Internet big factory collective winter: reduced personnel, chopping business line, do not burn money

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Internet big factory collective winter: reduced personnel, chopping business line, do not burn money

2021-12-04 12:04:30 34 ℃

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In one month, Wu Dong has experienced two "layoffs".

In October, he was also an employee of a business line under the Tencent PCG business group, and the department has set up a "exam". It has not been eliminated, and more than 100 business lines have eliminated more than 40 people. He is somewhat not to serve, "the topic is super difficult, there is no room for negotiating". After paying the compensation, he handled the left.

In November, he joined Jiyiyi, trained for 7 days, HR told them that due to "internal adjustment", they participated in more than 20 people, all were cut. Wu Dong recalls that everyone is gone, as compensation, the other party gave them a member of each person, a membership card, monthly card.

Not long after, December 1st, iQiyi was exposed to the news of large-scale layoffs, and the proportion of layoffs was 20% -40%. In this regard, Iqiyi official did not respond. There are a number of iQiyi employees to deepen the layoff news, "Now, there is a good job", a iQiyi employee said. According to him, I only love Qiyi literature, I will streamline 35 people from more than 80 people.

In the big factory of layoffs, it is not only iQiyi.

Prior to this, byte beating education, game, local life business, Tencent CSIG career group under the children's enlightenment education business, and the news of layoffs and transfer. In addition, many Tencent PCG employees told deep combustion, and the business group is conducting personnel optimization, Baidu, NetEase, and fast hands and other places have also employees say that the company has a streamlined personnel and reduces the signs of spending.

For the Internet big factory, 2021 winter is a bit cold.

A Internet industry sighs to deep ignition. In the past few years, Internet companies have essentially happen - grab traffic, but the method is different. From the traffic to the performance, the model escapes advertising and e-commerce.

Advertising, education, game two major advertising revenue sources have been impacted, according to the financial reports of many Internet big factories Q3, advertising growth is stagnant. Tencent advertising revenue decreased to the lowest point since 2017, and there is a shake of the byte beat the "printing machine", which is sent out of the Q3 advertising income growth. Message. E-commerce, Alibaba, Jingdong, spelling a lot of three giants, also have problems such as revenue growth, net profit growth in varying degrees.

Winter seems to be true. So, how is the Internet?

Layout, low benefits, improve KPI, can save the province

The first step in the winter, that is, reduced the expenditure. According to the exchange of deep combustion and multiple in-service, the newly left-proof Internet large-scale employees, layoffs, low-welfare, compressed non-main business budgets, enhance KPI, is the main way of the big factories.

In terms of layoffs, it is currently looking at byte, and the movement of iQiyi is large.

In the second half of the year, byte beating education, game, local life, and real estate business are exposed to layoffs. According to the evening, in August, the byte beats Guayuan 8,000 people tutor teams were all abolished, GOGOKID, Qingbei Net School, you took a stop operation, until November, has completely abandoned primary and secondary school business. Local life, and even there is a local life business team, after being responsible for good responsibility, the remaining more than 100 people are limited in 2 days. " According to the "Finance" news, November 30th, the byte beating the real estate trading platform happily in the happiness of Beijing new house sales staff layoff newspers.

Iqiyi was exposed on December 1st, 20% -40% of the news, involving multiple related departments such as market, delivery, channels, games, short video.

Among the people who are cut, the trial period and the current sonomate are the hardest hit areas. After all, regardless of the N + 1 or N + 2 scenario, the compensation is relatively less.

Taking Aiqiyi as an example, the information that has been exposed, Iqiyi has not taken the employee of the trial period, almost all in the list of layoffs, the people who are being cut in the training period in the job training period, not a small number . At the same time, on the social platform, there is a large number of employees who have been subject to byte beat trial period. One byte be jumped, the employee told deep combustion. At the same month of the trial period, she was told by layoffs. "There is too many examples around you." There are people who have jumped to her, and the trial period should be sick. How to negotiate.

The middle layer has not been spared.

According to Sina Technology, iQiyi has been cut with this quarter, the middle (director level) is cut, and there is a relatively long age, the age is relatively large, and the salary is relatively high.

One by section beating the employee told deep burning, before the company's large-scale recruit high-level position, now there is no, although it looks "open a wave, recruit one wave, but the recruitment is slightly lower People, management is internal to exhaust ".

The Internet industry headhunting Wen Jing analysis, this is to "cut off high-cost old employees, new employees with high absorption costs", one, the cost is also reduced.

There is no big factory that is exposed to large-scale layoffs.

After Sogou employees were incorporated into Tencent, PCG became a business group of Tencent's first employee to exceed 20,000, and the number was five times that of WeChat. A PCG business group staff told deep combustion, and everyone privately passed the PCG to lay off, and the number of passes was shared by each business line. The department of his department is optimized. According to him, PCG also has a layoff plan, but it should "not clarify the dislissers, but will give 2 stars performance (lower performance assessment)." At the same time, another "optimized" Tencent PCG The employees of the Division have expressed their deep combustion, and the entire department business is cut, "no longer".

According to Netease staff, she is reflected in the design, administrative, personal post, in streamlined personnel. Another NetEase employee told deep combustion, and the number of hc and intern quota has become strict. There are also people who are close to the quick hand say that there will be a layoff for the end of the trip, which will involve some middle layers. At the same time, there are also many quick-end employees mentioned that the performance of C is being optimized.

However, the above layoff information has not been confirmed by major major factories.

There are fewer hands, KPI does not fall.

One Baidu employee mentioned that there were many departments now HC locked. There is a business line budget reduction and divided over heavier assessment indicators. An employee of a Tencent PCG business group also said that "The whole department is in the contest, much more than the previous period of time."

Some welfare expenses are also reduced.

A iQiyi staff felt the same, in November, cleaning aunt was streamlined, the trash can of the station was canceled, replaced with a fixed-point large trash. "Even everyday from the administrative paper, uniformly changed to mini versions, and I am very fast", he said. There is also an iQiyi employee mentioned that this year's various welfare is streamlined, "the scorpion of the Dragon Boat Festival, the previous man, and later turned into a lottery, the winning talents have the opportunity to participate in the package in the company."

NetEase staff taking a dislike, their previous afternoon tea is full of desserts, Q3 has begun to become ordinary puff. In Baidu, some employees said that the year-end award issuance time was transferred to the end of March, and it was postponed before the year.

Adjust business line without making money

The layoffs are a table, and the big factory wants to "flick the results", and some traffic lines are abandoned.

Take the byte beating as an example. All along, byte beating is expanded in a way that does not have borders. On November 2, byte beating CEO Liang Yibo releases internal letter to divide the company's business into a shake, education, flyer, business service, game, Tiktok six major sections, Some of the previously attacked business did not mention. In September, according to the interface news report, byte beating is mentioned that the company is shrinking financial related business, and there is indeed a plan to sell securities business. The company has clearly engaged in securities business in the future.

There are too many large factory lines, you have to "go to fat and thin", from the results, the adjustment business line is either do not make money, or it is related to policy changes.

For example, with the introduction of the "double minus" policy, some of the educational business of some Internet major is clearly tightened.

Byte beating has two big layoffs before and after the education. According to the evening news, in the second layoff, in addition to K12, it also includes business lines that have not been directly affected by the double-reduction policy, such as campus cooperation, learning: Tencent Classroom), hardware (strong smart learning lamp, writing board) , Open a discipline (providing an English course to adults). This means that in the four major business of its educational sector, in addition to wisdom study (the small school of high school students), the other three blocks team are reduced. In addition, some people were lost, and the byte education was 15,000 in the beginning of the year. By November, there were less than 10,000 people.

Affected by the double reduction policy, Tencent also adjusted the business line. In November, Tencent was exposed to abandon the pre-school online education business, and the 3-8-year-old child enlightenment course was a truel to sell, involving 1,500 employees. In this regard, Tencent's relevant person in charge publicly responded that based on business adjustment, Tencent is very busy to stop selling, and the truth APP will continue to provide services.

One of the people who have been tailored to deepen, in fact, after the double reduction policy introduced, their projects have been called internally, they have been in 2 months, want to paint in children, cartoons, but funds There is no appointment. He said that the entire project team announced all the dispersion, and he can choose to turn within, but there are not many opportunities.

NetEase has also reduced the K12 business, selecting an encoded hardware, his CEO Zhou Feng said at the call of Q2 financial report to focus on intelligent learning products, quality education, adult education and education information solutions. There are employees on a social platform, saying that the K9 counseling team is all sicking, "the core content is disloquiliated, the target is small".

In terms of the game, although this degree is considered to make money in the Internet industry, it has also come to the need for thrilling. Because the version is tightened, the effect of adding casual games is not as good as before, byte beating game business has not expected. According to Sina Technology news, the game platform Ohayoo personnel adjusts 79 people, including 30 enrollment. The OHAYOO party responded that some positions and personnel were adjusted due to business changes, and the relevant school enrollment has been prioritized. Also, iQiyi has a look forward to the game. In 2015, the film show "Flower Qi Bi", the same name is the homework, the first month of players broke 10 million, the total income is 250 million yuan, let the iQiyi link "video game linkage" as a bright future. But after this, there is a small number of successful cases. This layoffs, according to the report, the iQiyi Game Center is almost cut.

There are also some burning business that is also adjusted, and the major plants are moving.

The local life and real estate business are affected by byte beating. In October this year, bytes beat local life was exposed from 22 cities, only a few cities such as Beijing, Shanghai. The byte beating HR related person in charge responds to the media that the information of the layoffs is real, and the company is adjustable. According to the "Financial" news, November 30th, byte beating the real estate trading platform "Happiness" to the laser, the real estate trading platform "happiness", inform Beijing new house sales staff layoff, and let them come to the company to negotiate compensation next morning. The relevant person in charge said that there were indeed a small urban business in the near future.

I have always wanted to catch the iQiyi of the short video express train, the short video app "Celebration" is considered a key business, at the iQiyi World, II, Iqiyi CEO, Gong Yu, held in May this year. In the middle, you will introduce it to "Cast". In this layoff, according to public reports, short video products will merge with other products, only 40% can stay.

Other aspects, such as Baidu has been an increased video of the promotion this year, Ali has always wanted to help the local life, but the trip has been ignorant but there is no sound, and the layoff news is passed on the pulse.

Returning to the main business, expanding the sea, sinking

In winter, the growth is particularly important.

According to the Q3 financial report meetings, seniors should deal with analysts, on the one hand, we must firmly grasp the core main business and incremental business, and find out the sea and expand the sinking market.

For example, in the Q3 financial conference, Ma Huateng mentioned that the future will spend more energy, including the cloud, map, and CSIG business groups, but also emphasize the importance of talents in the game field, indicating that it will further invest online game. In Baidu, it is necessary to focus on money, which has been invested in the cloud service, smart driving, and artificial intelligence business in recent years.

In addition to using short dramas, sports and other content, the quick hand is on the performance, trying to catch it or advertise. According to the dolphin investigation, "Accelerated brand advertising" is the direction of the effort under the quick hand, Q3 fast hand has a new "SUPER KA) brand operation center", providing an advertisement, brand building , E-commerce integrated solution.

With the concept of the Yuan Universe, drive the VR track, iQiyi smart is placed in an important position. Although this Iqiyi smart is also facing layoffs, the proportion is lower. And the next day, the next day, iQiyi is officially launched by iQiyi Dream VR.

These are not enough, although the big factories have made up the idea of ​​sinking the market early, there is also a segment to develop.

Baidu executives mentioned that this year has been promoting App Light (no download, ie light application to search), attracts users from low-ranking cities. Aiqiyi has launched an Aiqiyi version, focusing on low-line cities. The content is free to watch content, but users need to watch advertisements, iQiyi specially mentioned that Iqiyi speed version of advertising's income contribution is high, indicating that it takes 1 to 2 years to improve and grow, will Continue to this application ".

There is also Alibaba in the sinking market. At the financial report, Alibaba executives said that in China's underdeveloped areas, Taobao sold continuously increase their overall user group, Q3 Taobao transaction AAC (global year active consumer) more than 240 million, Taobao Top selling day active users, there is near Half is the only incremental user outside the Taobao day.

In addition, with the domestic market bonus faster, it is exhausted, and the sea is given to the Internet.

At the financial report, Yang Xianghua, a senior vice president of iQiyi mentioned that Iqiyi's overseas business hopes to make the domestic development, making good self-made content, distributed, achieved in more countries. Considering the increase in translation cost, you will prioritize the field of interest in Chinese, mainly from Southeast Asia.

Alibaba executives mentioned that Q3 regards globalization as one of the three strategic pillars, and specializes in data, outside China, achieving 285 million AAC and 33% income growth. Although the sea has repeatedly blocked, the quick hand also emphasizes the importance of overseas business, NetEase executives are more expressing, is looking for talents and teams that can supplement the R & D skills worldwide.

The roads of the big factories have also continued, and the future of the future is still unknown, but slowing down is a general trend.

At Q3 financial conference, Ma Huateng is looking forward to the future, "We grow at least 30%, 40% of the proportion of employees, will be more gentle in 2022. The relevant person in charge of the fast hand also said that there is no significant plan to increase the number of people substantially next year. It is certain that people reduce the keywords of the 2021 Internet. Since the rise of the mobile Internet, the Internet is steadily sitting on the tip. It is regarded as a holy place for young people. Although this is not the first large-scale layoff in the Internet industry, this time it is also finally letting some young people see, the Internet Behind the large plant, hidden changes and uneasiness.

Wang Chao, the founder of Wenyuan Zhicu, said, "It is necessary to make a roof when it is fine." In his opinion, the domestic Internet big factory has 100,000 employees. When the business grows rapidly, it is not easy to expose the problem, but in the downward, The "human effective" problem will appear. Layout, the easiest way to optimize financial progress, but you need to worry that it may not be the hardest time.

* Questions and texts are from visual China. The respondents should be requested, and the balances are made in addition to Wang Chao.