108 femur financing balance increased by 5%

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108 femur financing balance increased by 5%

2021-12-03 12:58:55 44 ℃

On December 2, the Shanghai Index fell 0.09%, and the balance of the two cities was 1845.77 billion yuan, a decrease of 7.244 billion yuan from the previous trading day.

Securities Times • Data Bao statistics show that as of December 2nd, the balance of Shanghai, Shanghai, a decrease of 4.774 billion yuan from the previous trading day; the deposit balance of Shenzhen is 859.36 billion yuan, the previous trading day is reduced by 2.47 billion Yuan; the balance of two cities totaled 184597 billion yuan, a decrease of 7.244 billion yuan from the previous trading day.

In the branch, there are 11 industries in the 28-level industries in Shenwan. There are 11 industries that have increased the maximum amount of industries, and the balance of financing is increased by 536 million yuan; followed by mechanical equipment, food and beverage industry, financing balance An increase of 404 billion yuan, 397 million yuan, respectively.

In terms of instant stock, there are 1094 stocks with increased financing balance, accounting for 49.68%, of which 108 financing balances have increased by more than 5%. The largest financing balance is Dingyang Technology. The latest financing balance is 17.6 billion yuan, which has increased by 70.76% from the previous trading day; the stock price fell by 0.33%, which is weaker than the Shanghai index; There is also a crown ecology, Yue Kang Pharmaceutical, and the increase in financing balance is 57.61%, 38.88%, respectively.

In the top 20 stocks in the balance of financing, the market performance, the average increase of 1.81%, and the Yuekang Pharmaceutical, Golden Eagle, pilot, gains from 15.35%, 12.88%, 10.05%, respectively. The fell is a Panstean, the Hailian Jinhui, Tao Group, and the decline is 7.88%, 5.66%, 5.27%.

More than 20 stocks in the balance of financing

Code Abbreviation Latest financing

Balance (100 million yuan)

Trading day

Adjust or decrease (%) on the same day

Quote change

(%) 688112 Dingyang Technology 1.7670.76-0.33 Machinery Equipment 300948 Crown Ecology 0.5957.610.91 Architectural Decoration 688658 Yue Kang Pharmaceutical 1.2438.8815.35 Medicine Biote 002565 Shun Yugi Shares 3.1036.176.79 Light Industry 300985 Zhiyuan New Energy 1.2034.193.04 Machinery 300978 East Arrow Technology 0.9433.773.11 Automobile 688529 森 Shares 0.6930.79-0.46 Machinery Equipment 601689 Top Group 5.0630.49-5.27 Automobile 300902 Guida 0.7225.55 -2.12 Machinery 0.7324.201.72 Medical Biology 301056 Senhe Shares 0.2223.330.33 Machinery 600335 National Machine Vehicle 4.6622.994.62 Auto 002600 Phenoto Zhizhi 13.1719.8810.05 Electronic 301032 Xinchai Shares 0.4819.752.70 Machinery Equipment 002537 Sea Lian Jinhui 5.1518.74-5.66 Computer 300920 Runyang Technology 0.6317.09-3.30 Chemical 301048 Golden Eagle Heavy Industry 0.8516.8712.88 Mechanical Equipment 301075 Dui Pharmaceutical 0.3115.54-5.17 Medicine Biology 688080 映 翰 0 0.8515.47-7.88 Communication 300998 Ningbo Founded 0.6615.334.93

Compared with the leverage funds, there is a decline in the balance of 1108 financing balances, including 112 in terms of financing balances over 5%. With the largest financing balance of the femur, the latest financing balance is 0.79 billion yuan. Compared with the previous trading day, the balance of financing has dropped by 27.88%; the stocks of financing balances have a large decline in Fubao, China Stroke, etc., finance balance Decreased by 22.39%, 21.33%, respectively.

The balance of financing has dropped the top 20 stocks

300990 Tongfei 0.79-27.88-7.33 Machinery Equipment 000030 Fuyao shares 1.52-22.391.18 Auto 601965 China Steam Research 1.39-21.330.20 Automobile 301169.43-6.64 Leisure Services 301007 Demai 0.56-17.74-7.29 Automotive 688059 Hualui Precision 0.28-17.44-5.27 Machinery 300893 Songyuan Shares 0.47-16.9810.09000000.001-0.04-0.45 Chemical 688622 信 器 0.27-15.81-5.31 Mechanical Equipment 601231 Huanxu Electronics 4.67-15.760. 30 electronic 688257 new shares 0.34-15.31-5.11 Machinery equipment 301133 Jinzhong shares 0.26-14.26-0.84 Automobile 301012 Yang electric technology 1.26-14.251.59 Electrical equipment 300891 Huiyun Titanium Industry 1.73-13.02-5.05 Chemical 000681 Visual China 3.30-12.85 -9.96 Media 002920 Desai Westway 2.05-12.527.32 Computer 301079 Shaoyang Hydraulic 0.36-12.29-4.55 Machinery Equipment 301022 Haitai 0.57-11.931.05 Automobile 301149 Longhua New Material 0.52-11.84-5.18 Chemical 688232 New Point Software 1.26- 11.22-4.35 Computer Note: This article is reported, does not constitute an investment recommendation, the stock market is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.

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