Aiqi Art University layoff, in fact, you have witnessed Gong Yu's mistakes.

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Aiqi Art University layoff, in fact, you have witnessed Gong Yu's mistakes.

2021-12-05 12:04:02 22 ℃

Iqiyi "broken arm survive", but the road before Gong Yu is still difficult to be difficult.

| Author: Sui Tang Dynasty

| Editor: Ah

| Review: Labor Lingge

Chessing in the video industry is still coming.

On December 1st, Iqiyi was exposed to launching large-scale layoffs, rarely covering the company IP, game, film, film and television, etc., and the proportion of layoffs is 20% -40%.

The object of layoffs is also "raindrops". It is reported that in addition to the grassroots employees, there are no people in the director level. These tried employees need to complete the post before the end of the month, and iQiyi will give N + 1 compensation.

During a considerable period of time, the market share of iQiyi was stable, and the CEO Gong Yu was one of the "words" of the video industry. His vision was once "to be a great entertainment company with science and technology innovation", but now I have to break the arm for survival.

At the beginning, Gong Yu led Aiyi to kill a blood road in a red sea market, such as Dragon Slayer Juvenile Hot: The first to transform from the PC transformation, the first art "地", take the lead in the "copyright war" ... 10 In the past year, Gong Yu's innovation of the video industry can be covered with a sky.

But "Dragon Junior End of Dragon" seems to be a kind of fate.

Gong Yu took off

More than one person uses "self-confidence" to describe Gong Yu. He looks a weak scribble, the chin is shaved, and the shape is thin.

Gong Yu graduated from Tsinghua, and he went from undergraduate from undergraduate. The 9-year Tsinghua Garden time gave him a typical science male temperament - proud, smart, dare to decide. In addition to the lessons, he has developed a set of data management system tools, books, tobacco transactions, how can the hotel can manage, and the money earned "eat and drink."

· Gong Yu is in the Sohu working period.

After graduation, Gong Yu's work history is relatively simple. He first independently started, and found a property website focus network; then came to Sohu, such as the day, worship under Zhang Chaoyang door; in 2010 officially added Baidu, and hears with Baidu's video strategy. According to legend, Baidu selected Gong Yu in the list of the candidates of hundreds, because Li Yanhong believes that he "has a spirit of entrepreneurship".

In 2010, Gong Yu "is ordered" to create an iQiyi. At each time, the video market is already a red sea. Youku, potatoes in this field for many years, Sohu, Tencent is also "killing red eyes" here, and then the songs after heaven.

Gong Yu grabbed meat from the "Tiger" mouth. In 2010, China's Internet from the PC side moved to the mobile terminal. The first batch of video giants such as Potato, LeTV arrived at that moment, and iQiyi successfully squatted the mobile high-speed train under the confident and bold research of Gong Yu.

In June 2010, I only two months of Iqiyi opened, Gong Yu formed an independent mobile team and "booked the tester". In 2011, iQiyi's installed capacity is about 10 million in the mobile terminal, and this number has risen by 10 times later. In 2014, Iqiyi mobile traffic accounted for 60% of the large traffic, and mobile advertising revenue was more than 30%.

The propoy mobile phone is Gong Yu's proud of Gong Yu, he has recalls: "The so-called forward-looking is to get early, gambling. We started late in the PC side than Youku potatoes, it is not easy, but The mobile phone is the same starting line. In the second half of 2010, when we moved the video, we have rushed to the first. "

· Gong Yu attended the event.

In addition to the layout of the mobile, insist on optimistic the payment model of the member is also a forward-looking decision for Gong Yu. In the age of "spending money to watch video is the world, this decision is bold, it is difficult to advance.

Iqiyi members pay the fees to start in 2011, Gong Yu gave the team to set hundreds of thousands of members of KPI, and finally completed only 20%. The team is smoothed, but Gong Yu firmly believes: "The content is always valuable, good content must be bought." The cruelty is that they still have not completed the mission, the third year is still not completed.

Until 2015, Iqiyi's membership payment business finally ushered in the explosive growth. That year, iQiyi explosive network drama "Tomb Notes" set off a payment, not very accustomed to domestic users, and opened the wallet for it for the first time.

· "Tomb Notes" poster.

When the system of Iqiyi was "thief note" huge payment and playing application, Gong Yuzheng was eating together in Hong Kong and the partner, busy with the entertainment, and the mobile phone handling it took one after another. complain.

Gong Yu later made a reap over the membership payment business in 2015. He believes that the "country increases copyright protection and mobile payment technology" has contributed to the "results" of the year. According to the interior of iQiyi, the accumulation of "the first 5 million people" in 10 million paid users is from 2011 to 2015, and the accumulation of "second 5 million people" is only It took 5 and a half months.

At the end of 2015, Gong Yuyi was announced that the number of Iqiyi paid members broke through 10 million on December 1. Turning his head, he said in a financial media: "The outside world only sees the success of iQiyi, in fact, the middle experience has experienced all kinds of hard, uncertainty and confused." Today, member business has accounted for iQiyi More than half of the total revenue.

On the other hand, Iqiyi's foreign army has from Gong Yu's forward-looking decision, and on the other hand, it is inseparable from "dry" Baidu support. In those years, Baidu is an absolute traffic giant on China's Internet. In the search end, the search end is inserted into the traffic of iQiyi, ensuring iQiyi can use PC and mobile "two legs". · On March 29, 2018, iQiyi was listed in Nasdaq, USA, and the bell is in addition to Gong Yu and Iqiyi executives, and Li Yanhong couple.

"It is nothing to do. In this industry, we have to do a boss." A few years ago, Gong Yu held his own golden glasses to reveal the circles.

But in fact, he has found out that the video market has a "running".

Crazy circle

While Iqiyi grows, the entire long video market has become crazy.

According to Gong Yu recalls, in February 2011, each video website began to buy exclusive copyrights. "This suddenly pushed us on the tip of the wind, only to the water!"

In the first half of 2011, Sohu video took a new "returned Pearl" website with a new "returning Pearl" website with 30 million yuan; 2012, Youku announced the exclusive copyright of "Struggle" brothers "Beijing Youth", and Net biography is also high. Later, "Naked Marriage Age" "The Beautiful Times of Daughter-Daughter" is not available in iQiyi due to copyright issues.

In those years, the Polytechnic Men Gong Yu began to seriously study the TV series. He has finished reading the "man help" "" step by step "" Beijing Love Story "from his head to the end, but in the end, it is still not good. Sometimes he feels "a little problem" drama, but he is sought after by the market, which makes him feel very confused.

Gong Yushan is like a pin felt. If you don't buy copyright, you can only fall an end of the extruded bureau. In 2012, iQiyi also joined this "copyright lobbity", was exposed to buy "Taiping Princess Secret History" per episode of 1.5 million yuan. But high content costs have not exchanged enough benefits, and iQiyi has given a lot of money because of this dramatic.

· "The Secret History of Princess Taiping" poster.

Passive beating is not a style of Gong Yu. In 2013, he found a variety of "地".

"Hunan Taiwan is the best one of variety shows. In 2013, they sold to each video website package price is 6 million (yuan), we talk together with the positive, deputy header, and finally reached an agreement, we bought 5 A show, gave them 200 million. "Gong Yu said," Some people say that I am crazy, it has risen into 200 million exclusive prices from 6 million, why I found it, even if I don't pull it, others will also I pulled the price and proved this judgment afterwards. "

It is reported that the five variety of Gong Yu talking about the "Dad" "" Happy Base Camp "" Happy Base Camp "," We are almost all the explosive variety of the year. Since then, China's variety copyright has also embarked on the same way as TV dramas.

· "Where Dad is going", "is red.

The whole of 2014, each video platform soldiers divided into two ways, set off "腥 血 雨" in a variety copyright market. PPTV won the "strongest brain" exclusive power of Jiangsu Satellite TV; Hunan Satellite TV "I am a singer 2" is in LeTV income; Dongfang Satellite TV "China Talent Show", Zhejiang Satellite TV "I Love Voice", CCTV 3 sets "China's Good Song", Hunan Satellite TV "Deformation" four major popular varices are detached by Tencent video. At this point, the price of the popular variety of excitement has risen to a single season of 10 million yuan.

Also in 2014, a Weibo hot search suddenly triggered - "Sohu Video Fall".

At the beginning, Zhang Chaoyang led Sohu video to introduce the top right of the United States drama, "jailbreak" "The Delicious Poison" "Paper House" and other classic episodes have reflected Sohu video poisonous viking eyes. But it is worse than the BAT wealth, Sohu is the first video platform forced to give up exclusive copyright.

Sohu is determined to use the homemade drama, the success of "Silk Men" has let Zhang Chaoyang see the hope of turning over. But with Dapeng and others will leave, Sohu's homemap drama is getting smaller and smaller until everyone is forgotten.

The first batch of extruded bureaus included Sohu video, which would not be ignorant. Sohu is known as the "Huangpu Military Academy of Video Platform". When Zhang Chaoyang's 麾, he did not only have Gong Yu, but also Gu Yongzhen, Cool 6 Network, Li Shanyou, etc.

· From left to right, it is Gong Yu, Zhang Chaoyang, Gu Yongzhen.

However, Gong in the second year of the bomb in the variety "地", Sohu lost the exclusive power of "China's Good Voice 3" - its online copyright fee is 200 million yuan, the price is more than the previous quarter. Double, Zhang Chaoyang only glanced at this big cake away from his hands and fell into Tencent's pocket.

In 2014, Gong Yu said in an interview with "Financial World Weekly": "That said, it is difficult to escape the prices, but we can't escape the responsibility. But the price of variety shows will not last too long, maybe there will be another year. Next, it is two-pole differentiation. "

Self-made content

The outside world is recognized that Gong Yu's character is similar to Zhang Chaoyang, and people around me have evaluated them "people" "sex." Although the two will not be able to get people, some comrades. When Zhang Chaoyang went, Gong Yu passed his clothes and played homemade.

In 2014, Ma Dong, the first season of Aiqiyi's chief content official, led the original CCTV team, and finally handed over the number of more than 260 million, the title fee of 50 million yuan, and the Douban 9.0 points. . · "Qi Qi said," The first quarter reputation, the heat is double harvest.

"Fall in love with super mode" "Please, the refrigerator" "Are you normal?" In May 2015, the "Jinghua Times" comment "Network Homemade Variety Start Challenge TV Station", writing: "Now we often see a variety of villaraes of the TV, in the next few years, if there is a network homemade variety The appearance, that may be another good play. "

In this tide of this vigorous self-made variety, Gong Yu once again became a tide.

Before the Spring Festival 2017, Iqiyi's executives conducted a few rounds of closed planning, the theme was replicated "Wonderful Said" This "self-made explosive variety". A group of people closed the "brain" for a few days, a planned case was put in Gong Yu's case, it is "China has hipple". Gong Yu believes this show "Model mode is vague, it makes everyone feel very cool, very tidal, very strong, this is enough."

For this program, Gong Yu is almost a "home" of love. The "Mongcheng Song King" has always directed the car, "Run Bar Brothers" before editorial drama, "cross-border song king" general director Qiang Peng, as well as the famous "China has hip-hop" planner Chen Weiquan to concentrate on a project middle. Chen Wei said: "For this program, there is no residue."

Later, "China has a hip-hop" and red, the story has been well known. However, many people don't know, behind the surface, there is an abnormal data - the production cost is rising. In 2014, when the "Qi Qi said", the whole season cost is only 20 million yuan, but when the "China has a hip,", the cost has increased by 10 times. Even with the difference in program type, this cost growth is still not normal.

· The inferment of "China has hips" is hot.

In this regard, Gong Yu has said: "Iqiyi has never heeds to recruit excellent talents to join the company, give them the opportunity, give them budget, give them a variety of resources. The most important thing is to give these people failing opportunities, go Be completely original, completely affiliated with the show. "

But iQiyi is a listed company, chasing interests is natural.

In 2019, Iqiyi Joint Homemade Idolic Variety "Youchus has you" again brush the whole network. At the same time, the spending of the explosive variety of sponsored boats high. By the 2021 "youth has you 3" production, the title fee is already a price.

In order to earn the advertising fee, the title of the name of the name is a road that uses the program traffic to earn money. For example, fans must purchase their products to obtain voting materials inside the bottle cap. This causes many people to turn off the milk after opening the drink, as long as the bottle cover. In the case of the present, this phenomenon rapidly pushed the tip of the monury and iQi art in this phenomenon.

· People's Daily Weibo comment "Film Incident".

When the "milking incident" is just fermented, Gong Yu's attitude is still very optimistic. At the first quarter, he said: "Future draft show, if the vote can only be free, the impact of advertising revenue We are still evaluated. We initially see that this advertising income has the influence of this advertising, but will not Very large. "

Gong Yu did not expect the follow-up. On the day of the May Fourth Youth Festival, Xinhua News Agency published a sharp evaluation "Youth has you 3"; in September, the Radio, Film, General Administration officially issued a notice, and clearly banned idols to develop classes. This means that the video website has ended this to get the flow and the end of the benefit.

The disaster is not alone. Since this year, Iqiyi's homemade drama market has also emerged.

From 2019 Tencent Video, "Chen Dynasties" started, the video website has developed a new gameplay - when the popular drama is broadcast, the members can take the extra money, and read more episodes in advance. The self-made drama of iQiyi also uses this model. But this practice triggered the dissatisfaction of netizens, China Consumers Association also voice: "Video Platform VIP service should be compliant according to law, quality prices, less routine, more sincere."

In October This year, iQiyi announced the official cancellation of the episode, and cancel the content promotion patch advertisement visible. Just a year ago, Gong Yu was still "hard": "The super-broadcast mode is very successful, and the future will become a normal state and make the scale."

Cancellation of advanced on-demand, the iQiyi US stock market fell nearly 5%, and its share price was 70%.

At the same time, the "quality assignment" of the iQiyi self-made drama also lost magic in 2021. After the "hidden corner" and "silent truth", after the high score of the Douban bombings 8.8 and 9.1, the next few play was connected to the "Fray Theater", this golden word sign has been covered with a layer of shadow. .

· "Hidden Corner" poster.

Some people think that "hidden corners" and "silent truth" of the original author Zijin Chen was dig away from the heavy gold, so that the fog theater lost the core character.

In short, the days of iQiyi are really a bit bad.

Lively money

These years, Iqiyi explosions did not do less, but they did not lose money.

In 2018, many of the first-line employees of Aiqiyi found that the company's exposure line rose straight, but its performance has been shrinking. Former employee Zhou Qi (pseudonym) tells the "Global Family" reporter: "2017 (I), the monthly salary is still 13K, the result has dropped to 8K in 2018." A interesting detail is that before 2017, Iqiyi employees Each person can receive 5 packs of paper towels per quarter, but in 2018, only 3 packs per person per quarter. The salary is mainly because she is responsible for leaving low, and the reason why it is lowered is that Iqiyi will transfer a lot of traffic resources to the "S-class" project that supports the head. "The whole company is in combination with several S-level projects, they took the promotion of our promotion. Our performance is calculated by flow, less advertising, and traffic will be less, salary will become less."

At the same time, the wage is less, Zhou Qi finds that his work is increased. "We need to fully cooperate with S-level projects, editing their tidbits and surroundings, doing a good surrounding product, but doing these will not add too many performances to us. And in order to protect our own project traffic, we will go to the level The flow of the project is behind this series of cumbersome workflows. "More critical is that some S-class projects that consume a lot of resources have not produced too much sound," purely waste flow ".

2018 is the year of Iqiyi listed, there is no two in the market. However, in June of the year, a group of middle-level and entertainment center, led Zhou Qi, left a deep impression. "That time the company feels turmoil, the project change is significantly more frequent than 2017. Many people feel the 'Mountain rain is full of wind full of buildings'." Waiting until the new leader is in place, the turmoil has exacerbated. Zhou Qi recalls: "The new leader has made a lot of delicate articles, but the effect is not good, and finally can only go to the traffic of the S-level project."

In fact, in 2019, iQiyi has already conducted a round of layoffs, and Zhou Qi met almost "unidentified". The layoff style of Times is in the near future: "I will tell you that you don't have to go to work next month, and the compensation is given according to the relevant law."

As the only independent listed enterprise in the three giants of the long video, Iqiyi has long been negative, and it is in a sustained loss. Its latest third-quarter earnings report, the third quarter of 2021 was 7.6 billion yuan, but the net loss was as high as 1.7 billion yuan, far exceeding the 1.2 billion yuan net loss in the same period last year.

· Gong Yu attended the event. Image Source: Cover News.

This is an important reason for the impact of content production costs.

The video website has reached the level of copyright. However, many copyright long-tailed effects are insufficient. After a period of heat, it is permanently dust-sealed, no one cares.

The expenses of the same performance artifact are also crazy. Screenwriter Wang Hailin said: "When the Internet platform competes for the market to share the market, they do not count on, burning money, can buy a drama of 1 billion yuan, the actor is high, and the actor is fry."

In the words of Gong Yu, the long video is a "poor temple rich monk" industry, and the star director has earned big money, and the video platform is lost. He has publicly complained: "" Strike money, smash resources, even a destructive behavior, no way, otherwise you will wait to be eliminated. "

When "Internet Capital Three Ax" - "Burning, crowded with the peers, earning the price" to enter the long video market, iQiyi's dilemma is almost inevitable.

Today, people will describe what happened in the same year's video platform market as "internal volume and monopoly". People can't find this standard initiator, because it is a "Zhang San not doing Li Si will also do" things. This kind of thinking is not allowed in the film and television circle, e-commerce, travel, buy vegetables, etc.

This kind of "winner" thinking is concerned about the thinking of consumers. Imagine, in case the future, the video three giants fell two, then the place where the player will increase any member price? Will you recover "Member Exclusive Advertising"?

At this moment, Iqiyi "broken arm survive", but in the crazy capital game, the road to Gong Yu is still difficult to be difficult.