Deadly of the Internet, decided to go to the exam

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Deadly of the Internet, decided to go to the exam

2021-12-05 12:04:07 34 ℃

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The end of the Internet is the Caigong?

In recent years, the civil servant exam has become more hot, and this year's competition is particularly fierce. According to statistics, national civil servants recruiting examinations have been more than 1 million for 13 consecutive years, and this year exceeds 2 million. The national examination has set up 16,745 positions in the country. It is planned to recruit 3,1242 people. A total of 2123,000 people passed the qualification review, and the number of qualified reviews and the number of hiking programs was about 68: 1.

Among the increasingly huge taking a big army, there is a group that cannot be ignored, which is the Internet people who will stood in the intersection of the intersection. The impression of the Internet industry is often fast, the pressure is large, unstable, and the 35-year-old age high-voltage line, especially in the past 2021, the large factory collects winter, the Internet industry layoff, optimized news frequently, these factors lead to conversion The people in the track increase.

Whether it is a layoff, optimize passive resignation decisions, or is actively leaving, more and more Internet people are active, and more and more Internet people have decided to give up the original orbit, and flour into the troops.

Today, the deep burning and several people who choose to leave the Internet industry will talk about it. Among them, some people have dropped a pain in the Internet industry for a few years, and they also encountered unemployment. I feel dark, I have been hit, and I started to take care of the joke; some people discovered that it is difficult to balance the business and family, quickly to reverse the direction, After returning to the production, it still spent more than 30,000 registration counseling classes; some people put themselves in the hotel for a month.

After "on the shore", they found that the salary of civil servants will have a lot of shrinkage with Internet companies, and work is far from rumors. It is so easy to drink tea. Sometimes they don't even have to rush forward, but compared to the previous Internet work. The nervousness and high pressure, the civil servant work does have to give them a balance between work and life, some people finally have time to read, practice, drink tea, cooking, some people even participate in the square dance game. Here, it is their story.

Where do I work hard, I need my hard work

Small Shore | 23-year-old Guangzhou former Internet Company Content Operation

I am in the third internship in an Internet company. After graduating, I successfully turn forward, and I do content operation. I have been in this company for a long time, I have left this year, and I have been preparing for civil servants at the offense.

My family has always hopes that I will enter the system, but I have made myself to decide to go to private companies to do interesting work. I am learning to spread, it is very long, and the job found can come into contact with the project, make planning, do implementation, and the overall is in line with my imagination.

Source / Visual China

Three reasons are three points. First, I changed a team at the time, and the cooperation was very unclear, and the leadership did not have good.

Second, I gradually discovered that the work rhythm of Internet companies and my own life status is back. My life plan is to marry the child, but I observed the 30-year-old woman's 30-year-old woman and less. Of course, there is also a female leader under the family career, and I will call the child to write homework at 10 o'clock in the evening. I thought about it, I feel that I am hard to do this, I have no confidence and career.

The third is the common physical problems of the Internet people. Because I am doing a live industry, staying up late, I am always a forever, I have done less than two years, I obviously feel my body in overdraw.

Deciding that the Coagues have an opportunity. I was doing a project, and the whole team paid a lot of heart, the result is not satisfactory. In this process, I found that many times no one cares about how you do it in your work, as long as your data is beautiful, you will be packaged when you report.

I chose to enter the Internet at the time, I feel that everyone is in private enterprises, and I don't have to hit the corner, but the fact is not the case. So, when I see the truth, I think, since it is the same, then why don't I choose a more secure job?

I have a few friends around me, I have leaving the exam from the big factory, and there are several also plans. I was determined to be determined by my own departure, and I also plan to have a small group called "Deputy BOT". In the inside, we will have a thing that we want to leave every day, wait until the agreed separation time is hesitant, Go back and turn over.

So far, I have participated in a few exams, and I also took out my survival reported more than 30,000 yuan of coaching classes. I would like to try the opportunity of the Pearl River Delta. The opportunity of the examination, and the alternative program also has a test teacher and postgraduate study, anyway, it will not return private enterprises.

The salary in the system is indeed more than Internet companies. I have graduated the salary of 1.2W. I have a few troughs around you. The salary is even more. But I can accept it, because I want to stabilize, I want to balance work and family, then earn some money, it is impossible to be perfect.

I want to enter the system is not afraid that I have worked hard in the Internet, because I have a hard work, I have a civil servant friend, will be off work at 3:00, and the grassroots community staff is more tired. If the hard work is inevitable, then I have to be safe, I don't want to fall, no one can see it.

For the pursuit of deterministic, it may be part of humanistic part of Qiaoqi | 33-year-old media people Beijing

Before I admitted to civil servants, I worked for more than six years before and after two media, the second family in Beijing. At that time, the work intensity was very large, and the long-term is in high pressure and anxiety. It feels that the body does not eat, and it is also moving to the child. Family and friends feel too hard.

People are not permanent, have their own energy curves, us in 30 years old, it is difficult to return to just graduate, they can often let go of the night. News 365 days × 24 hours no stop, the media can only turn back between anxiety and the first high pressure without topics, the desire must not be, I want to stop, I think most Media people understand.

I chose to test civil servants, a large part of the reason is relatively stable, and it is to always feel the perspective of the media work. The more I feel, the more I feel, I entered the civil servant, in fact, I want to be a practitioner, get more Comprehensive cognition.

The Coach is only an attempt at the time. Success, I will explore another life possible; fail, there is no loss.

I have taken it before, and finally the interview is not passed. Last year, I didn't report the training class. I usually do some of the testing exercises after get off work every day. The media industry is still more advantageous during the written test stage. I basically use the work as a review, will consciously pay attention to and organize the time-political news, focus on the article, so the application is basically not specifically reviewed.

My most concentrated preparation is the five-year fake before the written test, and finally, I will play a role in the invisibility of the previous reserves, because my Boske is studying in the 985 institution, and the college entrance examination mathematics is 149 points.

As I said, the interview should be more difficult. Due to the work of writing, the text is my comfort, which also causes me to have a lightweight society. But the interview, you have to be confident, generous, talk about it, so it is more difficult to "more energetic". I was watching "Challenge Moderator", "Wonderful Say", to feel their enthusiasm, expression, and constantly correct themselves.

Source / PEXELS

In addition to work, I will do all the issues that may be encountered when I can prepare the interview. I comforted myself: the day arch is a pawn, and I don't donate. Even if you fail, you have also harvested logical thinking and language expressions. Although the society is still still, it is still lucky to pass the interview.

Now recalling, in addition to the preparation pressure, the external pressure that is loaded is not small. On the one hand, I have been 32 years old when I take the exam, and the opportunity is already very small. A larger pressure comes from work, because the interview preparation stage requires the unit to discharge agreed to apply for the application, some means that "resignation letter" has been paid in advance, if the interview failed, the face is still a second, basically replace work NS. However, it is good to be shore.

But after the shore, I found that civil servants are much busy than the idea, and overtime is normal. However, I at least to eat a meal, rest at noon half an hour. More satisfied is that colleagues are very good, let themselves can find insufficient places to improve.

Although the salary treatment of civil servants is more than half, everyone is not the same, I have no pursuit of life quality, and the daily consumption level is not high, wearing work clothes, eating a look, sitting on shuttle, and will not There are too many additional consumption, simple life will have a lot of anxiety.

The Coopean is getting hotter, I think, pursuit of determinism may be part of humanities. Social respected everyone's choice, whether it is to choose the spray in the sea or the gravel of the coast, as long as it is active and choice, it should be respected. Regardless of the gauge or not, determine the value of life, not a big factory or which organ, but yourself. As long as you keep aware of your heart, you will live up to every job, no matter which path you choose, you will not go wrong.

After the unemployment, you will have a darkness of your life, and you can now you can

Liu Wei | 30-year-old Internet Company Copywriting Planning Gansu

After graduating from my postgraduate, I have been in the Internet industry. At the end of 2019, I entered a new company. When I interviewed and my leaders were very virgin. After the entry, my daily and team collision creative is also very fast. I thought it was a long time in this company, but I didn't expect this to be my wish. After two months, the leaders came to me to talk, think that I am not in line with the company's values, not suitable for this company. So, I lost my job.

At that time, I have been a big blow, I originally thought that I can rush forward all the way, I didn't expect new jobs, I just stopped.

At the beginning of 2020, the epidemic broke out, and the line stopped. I have interviewed several companies, I also got offer, but there was always a sense of falling, and the work content did not break through and surprised. What is more frustrating is that because I have been in the Internet industry, the usual work is too fast, often staying up late, the working pressure is relatively large, falling a disease, often back pain, stomach pain, insomnia anxiety, I feel that I am weak Fall down.

At that time, I didn't fall in Beijing. I have to pay a rent. The cost of living is too high. The family advises me to go back to my hometown first, first adjust the body. After returning to my hometown, I also went to Xi'an, I was close to the home, and I was also related, but I found out that these companies were similar to individual households, and they didn't go. It was very bad for that time, there is no direction in work, very confused, the body's condition is often episodes, there is no strength, just like the soul, self-resentment, feel dark. Later, family felt that I can't go anymore, since most of my time is resting at home, it is better to try a civil servant. My mom often tells me a word, "You try, don't have to have too much pressure, just make a good set of rolls, the way, don't think anything else."

Source / Visual China

I can't let my family have been chanting at the ear, I have applied for two exams next to the next province and the hometown, bought the information and network class began to prepare. When I decided to examine, I was only ten days from the exam over the next door. I had a month of the exam, I was very tense according to the common sense, but I was very weak at the time, my heart is very weak, only a good day. I can learn hard my scalp.

Finally, the exam in the next Hall, I didn't even enter the interview. The job was very popular competition very fierce, and I didn't pass it. However, the post of our hometown, I passed the written trial, I officially entered the job in November last year, became a civil servant.

By now, the civil servants have been on the top more than a year. Work has not been imagined to "nine nights five, go to work" is so easy, I will work hard to work on Saturday, I may have a double break in a month, but Ok, it is basically a personal time after getting off work, and it is not a stay.

In the first half of this year, my body is still very weak. It is often a fever, and there is no strength. One time I want to move a half-man's high information to the office, walking, suddenly, there is no strength, chest tightness, shortness of breath, a sense of suffocation, please go to Beijing to see a doctor.

After a year of nutrients, it can clearly feel that your status is getting better. After the law is law, there is time to read books, practice, drink tea, cook, and friends climb, fishing, visit the park, I also learn Chinese medicine, go pick up medicine. The spirit is nourishing, my body is slowly better, I have a miraculous recovery for more than a dozen years of sinusitis.

After reviewing these two years, I feel that I am like a robbery, and I may never come, but I will finally come out and have got new. After staying in the hometown, I will find that the old family is very fast, far is not the conservative, backward look, and everyday work is very grounded, and you can learn a lot.

What is most satisfied, now I can not only enjoy the happiness of the family, but also in the ordinary days, and taste the little bit of life.

The home office is anxious, and it also participated in the square dance game after adapting to the new life.

Small flowers | 27-year-old movie marketing practitioners Hunan

I decided to be determined to be the public because of the anxiety brought about by the long-term home office after the epidemic in the 2020.

After returning to my hometown in the Spring Festival of the Spring Festival, the epidemic broke out. Originally, the company sent a notice to return to the company after the Lantern Festival, but the subsequent epidemic is getting more and more serious. In fact, I have always been to the company in August that year.

In fact, that year, the Lantern Festival has just been finished, parents will take turns to lobby me, don't go to Beijing, do a civil servant at home or be a teacher. I didn't care too much, and I had a long time, and I did a movie marketing. In the first half of the year, I didn't open it. The home office is nothing to do, and the heart began to shake.

At that time, there was a brother who had just admitted to the civil servant, and he was simply exchanged, and he borrowed some information that can be used. I have a good study grade, and I have a key graduation, English and political creature, and I have concentrated on the application.

My hometown in the four-tier cities, I was not high in the requirements of the exam, only a street office. The entire exam process is very smooth, my written test and interview are the first.

Source / PEXELS

In August, I went back to Beijing and organized some colleagues to eat near the company. I found that only half a year, everyone has a big change, some people still choose to stay in place, some people have turned, and some people are not going to return to Beijing.

In the next few days, I have been returned to the house, retreated the room, send some clothes home, some daily necessities gave friends who stayed in Beijing, waved, and they left.

My current salary is very low, only a few thousand dollars, the work content is also biased, and it is not difficult. Come into holidays and street activities, you need to work hard, but everyone's rhythm is not like the night, and the anxiety is reduced.

I just started to go to work, I am still in touch. It turned out that in the big factory, the surrounding colleagues are young, vitality, very foreign, chasing trend. Nowadays, colleagues are quite big, some have been grandma. However, I have begun to adapt, recently joined the street organized square dance game.

I plan to work for a while, and continue to tell the person, I will pay more attention to the recruitment of the provincial capital city. After all, I will buy a house in the future, and now I can't afford it. It is also an epidemic, so many people realize the importance of "stable work", so they started to take the city. Most people even entered the big factory, the income looks good, but the promotion space is still limited. The life of the big city is also very big, my own experience is "Beijing makes money Beijing flowers, I want to take home, respectively." However, as a teacher, I still advise everyone not to blindly, some people have not taken three times, and the mentality is very easy to collapse.

I don't want to work 30 years old to work until three or four points. "There is no most spelling, only more fighting" on the road.

Rainbow | 25-year-old Internet company planning Heilongjiang

I have worked more than two years before Internet company, changed three jobs, and the last job was planning, and the idea of ​​the examination civil servant was very strong. At that time, our project was coming, he had to stay up late to last three or four o'clock, and there was no time to go back and even more, and he took the subway to go to work in the morning. I saw that the child didn't have time to take care of the child. I took us back to the next night. I thought, I was 30 years old, even if I was promoted to the supervisor, I still have to be like this. This is not what I want.

There was also a colleague at the time, because the work intensity was very large, and there was no sign of nosebleeds in a signs for three or four times a week, so I felt very scared. I am tired of this day without life, I am determined to go home.

In the first year, I reported an exam to the exam, tuition fee of 30,000, promised that I have not taken a full refund. At that time, we live in a hotel, upstairs, downstairs. Get up at 7 o'clock in the morning, eat breakfast, study, have been learning at 11 o'clock in the evening, have a more effort, will take it until one or two in the morning. On this road, I really "didn't have the most spelling, only more fight."

That time I had a very fulfilling, but in fact, I would not go. I haven't left any money before working in Beijing, and these overheads have to be with home. This is different from the pressure on the civil servants just graduated. At that time, the student, the housekeeper required money, the heart is relatively good, after work, I have to parents, I feel very uncomfortable.

The information on this lesson I preserved because of the first year's foundation, I finally gone on the shore.

Everyone imagines that civil servants live, not only stable, welfare is good, it is still very leisurely every day, it seems to have no lives. But in fact, it is really not like this. When the grassroots staff, when the epidemic is serious, it is often connected for a month, and there is no rest on the weekend. The leaders of the unit are all overtaked to 10 o'clock every night. It takes 8 points to start working.

Source / Visual China

After a civil servant, many times have to rush to rush forward. For example, the epidemic is serious, you need to organize nucleic acid detection, we have to maintain order next to it. The winter is particularly cold in the northeast, we started from 12 noon, you have been standing at 56. When these work falls on you, you must do it, and the sense of responsibility is more serious.

Although it will work overtime, there is no more Internet companies, but I am still satisfied with the overall work. I also like the relationship between colleagues, they will care about me, ask me, what to eat, what problems can be found in life, and I am still anxious to introduce me. Although the salary is less, since I live at home, I have not declined the quality of life. In addition, I still have time to have a meal with friends.

I also felt more and more people in the past two years, but I didn't say that the Coopean must be good. After some people go to the shore, they have no such life, and they will resign. In short, think about what you want to do with you.

* The question chart comes from UNSPLASH. In response to respondents, Wenzhongshou, Qiaoqi, Liu Wei, small flowers, rainbow is the name.