63-year-old Zhanglan live broadcast is a bit awkward

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63-year-old Zhanglan live broadcast is a bit awkward

2021-12-04 12:04:30 55 ℃

Author | Su Qi

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November 22, Wang Fei and large S announced the official end of the 10 years of marriage. On this day, not even the busiest of husband and wife, but old mother Zhang.

They announced their divorce the same day, the studio of Zhang rushed to 50,000, Zhang faint response:. "? Kids have their own blessing Wang Fei are 40 (years old), and I who cares."

Zhang also do so. Within the next day, she continuous broadcast seven games with a cargo between vibrato live, bursting with popularity did not say, according to melon fly data display, the same day forecast sales of up to 5.54 million. This result is not very surprising. You know, two days ago (Nov. 20), Zhang rushed shaking soundtrack standings for the first delivery date.

Hard to imagine that once shook the dining sessions for many years women entrepreneurs, 63-year-old, "Lan Jie", now the heart so hard goods in the short video platform. From 30 days with a cargo of nearly 90 times the frequency of the field of view, her personal trajectory, not live, is ready to live on the road. More than a year, "Zhang Qiao-life" account has accumulated 1,486,000 fans.

Zhang how strong suction powder and with a cargo capacity, comparing with "debut" aristocratic sisters will know. It is necessary to mention Zhang "vibrato career" in an episode. She was first and "queen" "Vivian" together "combination debut", to participate in an account, not a long period of cooperation, the three respective solo. After Zhang's personal account of a fan of high-speed growth, "queen" and "Vivian" account both the number and the fans with a cargo of achievement, is far worse than her.

"Zhang sister group" after the solo accounts

Many industry insiders, Zhang with a cargo very hard, often a broadcast that is four to five hours, with a very rich class of goods. But voices of doubt have long accompanied her, "so cheap wine you can drink it? Essence so cheap you would use it?" On pineapple Finance found that a low-cost commodity essence of her comments with a cargo area , some users said that "after the whole face with allergies."

However, for purposes of Zhang, because she lost a certain extent "successful entrepreneurs" of the burden, but by a short video platform reshaped human design.

Self is flying, or return to the true?

Vibrato account opened more than a year, Zhang short video content there is an evolutionary process. From accused of "show off their wealth," "show obvious signs" to the output of thematic, considered to be "caught traffic password," Zhang state where video and live more and more skilled, more and more close to the young .

The earliest, Zhang is not alone, but with the two "aristocratic lady" sisters "debut" Introduction to the account are, "Ms. Ba Muda Chinese-queen" and "Miss Europe caused by Bao Ding Wei, president of jewelry" Zhang group composed of three sisters, a man named account "pretty-life" in the vibrato operation.

Zhang sister group of early video

Video style show "lady temperament," Zhang video as the protagonist, often with two "sister" shopping, to see the exhibition. It is open pineapple Financial Observer, when hundreds of thousands of fans rose, "Pretty-life" into private accounts. Three sisters began operating their vibrato account, but the account name will continue with a "pretty life" suffix. Zhang's new account called "Zhang Qiao-life."

Tour debut day, Zhang is for "trial and error" period, of course, also learned to make a lot of experience. In the new account in Zhang, senior operations dragon is described as, "Today's Zhang, doing commercial Meanwhile, a lot of content but also want to please and to please themselves."

Open pineapple Finance found that Zhang is currently short video content can be divided into four series.

The first series is the most Tucao "wearing jewelry cooking" series. Some Internet users will be summed up as, "became well-known half-life, return to life, to family chopping, kneading dough, steamed buns, do not have to dress sleeves rolled up, but a full hair and makeup got to wear jewelry."

Zhang makeup issued a full kitchen

The second largest video series, is the platform for the home restaurant. For example, to Wang Fei newly opened Cantonese restaurant, "Er Yue Tong" and Szechuan restaurant "Ma Six", from the preparatory stage to the opening of new stores "live video" of the whole process; Zhang will often shoot at the restaurant personally close child, video collection dishes, said that "too busy store, employees too hard."

The third series is quite high traffic "Personal Life" series, Zhang often mentioned great grandson, granddaughter and son of Wang Fei and his wife in the video S. For example, she often "to Wang Fei and large S call" and will be at the end of the video, the attitude of their elders to teach some of the "philosophy of life": the two married at the time of the tenth anniversary of the blessing, saying "the big S is really interesting, you both lie mom in bed to show affection, "and Wang Fei said," mom just accompany you the rest of your people, and the daughter is the person to accompany you for a lifetime. "

But the comments area there are many users are in question, "full of self-serving to say" "a look that is false." "This is self-direction, right?"

Zhang and his son and daughter to call screen

Interactive largest number of "Zhang Lecture Hall" category. Video, Zhang often in the garden or study, share past shopping expedition "Nine Lives," the entrepreneurial experience and as someone who has insights on life.

Zhang "Forum"

After analyzing Zhang short video works, the dragon said, it can be seen, warm and lively personality, a little bit of drama Zhang, it is suitable for short video platform, "is just the beginning traces of heavy shot put, and even fake a little cute, but I can feel her hard work and effort is not easy. "

At present, the amount of Zhang Lanjasting account fans in the operation of more than a year is nearly 1.5 million, compared to some young nets, and the ability to purify powder is rare. Jewelry two extravagant, miscellaneous essence, how did Zhang Lan bring?

And Yu Minhong, Li Guoqing, Dong Mingzhu and other entrepreneurs, Zhang Chenguang, Pan Changjiang, Liu Xiaoqing and other old artists, Zhang Lanqing attracts the popularity of the goods after the short video is attracted by the short video.

Contrast Zhang Lan and the other two sisters will find that whether attendance rates, richness, popularity, and ultimate conversion data, Zhang Lan is a better.

ViV live broadcast room is more than 90% of the high unit price of clothing underwear, although she will trial on, explain, but in the past 30 days, 33 goods, estimated sales reached 9.17 million, the number of people The peak is only 706, but it is not yon, the popularity is low.

And the two live broadcasts are dominated by the universal price of clothes and jewelery, there are special skelings to draw promodes, the goods are on the shelves, and the two is mainly in the live broadcast "Party Daily." In the past 30 days, she took 44 games and estimated sales of 37.15 million, but because of a large amount of time and the fans chat interaction, the number of people can reach 1295.

Shuangquan and Viwei belt in live broadcast

Keep a focus on Zhang Lan's live broadcast.

The fans in her live broadcast are mainly women, and the 31-40 years old is over 70%. Perhaps it is related to fan portraits and belt layout, Zhang Lan, who is born from the restaurant, will also sell the self-heating series of their own "Ma Liu", but overall, the goods are rich, from the clothing to jewelry, from one Protect the home, and even have a second-hand luxury special.

Zhang Lanban is very excited, and her live broadcast is generally 4-5 hours. A typical scene is that she will wear the goods that will be sold on the spot, cook some eating, drink some red wine, after the warmth, start "speech", such as "This item is called 'open heart', I hope that all friends have opened their hearts, but they have not going to go, but they can't escape the problem. "

Zhang Lan live, users seem to be "listening to speaking"

"Zhang Lan did not narrow his road." Leopard, IP founder, personal brand expert Zhang Dou analysis Imagine, the recommended is stronger. The latter is shaped, and the user's trust and experience is obviously better.

However, Zhang Lanban goods "miscellaneous" is required to face all kinds of "difficult". Many consumers have a message to question product quality. For example, in the "Australian Big Gold Bottle Essence", "Allergy, Bottle Damage" and other comments.

From the results, Zhang Lan's belt score is far better than two other sisters.

The melon data shows that in the past 30 days, Zhang Lan live band 88 games, the estimated sales of 219.58 million, the average number of people reached 17,000, the results did not lose the head. On November 20, Zhang Lan also rushed to the first place in the Daily List of Crusts.

Zhang Lan has lived in the past 30 days live broadcast results map source / melon data

Dragon is optimistic about Zhang Lanban goods. "It can borrow the quality of the fan while maintaining the heat; both experience, familiar with the new consumer scenario, and lay out in advance, the company and its own business."

Zhang Da bean made a greater guess, "Next, Zhang Lan may cultivate an aquatic combination or matrix." A sign is that Zhang Lan intends to make the assistant in his short video and live room frequently.

Can I disconnect Zhang Lan, can you be a good "net red"?

Because the cause falls into the bottom of the valley, Zhang Lan's short video account comment area, there is no shortage of people waiting to see her joke, but this still can't stop Zhang Lan once again set sail.

In short video, although Zhang Lan did not completely lost his entrepreneur's baggage, he could see that she would like short video to make the image enriched three-dimensional: the female entrepreneur who still struggled in the front line, but also a good girlfriend, more It is a mother who loves my son, my baby's good grandmother. This is right, Zhang Subi said, "Any single-sided personality is difficult to get trust in the future. With short video, Zhang Lan does not need to let the public know yourself from the mouth of others."

"Zhang Lan originally made short video, may be in order to maintain heat and get traffic." Zhang Sub said that the result of careful operation is that her state is more relaxing, facing the lens more real, short video is directly expressing and Circular near the public.

Zhang Lan's choice is not an example. In today's streaming, a large number of entrepreneurs and celebrities have admitted to short video and live broadcast.

Li Guoqing is in the live run, selling the book, selling wine; Dong Mingzhu began to intend to cultivate the assistant into "successor", the late assistant goes to the goods, she has to close to the young people; Yu Minhong as a faculty, take the lead broadcast "self-help".

And Zhang Lan's live style, there is another two other sisters, more broadly, old actress Liu Xiaoqing, she continued to broadcast live in the shake from last year.

Stay away from the front line, it is easy to be forgotten by most people. Now, more and more people can see more than the bonus loss of the new era, and try to communicate with young people and talk to young people. "In short video and live, you don't need a shelf, you need to be brave enough to self-deprecate, to make a sense of entertainment, but can let others feel true." Zhang Subei said.

However, many practitioners pre-judge, the account of Zhang Lan sister group will not become a special "explosive" account, they will have their own fans, but up to around me. "Also discover those super short video large, either sinking is particularly strong, or the value provides simple and straight - long looks, easy fun, no brain stimulation. Zhang Lan sister group account, the audience has certain restrictions." Dragon said. Throp the netizen's inherent evaluation of Zhang Lan's "ladies ladies", under her short video, the most commonly seen is three evaluations, "fresh and strong vitality" "There is no indulgence after the middle-aged" "love toss". With the days of Zhanglan live broadcast, there are more and more times, more and more people "see her joke" become less, more people think that she is shining.

From the performance of the live broadcast, Zhang Lan is very enjoyable, and it is true that the age of netizens can be dealt with the age of netizens, often said that "Mask's 70-year-old mother is still doing net red", "The average age of the world's top 500 CEO is 63-65 years old.

Obviously, Zhang Lan's story has not been finished. Just like the evaluation of Zhang Lan: "It's a lot of good things that Lan Jie experienced, maybe there is a good thing, but Lan Jie has a vitality", it is even more rare, Zhang Lan has no path dependence, still studying, Learn how to communicate with new era and new people.

* The title is from @ 张兰俏 江南 创始. We should ask for respondents, and CICR is famous.