 49%.

On the afternoon of November 30, "Liu Qiangdong Zhang Ze Tian Established Private Fellowship Company" entry rushed to the hot search list.

Liu Qiangdong couple's new private placement

The sky-eye show, November 29th, Hainan Sanya Tianbo Autonomic Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd. was officially registered, and the registered address is located in the central business district of Sanya City, Hainan Province. From the perspective of business, the company will force private equity investment fund management, entrepreneurial investment fund management services.

Zhang Zide Tian, ​​Liu Qiangdong, Li Ruiyu respects 49%, 30%, and 21% respectively, and constitutes the company shareholder. "Boss" Zhang Zide is the actual controller of the company. Li Ruiyu is Liu Qiangdong's old employee in Jingdong. At present, it is still in the "Jingdong" Suqian Jingdong Golden Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. and other investment and enterprise management companies as executives.

This new company's business scope includes private equity investment fund management, entrepreneurial investment fund management services, and future business activities can be performed in the future.

According to the "interface", this is not the first time in Jingdong in the private placement field. On November 22nd a week, Jingdong Donghui Xu Xu Consulting Co., Ltd. wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Jin Shidong Investment Management Co., Ltd. participated in the layout of three new private equity companies, all in Qingdao, named Shunhua, Shun Dong, Shun Donghui and Shun Donghui.

Look forward, Jinghe (Dongguan) Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd., established in March 2018, established in February 2019, has also been privately owned by Jingdong.

Industry insiders said that celebrities brought their own resources to shareholding stocks, technologies, or using other resource stocks, etc., are very common. Not only Liu Qiangdong's Jingdong system, but many institutions that have their own brand names have been in the field of layout equity investment, which will bring vitality to the market.

Why is it in Hainan?

More than Liu Qiangdong Zhang Ze Tian's new private placement site Hainan, since the release of the "Hainan Free Trade Port, the overall plan", Hainan ushered in the outbreak period of the fund industry, and the extent of the fire in nearly two months and exceeded Beijing. . China Private Equity Fund Observation Report shows that 32 newly registered private equity managers have settled in Hainan in September and October, more than 24 and 19 in Beijing, and became a new private spot for new China.

Why is the charm of Hainan in private equity? China's brokerage China has given an answer.

First, Hainan Self Trading Port launched the "two 15%" tax preferential policies, and launch tax exemption policy for the income tax and high-level talents of specific enterprises.

Second, the economic contribution reward system, the various types of investment funds in the Asia-Pacific Financial Fund Town in Sanya City can support the development of Sanya entities, and there are also one-time project support and reward system with a maximum of 6 million yuan. .

Third, the subsidy policy is also quite "attractive", the fund small town enterprise office rent, the first five years, the free rent system, only pay the property management fee.

Such a three-sided trade-wide policy welfare, natural attracting new fund companies to gather in Hainan.

At the end of October, Himalayan's main members also set up private equity in Hainan and completed the filing, and triggered market attention. At that time, "Daily Economic News" reported that the agency named Hainan Xixin Private Equation Fund Management Co., Ltd. on October 29, the company's main personnel from the legal representative of Himalaya, Xixin, with a total shareholding account for 30% Shareholders Tang Dada once served as the Assistant, investment director, the founder of Himalayan, and the Chief Executive Official Yu Junjun at the private policy stock.

Entrepreneur big gathered

After the Nongfu Shuquan, the Wahaha Zongqing, the Xiaomore Army, and 2021, the entrepreneurous entrepreneur, a little "touched".

Previously, Zongqing 76-year-old Age Take the fund private equity qualification certificate triggered the market concern, and he personally served as a legal representative of Zhejiang Wahaha Entrepreneurship Investment Co., Ltd. has also officially completed the fund manager in the fund manager on July 9. China's first rich farmer Spring Spring is also established in September, Guanzi Private Equity Fund Management (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., "China Securities News" wrote "two big water kings gathered in private equity". "

The gambling king He Hongqi's son He Wei Long also established the Peach Private Equity Fund Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., registered capital of 2 million US dollars, business types were qualified in the qualified partner (QDLP), and the current asset management scale is not more than 5 100 million yuan.

Lei Jun also established Xiaomi Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd. in May, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, and Holdings from Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd.

However, BT financial discovery, after the piles, these Starlight private equity specific performance, the market is still unknown. For example, this time, Liu Qiangdong Zhang Zide's new private placement, because there is no registration in the Association, so there is no more information for eating melon people. In the future, these star private placers can win in the investment long run, and it takes more time to verify.

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