For technology, capital and industrial integration development platform, Nancai Group holds the industrial and capital exchange meeting of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau

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For technology, capital and industrial integration development platform, Nancai Group holds the industrial and capital exchange meeting of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau

2021-12-04 18:03:35 47 ℃

The 21st Century Economic Report Reporter Wang Fan Guangzhou reported on December 3, the Central Radio and Television Headquarters Headquarters and Southern Finance Full Media Group jointly hosted by the Central Radio and Television Headquarters, the "2021 Southern Finance International Forum" hosted by the 21st Century Economic Report in Guangzhou Hold. At noon on the same day, as an important part of the Southern Finance International Forum, Nancai Group held a lunch meeting (abbreviation: communication meeting).

Southern University of Finance and Fully Media Group, the 21st century report, Democratic Editor-in-chief said in the exchange meeting to host this exchange meeting, aim to build a bridge to create a bridge, create a relaxed and pleasant communication environment, and jointly for technology, capital and Dedication and advice of industrial integration development.

The government, the intelligent industry continues to empower high quality development

The business environment has a huge impact on the high quality development of a region and enterprises. The government's quality service and the precision empowerment of the 智 库, playing an important role in the high quality development process.

Taking this forum Guangzhou Pazhou as an example, now Pazhou has attracted 28 artificial intelligence and digital economic leaders such as Alibaba, Tencent, and VIEs, and radiation driven innovation industrial clusters in this collection. In-regional companies have More than 30,000, including 12 unicorn companies, the quasi-unicorn enterprises, and the agglomeration effect is preliminary.

Yu Lihui, deputy director of Guangzhou Pazhou Complex Committee, shared Pazhou Complex. Guangzhou Haizhu District grabs the new era of digital economic development opportunities, through the platform, build carrier, recruiting industries, strong services, and continuously promoting the high-quality development of Pazhou test area, and has been awarded the national new industrialized industrial demonstration base (big data), national electronics 2 national title of the business demonstration base and is identified as the Guangdong High-tech Industrial Development Zone.

Yu Lihui said that Pazhou has been equipped with the development of quality enterprises. The leader of the leader of the leader is in full swing, and the central and south districts have reserved nearly 5,000 acres of land. Among them, the South District specializes in high-growth specialty new enterprises to create a future, refined matching life and industrial space demand. Intelligent industrial community.

Zhou Yizheng, deputy director of the Jiangmen Financial Work Bureau, also shared the experience of Jiangmen in recent years to promote the rapid economic development of entities in the multi-level capital market.

In November 2020, the Jiangmen Municipal Government released "promoting enterprises to use the capital market to achieve high quality development" golden seeds "three-year action program (2021 to 2023)", proposed to 2023, striving for the city's domestic listed enterprises in 2020 In the basis of increased 12, starting IPO program enterprises to increase 50, dynamically incorporate more than 100 listed enterprises.

Zhou Yao introduced that Jiangmen builds a sustainable backup through the establishment of the "Golden Seed Library" dynamic management mechanism, according to "a batch of reserves, cultivation, counseling a batch, declared a batch, listing a batch" listing The corporate echelon promotes more enterprises to diverse multi-level capital markets; and also give full play to the role of Jiangmen's capital market experts, forming a wiskin composed of well-known foreign experts such as government, enterprises, and schools, which is "Golden Seed Library" Enterprises provide free, professional consultation, counseling services; Jiangmen also established a supply mechanism for capital market intermediaries, introducing a large number of brokers, investment banks, law, the law, etc., forming a supplier, for enterprises to choose from marketization.

As the first full-media group, the Nancai Group has established a close cooperative relationship with Jiangmen, which is based on the national all-media group, depending on its own media, 智 库, data, and Jiangmen, and continues to empower high-quality enterprises to enter the capital market.

"This year, Jiangmen has already successfully launched. At present, the number of A-share listed companies reach 15 Hong Kong stock markets." Zhou Wei believes that the government, the Zhiku service agency plays an important role.

Enterprises are microstructure of high quality development

Competitive enterprises are the microscopic foundation of high-quality development, and the company has good economy. A batch of high-quality technology companies also participated in the exchange meeting.

Shenzhen Yuhua Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yawhua Technology") is an intelligent technology enterprise with hardware and software, algorithm, system and verification, etc. Level chip market, realize two major track layouts of consumption and automobiles.

Huang Zhiwen, chief operating officer Huang Zhiwen, as an entrepreneurial enterprise in a chip design industry, has been widely concerned about the establishment of more than 70% of the team, and more than 70% of the team is a master's degree. There are no shortage from famous universities at home and abroad, some of the senior talents of enterprises.

As a gazelle enterprise in the field of the Dawang District Chip Design, Yuxi Technology accepted "high-growth enterprises jointly launched by Central Radio and TV Headquarters, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Dawn District Center and Southern Finance" On the Depth Survey of the Special Report of Large-scale Test Media Series of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area.

"The chip industry and hard technology ushered in the best entrepreneurial, development stage." Huang Zhiwen said, whether policies, or media, funds, have given the company a lot of support, next, Huhua Technology will sprint the car for several years The top three in the chip field.

Guangzhou Oruson Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in China to apply MEMS semiconductor process technology to produce sensor chips. . Chen Xinzheng, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Oruson Electronics Co., Ltd., said, after the epidemic, the international supply chain system was shocked and the semiconductor integrated circuit industry was highly valued. "In addition to investing a lot of manpower, Olympics is the most difficult bone in the entire industrial chain. For example, chip manufacturing is a bitter thing, long investment cycle, large capital investment, and need to integrate interdisciplinary talents, Few people are willing to do. "

Osun Electronics decided to work hard in this field. At present, there are two 6-inch chip production lines, and will continue to build an 8-inch chip output line, and an 8-inch chip quick verification line. "The company hopes to contribute a little power for the development of MEMS, sensors and chips throughout Guangdong, China, and China." Chen Xinji said.

Chen Xinji believes that technology-based SMEs must strive to build their own "special precision", but also pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights.

Capital Help Bay Area Industry High Quality Development

Service entity economy is the purpose of the financial industry. The development of the industry is inseparable from finance, and it also puts higher requirements for financial effective supply. Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Dawan District financial institutions are also grasping opportunities.

Li Wei, deputy general manager of Guangdong Fund Management Co., Ltd., said that as a large-scale financial holding company directly under the Guangdong Provincial Government, the location of Guangdong Fund is to do "red and special" professional investment institutions, which are both surrounded by Guangdong key industrial layout. Also focused on regional and industrial chain investment.

The investment strategy of Guangdong Fund is mainly focused on the intelligent digital revolution of the industry, the greening revolution such as energy, focusing on smart cars, intelligent robots, and advanced equipment, artificial intelligence, 5G communication, integrated circuits, and new energy. investment.

"In the past, we invest more more mature projects, but now more attention to the role of projects in the industrial chain, and more hopes to pass the upstream, key materials, key technologies and key equipment, key materials, key technologies, etc., key materials, key technologies, etc. through the layout chain owners. Serving the high-quality development in Guangdong and Bay Area. "Liang Yu said.

The Guangdong Equity Trading Center is the only legal regional equity market operator in Guangdong Province (excluding Shenzhen), which is huge in serving Guangdong's small and medium-sized enterprises. Wang Zhenhua, general manager of the central institution, said that before the service specialist of brokerage institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises need an official professional organization to provide incubation and cultivation, Guangdong equity trading center is to fill this role.

In recent years, the Guangdong Equity Trading Center has become increasingly infiltrated by the economy. It has jointly launched the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department to introduce the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Specialized special board, and build a technology-based enterprise to dock the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges, especially becoming a B & C, GEM Incubate the pusher; also jointly launched the Guangdong Provincial Agricultural Department, the company's rural revitalization board, the listing of the listing is the leading enterprise of the provincial and municipal level.

In addition, Song Yang, director of listed companies in China, New York Stock Exchange, also shared. US stock capital market is constantly innovating, in addition to traditional IPO mode, there are more and more ways to log in to the capital market, including direct listing, spac (special purpose acquisition company), especially after the epidemic, SPAC this listing method Continue to be concerned by investors and enterprises, recognized. Since 2021, US stocks have more than 500 SPAC IPOs, and the financing amount exceeds 130 billion US dollars.

"We are very happy to see that not only the US local enterprises, but also more leading head technology companies have also joined the capital market." Song Yang said, welcome more Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao District enterprises to enter the capital market.