Oil price is "big drop"!Brothers who want to cheer, then insist!

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Oil price is "big drop"!Brothers who want to cheer, then insist!

2021-12-05 12:04:26 27 ℃

According to the data released by the Ministry of Public Security, the number of car insurance in my country has reached 297 million, and the passenger car ownership is 25.6 million. The load car is 32.42 million, if the family is calculated according to the family, then Each family has a car with an average of about a car.

Of course, buying a car is not as difficult as buying a house. Basically everyone can afford, because many automakers have launched zero first payment and interest loans in order to sell cars, so as long as there is a stable job and income source people can I bought a car.

However, it is difficult to buy a car. This is the truth that all have a car family. Now, the cost of raising a car is spelling a child, especially the value of the car, the higher the cost of car. At present, there are three main aspects of the cost of caring, the first is insurance premiums, this cost is one or two thousand years, more than one million each year; the second is maintenance fee, normal to talk about it every year Thousands of pieces; the last one is the oil fee, this has no way to give the specific expenditure amount, and there are many expenditures, and there is less expenses.

A car is not frequently frequent, it depends on the high price of oil prices. When the oil price is high, many people will reduce the frequency of driving, and when the oil price is low, the frequency of driving will increase. What is the decision of the oil price?

More than 70% of China's oil is imported. Therefore, the high price of domestic oil prices is determined by international oil prices. The international oil prices rose, and the domestic oil prices will follow up, the international oil prices fell, the corresponding domestic oil prices will fall. But we all know that international oil prices are changing, a good or bad news will affect the trend of oil prices, so in order to maintain oil prices, the national launch of the pricing mechanism of refined oil, normal every ten working days will adjust the oil price .

If the international oil price is rising, the domestic oil prices will rise once. Vioence, if the international oil prices fall within 10 working days, the domestic oil prices fell once. Since the beginning of this year, domestic oil prices have been raising, from last year's "5 yuan era" entered the "7 yuan era", and the individual regions have even entered the "8 yuan era", filled with a box of oil and last year. Compared with nearly 100 yuan, this is a relatively large number of people, especially those who often drive.

Previously, according to expert prediction, the price of international crude oil at the end of the year may exceed $ 100 / barrel. This prediction also makes a car family feels the pressure of the mountain, but we all know that the international situation is the moment of changing, and has been in the United States in the United States in recent time. The country released a large amount of oil reserves, plus the latency of the OPEC + conference, which caused the international oil price to fall under a variety of airlines, and the price of Brent crude oil is reduced to $ 67.32 / barrel.

According to the adjustment schedule of my country's oil price, the next oil price adjustment time is December 3, according to the current international oil price, it is expected that the downtrend of domestic oil prices will reach 360 yuan / ton, almost It is 4 times that of the last drop, the equivalent calculation is 0.27 yuan / liter -0.33 yuan / liter to fill a 50L car as an example, and the oil will be about 15 yuan. The adjustment of this oil price should be the biggest "decline" since this year, so the brothers who are ready to refuel, and then insist that they can add inexpensive oil.