Hong Kong stocks open (12.2) ︱ ︱ 指 指 0.57% Alibaba-SW (09988) low open 4.3% Leading blue chip

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Hong Kong stocks open (12.2) ︱ ︱ 指 指 0.57% Alibaba-SW (09988) low open 4.3% Leading blue chip

2021-12-02 12:11:54 62 ℃

I learned that the Hang Seng Index opened 134.87 points or 0.57%, and reported 23524.05. The state-owned enterprise index fell 0.75% and reported 8362.85 points. The red-chip index fell 0.26% and reported 3744.72 points. The market was 10.895 billion Hong Kong dollars before the market.

Overhead US stocks highly opened, the road refers to 1.34% reported 34022.04 points, the S & P 500 index fell 1.8% to 4513.04 points, and the nodes were 1.83% reported 15254.05 points.

Aspect, Alibaba-Sw (09988) is low-opening 4.3%, reported to HK $ 120.3, led the blue chip. Other blue chippers, Tencent Holdings (00700) fell 0.38%, Li Ning (02331) fell 0.06%, Jinsha China Co., Ltd. (01928) fell 1.75%.

Top shares, December 1st, Cool Group (02369) held the COOL 20 PRO new machine conference, Qin Tao, senior vice president of Cool Group, said in an interview with media, Cool sent to release the first 5G killer application next year, Based on the next generation of documents in the cloud and the system. The stock was 5.13% in the morning board and reported to HK $ 0.41.

The New Higa Education Group (02001) announced the annual performance of the year ended 31, 2021, with an income of approximately RMB 1497 million (the same below), increasing 15.9% over the preparation period. The net profit of returning is about 568 million yuan, and it has increased by 31.2% more than the preparation period. The final dividend is 0.083 yuan per share. The stock was 2.67% in the morning, and reported HK $ 3.85.

China Electric Power (02380) announced that on December 2, 2021, the company, the seller (China Electric Power International Co., Ltd., the company's holding shareholder and the national electric investment of wholly-owned subsidiaries) and the Ruiyin entered into the Placing Agreement, according to this The Placing Agent agrees to promote the distribution agent to purchase a Placing Shares in the Placing Price. It is reported that the Placing price is HK $ 3.8 HK $ 3.8 per share, and the share of the market price is approximately 12.34 Hong Kong dollar per share in the final trading day; the Placing Shares (ie the beneficial ownership of the seller will be based on the Placing Agreement The total number of $ 1026.5 million shares a total of 10265 million shares is equivalent to the issued share capital of the issued share capital after the completion of the subscription and issuance of subscription shares. The stock is 12.44% in the morning, and reported HK $ 3.8.