Lin's wooden industry sprint A shares, build young people solve the grocery store, the list of sales is not affected

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Lin's wooden industry sprint A shares, build young people solve the grocery store, the list of sales is not affected

2021-12-03 12:57:58 40 ℃

Wen | Zheng Yin

The Z generation, represented by young people in today's society is becoming a "consumer play."

Internet indigenous people who have the ability to accept vast amounts of information quickly, which also contributed to the gradual formation of a personalization of consumption, diversification needs. The high color value, new ideas, black science and technology, it is the brand into an important constituent elements Z generations circle.

Now, with the Z generations gradually married and has penetrated into the individual needs of home field.

As "the first batch of home Internet brand," Lin Wood is desperate to meet the needs of this series Z generations. This sprint A shares of fast fashion tide brand furniture, trying to meet the 260 million young Chinese new consumer preferences, through cost-effective and high-value color category, to build young people's "worries grocery store."

It is reported that Lin Wood this is to build a team of young team, the average age of employees is 26 years old. Some media had introduced, said Lin Wood headquarters placed huge plush dolls, fine table set of green plants ...... "various elements make visitors feel that they came to be one full of youthful Internet companies, and not the furniture industry. "

The total turnover ranking the top residential furniture

Recently, Guangdong Lin Home Corporation (referred to as "Lin Wood") signed a listing agreement counseling and GF Securities, the proposed A-share listing.

Reports indicate: October 29 this year, Lin Wood completed the shareholding reform, the "Foshan City, Cheng Lin Furniture Co., Ltd." changed to "Guangdong Lin Home Co., Ltd.", registered capital increased to 100 million yuan. According to look up prices show: Guangdong Lin Home Ltd. was established in December 29, 2014, Lin Zuo Yi as the legal representative of the largest shareholder, holding 33.7%.

As a company started with Internet genes from Taobao, which also became the first electricity supplier bonus tasted furniture brands.

On the one hand, with the outlet after the real estate development, became just need repairing furniture. A data from the China Furniture Association show that: in 2020 China Furniture output of up to 912 million. Career Outlook Industrial Research Institute is expected to: By the end of 2021, the Internet home improvement overall size of the over 400 billion.

On the other hand, the electricity supplier platform iteration. Especially multiple positive factors of mobile Internet, the construction of logistics, warehousing and distribution, operations and other digital overlay, "information gap" is disappearing between businesses and users, to more closely match supply and demand docking.

Based on this, Lin Wood furniture made at the product end of the "fast fashion." This year Lynx double 11 447 new product, the data show very rosy. According to Lin Wood, official data showed: 47 minutes and 31 seconds turnover topped 515 million, over last year throughout the day; the final harvest in a single day record-breaking 750 million. In the two-day cat 11 brands list recently published, Lin Wood total turnover exceeded 1.546 billion, ranking the top residential furniture.

In addition to the domestic market to maintain "Big Brother" of dominant position, but Lin Wood attaches great importance to cultivate overseas markets this year. Peng Tao, vice president Lin Wood has revealed that, in 2021 Lin Wood overseas business segment's sales goal is to achieve double the year, especially in the Amazon will force electricity supplier platform.

Let the "fine set of young" live interest

Time Rewind to 2007. Lin Wood, founder Lin Zuo Yi just graduated from university, holding the parents of more than 10,000 yuan tuition, he came to Shunde Lecong opened a small construction site studio, hoping to help some of the furniture factory in Shunde set up a business website.

Internet has the underlying logic of Lin Zuo Yi, and then I found Taobao business opportunities. Furniture Factory Lecong everywhere, has a low cost and convenient channels of purchase, so he conceived with the surrounding furniture products to individual polymerization Taobao store sales.

Early on, Lin Wood's business model is pure sellers - find nearby manufacturers, provided by the manufacturers publicity pictures. Once business Taobao transaction, the company receivables to put money into the factory, and finally shipped by the manufacturer.

"Product 100, 105 will be sold." Although this model does not require much cost, but thin profit. Lin Zuo Yi realized that this is the work of furniture manufacturers, decided to go it alone. It is this year, Lin Wood brand was established as China's first Internet brand furniture industry.

In 2008, Lin Wood furniture industry has become the first company Taobao shop to get the crown. As users increase, the company started thinking about how to get through the intermediate links, both to get more high profits, but also to give a lower price.

So, Lin Wood independent research and development of competitive products, the introduction of features pastoral series. In the same year, the brand entered the Lynx; 2009 self shoot professional home base, which aims at modernizing household products visual system; 2010 launch multi-brand strategy hatch, began to focus on youth, integration of industry ecological chain to give young people more choice; 2011 on-line home improvement service to address the "last kilometer" user pain points, launched the "five packets strategy"; in 2012 the initial formation of home industry cluster model, the same year, double 11 off the residential furniture industry sales champion after re not sidelined; 2013 began operating the digital storage center; 2014 will reach extends to store the line, opened at the first store O2O line museum experience; in 2016, invited Li Yi Feng served as the first brand ambassador, in order to keep the brand youthful vigor; 2017, join Lynx reach one hundred one hundred million cooperation strategy; since 2018 began to layout the overseas market.

2019, Lin Wood user portrait by analyzing large data consumer, and name it "fine set of youth", further defined the "Young people buy furniture first preferred brand" positioning, that "with a fine home live out interest "brand slogan. "Fine young set" refers to the pursuit of a more refined way of life and living space carefully, carefully arranged young people, between the ages of 25-35 years old, living in one to five cities. They not only concerned about the cost of furniture products, furniture products also face value has diversified and personalized needs.

According to Tencent home "issued in 2019 affecting home life trends report" shows: cost-effective home almost every young person's standard. They witnessed the process of China's rapid rise, accompanied enhance national strength, China has become a symbol of the brand is a comfortable, more and more young consumers prefer to choose domestic products.

But the young consumer groups is not good to wait. They are price-sensitive, not low for aesthetic and quality requirements. Lin Wood also struck the first blow to this end, doing all it can to please the "fine set of youth."

Statistics show that in the year Lin Wood products sold over 13,000 SKU, the average monthly new 1000 + SKU, from the access to the market demand for the product line to be sold fastest in just 30 days. In addition, the company also accelerate the design and development speed, to control shelves cycle. In addition to conventional furniture, the company has developed a creative Mahjong sofas, beds and other creative sky single product.

Login has 15.23 million fans Lynx Lin Wood furniture flagship store, is a best-selling monthly sales 20,000 + simple wooden coat rack, priced at 139 yuan, the introduction calls this "network of Red Nordic minimalist bedroom household hanging clothes rack "; runner-up is a product sales price of 1195 yuan Scandinavian minimalist modern technology fabric sofa bed, suitable for small apartment living room trio of dual-use furniture.

Lin Wood brand director Li Chengze said earlier, Lin Wood pursuit of the ultimate cost-effective products, while building covering a variety of styles of products system to meet the diverse lifestyles of young people and aesthetic orientation.

In the marketing side, Lin Wood also tried to cater to young trendy play. This year, the Super Lynx brand to date, "the United States through the life of the" new release to break the conventional way, with new furniture, across 4000 km northwest parade, Kumtag punch, the Flaming Mountain, Barkol, East Tianshan Mountains and other scenic spots.

In April this year, Lin Wood United Lynx starting to build a super brand Day 2021 ET extravagant light show, representatives of youth groups spicy Yoko in his capacity as head ET New officer appeared. Some media commented, "we have a tacit understanding between them, and the same attitude to life: fashion personality, with high-quality young life."

In addition to online please the young consumer groups, the next Lin Wood the trend line also launched a series of marketing. Held as "shark-made beach music festival" in Dameisha Beach, household products and the integration festival. 11 double last year, Lin Wood around the "winner in life" theme, launched the "home" and "car" cross-border linkage.

Home, music, cars, which are attached to the "rigid point of interest," the young body.

Online fast, Lin Wood also not forget the regression line at the store. According to statistics digit observation, Lin Wood furniture O2O museum stores covering a total of 31 provinces 229 stores in 614 cities. Among them, the headquarters of Guangdong Province ranked first with 70 stores, 66 in Jiangsu Province to second place. Statistics show that: At present, Lin Wood has 180 suppliers, 39 production bases, shop 661 296 cities in the world.

Lin Wood store under a new line of retail, furniture sales to solve the pain points of the "large" category.

In the past, when some consumers to buy furniture, both want to enjoy online deals, but also on the quality of furniture online shopping is not assured, always wanted to take a look at the line at physical stores. And Lin Wood diversion channels through online and offline stores, foster consumer awareness of payment online users buy online.

In addition, in order to ensure that young consumers online shopping worry and effort, retained high customer price consumption, Lin Wood in 2011 first put forward the "five packets home" policy to build trust, which provides free shipping logistics, home delivery, moving goods upstairs, professional installation and after-sales service - these initiatives later became a trademark with electric furniture.

Sales no matter how high they have to pay attention to reputation

However, Lin Wood, while young people's grief, itself also has a "negative" of sorrow.

Last August 28, the Fourth General Assembly in Suzhou, China domestic brands released "2019-2020 China's top ten home Heibang quality," Lin Wood among them, list the reasons for the "repeated Abstract net sales champion and repeated exposure Quality issues".

"Beijing Daily" said that the day of the report: November 6, 2019, Heilongjiang Province Consumer Association released 24 models of child beds comparative test results show that the nominal brands as "Lin Wood" kind of place to buy "Taobao", priced at "2618 yuan" of a wood composite children's bed detected "contain sharp points" and "lack of warning signs," the two failed. In May 26 of this six months, the results of comparative tests of goods Beijing Consumers Association released data show that from Suning Tesco to buy a Lin Wood 1.2 m L-type hand study tables to be detected "Structural Safety ( holes and gaps) "unqualified. In the six months from December 2017 to June 2018, the Lin Wood also twice been exposed due to product failure. This Congress also added a "Comments and asked" link. In the review, the Conference wrote: Lynx consecutive years won the "double 11" class furniture net sales champion Lin Wood, is a model of the new retail home industry. In less than three years, four times due to product failure and quality inspection departments to be exposed to the public, is tantamount to his glorious image of her face. Side repeatedly exposed quality issues, continued selling the product side, Lin Wood courage and popularity is so unique, people probably can not learn.

The review also reflects the situation Lin Wood: on one hand, the product of the market; on the other hand, the quality of products subject to public criticism.

This is not "Beijing Daily" reported for the first time Lin Wood of quality problems. June 6, 2019, the newspaper has also reported other problems with the quality of Lin Wood. Report says: 2019 Comparative test results "June" on the eve of the Beijing Consumers Association released show that net sales for children to learn tables and chairs over half the failure rate, the fifth consecutive year Lynx "Double 11" net sales champion the Lin Wood among them, raises concerns about the quality of the furniture net sales of children.

This report also said: Beijing Daily reporter survey found that 2017-- 2018, Lin Wood boarded there twice because of substandard quality product Heibang.

December 5, 2017, the former State Administration of Quality Supervision issued in 2017 third batch of children's furniture product quality supervision and inspection results, which nominally brand as "Lin Wood" nominal production enterprises, "Lin Shun Foshan Ali furniture Co., Ltd. ", specifications for the" CQ1X ", production date / batch number" 2017-03-24 / SHSH20160228 "by the presence of a bookcase edge and cutting-edge security issues detected; May 31, 2018, the Beijing consumer Association released a bunk bed product comparison test results, which nominally brand as "Lin Wood" standard model "1200mm × 1900mm" of a "multi-functional combination of boy children bed bunk bed mother and child bed bed bunk beds furniture A-02 "is determined as the upper bed safety fence failed.

"Beijing Daily" thus exclaimed: Gordon 3 years Heibang quality, or in this critical juncture, "6.18" large-scale promotional activities, presumably Lin Wood unexpected.

Of course, Lin Wood continued to experience favorable in terms of sales, "Beijing Daily", also was surprised. Paper wrote: Surprisingly, the complainant and consumer product issues arise many times did not affect sales Lin Wood. "160 million yuan, 330 million yuan, 510 million yuan, 610 million yuan ......" in 2013--2017 days a year cat "double 11" activities, net sales performance Lin Wood of hand, year after year, and for five consecutive years "furniture" category sales champion. September 2017, Lin Wood and Lynx signed a strategic agreement announced ambitious "2020 target sales of 10 billion yuan."

Quite interesting is that during the 2020 pairs 11, Lin Wood sales have not been affected, it reached 12.12 billion yuan, up 23.67 percent year upgrade.

Of course, as the trade, the net sales of children's furniture quality problems, if not handled properly after-sales business, even if sales even higher, word of mouth will eventually fall.

Lin Wood wood coat rack simple evaluation of the Lynx Lin Wood furniture flagship store, priced at 119 yuan a strong sales start, there are users drying out the video review: "The logistics is too slow, a little shake, in balcony to dry taste a few days over and over again. "

Lin Wood at the official website, there is an article entitled "fast fashion Tide brand Lin Wood furniture, how to become young 'bereavement grocery store"? "Article. The end of the paper wrote: to demonstrate the value of young, constantly drawing fresh vigor to keep growing the brand, perhaps this is an important reason for young Lin Wood heart home "grief grocery store" is.

But in fact, at the same time relieve troubled youth home, the worries of young people also need to lift their furniture quality.

As Keigo Higashino novel "grief grocery store," he said: "The voice of people is absolutely not ignore."