Let Nanyi have no "incompatibility"!Haihai Nansheng Industrial Group became "intimate pipe home"

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Let Nanyi have no "incompatibility"!Haihai Nansheng Industrial Group became "intimate pipe home"

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South fan season, Haiken South fan industry groups do a good job in south China industrial service and support -

Good "butler" Let the South fan no "hard Trouble"

■ correspondent special correspondent Xia Zhen Ji Meng wins countries

Another year the South fan season. Research on land reclamation in the sea area of ​​the South fan, saw the vast expanse of fertile land is neatly divided into blocks, in experimental plots, different varieties of legumes, rice, peppers and other crops growing well, but earlier planted cotton fields, vines have been there are half the height, covered with green earth. Researchers from across the country during the distribution, they hunched check crop, carefully collected data, the South seed breeding system work, the scene of one of the vibrant scene.

The picture shows the researchers in the drug fight pest to corn seedlings. Meng wins national photo

November to May the following year, crop breeders from all over the country more than 200 research institutes, will arrive in south China sea reclamation area to carry out agricultural activities. And for their "cause", the South fan Ken sea industry groups over the years the embodiment of "butler", and constantly improve agricultural infrastructure, agricultural production, protect land for scientific research.

Plan ahead and solve problems

This year, in order to provide a better quality of life and production services to the South fan researchers, industry groups in south China sea reclamation plan as early as early deployment of early action, not only do the road ditch maintenance, production safety warning signs building and other infrastructure work, and the completion of the breeding area land land preparation, trial operation of comprehensive service support area, Speeding high standard farmland construction, strive to high-quality, "one-stop" services to protect the South fan researchers work and life.

"This year, from September to October by the continuing impact of the typhoon weather, particularly rain in south China region." Jane flat Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Group in south China sea reclamation industry said that due to the limited storage capacity of farmland, caused by continuous rains earlier field a large amount of water retention in the soil, resulting in a significant impact to the back of the South breeding species work. Taking into account the South fan career researchers, the company actively organize manpower planning in advance, on the one hand the reinforcement and repair of drains in the rain, on the one hand in the sunny fields when trying to discharge excess water furrow, ensure farmland back to life as soon as possible after rain disaster researchers to carry out breeding, planting work correct.

The picture shows the researchers observed in the cotton growing conditions. Meng wins national photo

Sanya in south China is also the season of winter vegetables yazhou district busy season, combined with this year's State of the South fan biological breeding zone project in full swing. This time, the South fan area can not be avoided "labor shortage" problem. To this end, the South Sea Ken Fan Industry Group put yourself in hundreds of research institutes and employment problems sake, on the one hand actively docking research institutes to understand the demand for labor, on the other hand go into the village team understand surplus labor resources, co-ordination group affiliated enterprises and job resources, flexible with good short-term workers, mining "stock", the introduction of "incremental" to solve the employment problem of South breeding species bases. "Good for the South fan service industry, party members and cadres companies together into battle, and employees are more than a job, everyone is a 'generalist'." Said Jane flat.

Attentive service points won praise

"South South fan complex, and difficult and annoying." This sentence has been circulated in the South fan base, both revealed the dilemma faced by researchers, but also about the hardships and difficult in south China Industry Group staff.

"Little things like repairing fences, agricultural supply, water supply and irrigation, land protection and other events like scientific research as long as the researchers put forward their claims, we will be dedicated to solve." Ken Hai, deputy general manager of the South fan industry group, said Zhang Wei, South fan base is the innovation of Chinese rice bowl, highland agricultural science and technology innovation. The group has always been to provide protection for the researchers to concentrate on study, work put in an important position, require staff to establish a dynamic problem rectification ledger, so that "the demands of each piece can be implemented, challenges everything has an echo."

Reporters learned Recently, a really good service and support for the South fan research staff in south China sea reclamation industry group is always morning to evening, take phone non-stop, daily micro-channel circle of friends a few steps for a long time "Pa screen." During this time, "skin black circle, small circle belly" is a true portrayal of their work intensity. In fact, from the past of no fixed abode, year after year to find, but now an overall improvement in infrastructure, research and land security, the South fan people's hard work to make entrepreneurship and innovation environment in south China region are getting better, get research have thumbs units.

"I still remember when I first came, the South fan irrigation water is very scarce, and now the water circuit facilities already perfected." Jilin Province in Southern Propagation Base Station seeds Huang Tingjun person in charge said, many years ago to irrigate crops in the base is need two people mention buckets to fetch water, then with a small pump, and later furrow, now under the co-operation of local governments and Southern numerous industry groups, with sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, more and more convenient.

The same empathy as well as the South fan base in China Agricultural University, senior agronomist Liu Bo, engaged in research work for 19 years in south China, he looked at the completion of the South fan base from the dirt road potholes to the flat cement road, to guarantee comprehensive service area , Yazhou Bay seed laboratory set up, getting better and better research conditions. Moreover, in south China sea reclamation industry groups we have been trying to south numerous researchers to provide better, "stop", "customized" production and living services, researchers and more peace of mind.