Shandong: 157 Ru Enteri is awarded the national key "small giant" enterprise

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Shandong: 157 Ru Enteri is awarded the national key "small giant" enterprise

2021-12-03 12:58:51 41 ℃

Zhonghong Net Shandong, December 3, I learned from the Shandong Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In recent years, Shandong Province has continuously aggregated factor resources, optimizes service guarantee, "special refinement" development is good: two batches have been released this year this year Support the list of "small giants" enterprises, the province's 157 companies will be selected, and the central government award funds are 317 million yuan, the number of enterprises and the amount of the award are ranked first in the country.

Grasping the "Special New" and cultivation law, Shandong establishes innovative start-up enterprises - "Special Jingte New" SME - Special Jingte New "Little Giant" Gradient Culture System, Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai and other 9 Establish special fiscal reward funds, support SMEs to go to the road of "specializing in the new" development. The province has cultivated 5,566 "specializing in the new" SMEs in the province; 362 new "small giants" enterprises in the country are cultivated, and the number is ranked third in the country, accounting for 7.6% of the total. The 3424 provincial "special combat new" SMEs in the validity period account for 80%, 100% of the modern enterprise management quality system certification, with more than 1,500 key core technologies and products.

Highlight "four new" development direction and innovation ability, Shandong's growth index, scientific research patent indicators, transformation and upgrading indicators, etc. Statistics show that more than 141 national-level specialty new "small giants" enterprises in the province belong to the "Industrial" four-base "Development Catalog", the key areas, the top ten key industries, technology and products It belongs to the key area to repair the short board or fill the domestic international gap. There are more than 10 effective inventive patents. In the past 2 years, the proportion of R & D funds accounting for more than 6%, the results conversion and application projects are 9; all self Jian or jointly established R & D institutions with colleges and scientific research institutions.

At present, Shandong Province implements the accurate help of specializing in the special new enterprises, it has organized 5,929 high-quality SMEs and cultivation enterprises to cultivate into the warehouse, targeting and cultivating companies in innovation, talents, financing, marketing. The problem of short board, gathering the quality of the government and the market, coordinating the docking of various types of professional service platforms.

Editor: Li Wei

Audit: Wang Jingjing