Beyond Zhang Yiming Mahua Tengnan Xinhua, the richest, Zhao Changpeng, is it?

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Beyond Zhang Yiming Mahua Tengnan Xinhua, the richest, Zhao Changpeng, is it?

2021-12-05 12:03:48 25 ℃

Radar Finance Qiwen | Li Yihui Edited | Deep Sea

The global Chinese world, airborne is a richest.

According to "Financial" magazine, Zhao Changpeng, the currency, the price of 90 billion US dollars (equivalent to 573.3 billion yuan), more than 424.4 billion yuan of RMB 424.4 billion, the Chinese richer, and the country.

According to reports, Zhao Changpeng's wealth came from his created CNC exchange of coins, the platform has more than 3,000 employees, which has become the world's largest encryption currency exchange. Internal people revealed that according to the current transaction size, the coin security valuation will reach $ 300 billion. Zhao Changpeng held a coin 14% equity.

In the crowd, some netizens said that Zhao Changpeng is a person who is more than shoulder, because the light holds the currency shares, it is not counting on the value of his virtual coin.

Subsequently, Zhao Changpeng was in a circle of friends.

The radar finances notice that many people have nothing to do with Zhao Changpeng before being "sealed" as the richest man. Zhao Changpeng is a head?

Join Okcoin, and Xu Mingxing, "Ming"

In 1977, Zhao Changpeng was born in Jiangsu Lianyungang, a teacher, and his father was a professor of China University of Science and Technology. At the age of 12, Zhao Changpeng's fate ushered in the turn, and their family moved to Vancouver, Canada, and spent 6 years of middle school time. Zhao Changpeng, a university period, studied in McGill University, McGill, Learn Computer Science.

In 1997, Zhao Changpeng, graduated from the University, developed a system for matching transaction orders for Tokyo stock trading platform. Subsequently, he went to New York for Bloomberg (the world's largest financial information company), participated in the development of futures trading software. After three promotion in less than 2 years, he became the team boss of New Jersey, London and Tokyo at the age of 27.

Work in Vancouver, Tokyo, New York work, when he talked about this impact of this migration life, Zhao Changpeng believes that he really likes many different cultures, and these experiences let him find that the transnational remittance is very troublesome and the hand is expensive. Bitcoin.

In 2005, Zhao Changpeng resigned and returned to China and founded the FUSIS Information Technology Co., Ltd., which was the fastest speed transaction system for brokerage development.

In 2013, Zhao Changpeng learned from a poker friend and a ventur coin. Subsequently, Zhao Changpeng began to get involved in encrypted currency projects, joined (online wallet service providers) with the third founding employee, where stayed 8 months.

Zhao Changpeng quickly produced enthusiasm for this technology, not only started reading Bitcoin white paper, but also actively participated in activities related to Bitcoin topics.

At a small meeting held in Las Vegas, Zhao Changpeng met some industry giants. There is also a representative of Ripple to teach Zhao Changpeng how to use its loop, transfer some coins (worth about $ 300) to Zhao Changpeng's wallet, and said to him: "You can keep it, you can also use it to teach the next person "

This makes Zhao Changpeng feel that "they are not lie, it is a bunch of technical children." This makes him more firm confidence in encrypted currency. "

In 2014, Zhao Changpeng sold the house in Shanghai, all purchased Bitcoin. Even less than a year, Shanghai housing prices doubled, Bitcoin fell to one-third of the original, and he did not retreat. Because there is no other asset outside of your mobile phone, Zhao Changpeng is called "the first one to encrypt the company with 99% of the company".

On a forum in Hangzhou in March in March, Zhao Changpeng met Xu Mingxing, founder of the domestic Bitcoin Exchange Okcoin. After 3 months, Zhao Changpeng became the technical director of Okcoin and was responsible for the company's international affairs. At the time, He Yi, which is called "Currency A Sister", CEO Xu Mingxing, three people form a "Bitcoin Day".

However, less than a year, Zhao Changpeng left Okcoin. For this experience, he recalls: "Okcoin encountered some conflicts of cultural and values, and I didn't want to be involved, so I left in 2015."

According to the disclosure information, because Zhao Changpeng, Zhao Changpeng, I also set off a battle with Xu Mingxing. Zhao Changpeng exposed Xu Mingxing to encourage the company's employees to fry coins, using robots false transactions, forge the signature for bank transfer, refused to pay for their salary. Xu Mingxing said that Zhao Changpeng deceived the company and sold the company's interests.

Leaving the encrypted monetary industry, Zhao Changpeng did Bijie Technology to provide trading systems to the carriers (stamps, coins and phone cards). But two years later, it returned to the dinner industry.

Creative currency

The new entrepreneurial project, Zhao Changpeng chose its familiar trading platform.

On June 24, 2017, the currency was established and the BNB was introduced. The total BNB is 200 million, of which 100 million is used in ICO (first time), 80 million teams hold, and the BNB will lock the bin, which is released year by year, and the last 2 million innocec will hold.

In less than 10 days, BNB's ICO is $ 15 million in currency financing. Then, the coin security website is on the line, the main currency trading, the global market; the same time BNB is also online.

Another important partner of the currency, Zhao Changpeng's colleague in Okcoin also announced the announcement of the currency and became the joint founder and chief market officer of the currency. However, on September 4, 2017, the Chief Bank of China and other seven ministries and commissions were jointly issued, fully calling ICO, prohibiting direct transactions of French and digital currency, and the industry called "9.4 ban".

However, this policy has invisibly accelerated the growth of currency. After the ban, the three major trading platforms Okcoin, RC, and Bitcoin China have encountered an impact, and the currency begins with the global market, and the server is located overseas. It has the smallest impact, the roller and Okcoin users a lot of users Currency.

On January 10, 2018, the currency announced that its global registered users exceeded 5 million, and the single trading volume exceeded 10 billion US dollars, one of the largest exchanges of the world.

The rise of coins is in various capital phases. As early as August 25, 2017, the saicom capital signed a TS protocol with the currency, and the former will receive nearly 11% of the shares of the currency at approximately 80 million US dollars.

However, in the next few months, the investment fund from the semina has not arrived. As the price of digital currency is soaring, the currency is not satisfied with the previous valuation. And in December, Zhao Changpeng also received another investment intentbook from IDG capital; in the program, IDG promised to invest two investment units with a $ 400 million and $ 1 billion, respectively, with a total investment amount. $ 15 million.

After this news, after the announcement of this news, the sewing could not sit, a paper complaint made Zhao Changpeng on the court. In the case of sew pickles, the agreement signed with the currency is agreed for half a year of the provision of the provisions, that is, half a year of domestic currency is not negotiated with other investment agencies. However, Zhao Changpeng negotiated with IDG after signing TS, violates the exclusive protocols once signed.

In the end, the case was over, but the currency did not get investment in sewed and IDG.

However, this seems to stop the coins from gradually walk globally. In February 2018, Forbes magazine announced the world's digital currency richer list, Ruibo CEO, COINBASE founder, and the founder of the Emperor. Zhao Changpeng also ranked third in the list of Pubos Digital Currency, and boarded the Forbes Magazine.

In the first quarter of 2018, the currency announced a profit of $ 200 million, exceeding the German Bank, which is only more than 6 months away. This achievement shocked the zipper chain industry, and since then, there is a "currency one day, the world a year" statement.

Dispute and supervision

Is Zhao Changpeng's $ 90 billion worth in the price of goods? It may be possible to calculate the valuation of the coin.

According to media reports, CoinMarketCap disclosure data in currency is shown that the amount of trading volume of the currency is $ 31.2 billion; at the same time, the 24-hour transaction volume of the listing exchange Coinbase is $ 6.5 billion, and the phase difference is 4.8 times.

At the end of 2020, Zhao Changpeng has estimated that the profit of the same capital is 800 million to $ 1 billion. According to the BNB destruction announcement in the first quarter of 2021, the outside world is reversed to the profit of approximately $ 3 billion. The corresponding Coinbase's profit in the first quarter of 2021 is 771 million US dollars.

As of December 2, 202, Coinbase's market value of $ 63.38 billion, if only transaction calculations, the transaction volume approaches the same amount of $ 304.2 billion.

Referring to the fifth round of financing of Xiaomi in 2014, the net profit of Xiaomi was about $ 1 billion, and the market gave a 55 billion US dollars. According to the annual profit of the annual annual profit, $ 300 billion is not impossible.

And the coin BNB of the currency increased from $ 37.72 from the beginning of the year to $ 623.46, and the market value came to $ 104.2 billion. In April this year, Zhao Changpeng said, accounting for 40% of BNB, and the BNB held by the currency team will be destroyed. Analysis said that active destruction caused a supply austerity, improved awareness, and pushing high coins. Zhao Changpeng revealed that he holds a bitcoin, and most of the assets are BNB, but the specific quantity is not disclosed.

For the Chinese richest statement, Net transmission Zhao Changpeng friends circle screenshot, "If a piece of money sells 0.1% today, the company's value is 10,000. If you send a coin, 900 billion, a piece of money sells one, There is 900 billion market value. There is no fluidity valuation is virtual, the liquidity is king. "

On the other hand, behind the huge amount of wealth, the dispute is also shaped. Among them, there are many events known as "cut leaves", such as victims' detailed warehouse, private foreign users, 107 bits, currency smart chains, multiple project runs, contract market pull The network cable is maliciously explosive, and so on.

He is responsible for the currency brand, has released a recruitment notice in a circle of friends, and the straightforward criteria is "the skin of the skin", the coin security group is even a vulgar wipe ball marketing.

Regulatory risks have always been shadowed in the encrypted monetary industry, and the encrypted currency exchange is listed as a strike object. In May of this year, foreign media reported that the currency is facing the US Department of Justice and the National Taxation Bureau. The British Financial Conduct Regulatory Bureau clearly stated that it was worried about the anti-money laundering standards of the currency, and the coins did not set up the headquarters as a "big problem". The regulators of Japan, Canada and Italy also focused on the company, and warned that the company did not have authorization to carry out business in these countries. On September 24, 2021, the central banks and other committees pointed out that the overseas virtual currency exchanges provided services to my country's domestic residents through the Internet, and then the currency has exited all the business content from China.

Perhaps in order to avoid supervision, the coins are not fixed to the headquarters today. Its operational body is registered, and the office and business development are often replaced, and the website domain name and server address are frequently changed.

On November 23, according to the "Yahoo Finance" news, Zhao Changpeng revealed that the currency is looking for a new round of financing, including several sovereign wealth funds, which will end at the end of 2021 to 2022.

According to public information, Zhao Changpeng, Canadian, is now living in Singapore for a long time.

For the follow-up development of Zhao Changpeng and the coins, the Radar Finance will continue to pay attention.

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