Analysis of the highlight of winter Olympus and future price trend

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Analysis of the highlight of winter Olympus and future price trend

2021-12-05 12:04:36 26 ℃

The central bank announcement has been released, and the 24th Winter Olympics commemorative bank began to make an appointment on December 14, officially issued on December 21. A set of 2, an ice movement is a plastic banknote, and the other snow movement is a banknote, and the face value is 20 yuan (as shown), the issue is 200 million sets. Announcement, the collection enthusiasts have been in the same amount, and everyone is flattering, and everyone has spit and consistently believes that the issuance is large, not optimistic.

Winter Olympics Highlights

This is the sixth set of commemorative banknotes issued in my country, although there is a lot of highlights. One is 20 yuan is a new face value of commemorative banknotes, the face value is low; the second is one pair, a piece of paper banknotes, this is the first release of banknotes, characteristics. The third is that Olympic banknotes are major international themes, and foreign collectors also have demand.

Winter Olympus price trend analysis

It is always a small amount of king in the coin collection market, there is a highlight, but the amount of issuance is large to exceed the market acceptance, nor will it take good. 200 million issues Announcement has caused the market's response, which is not optimistic about the future price trend. I am also not optimistic, but it is definitely higher than the winter Olympic.

At present, the pre-sale price released on a certain fish platform is between 45-60, most concentrated from 50 yuan; the purchase price is 43 yuan. The pre-sale price of the WeChat group is between 46 and 52 yuan.

The current futures collection price is basically rational, but the transaction is not known. Personal estimation, the release of 4 Pei listing is about 50 yuan, the standard ten pairs of 520 yuan, fluctuating around this price. After a period of time, the price is stable between 45 and 48 yuan, which should be a price balance point, due to the lack of impulsiveness, due to the fact that the appointment and other manpower have not been too large, if the fell is 45 yuan, Bold start. Some people are more optimistic, estimated to be 60 yuan, 80 yuan, or even 100 yuan, I think the possibility is small, because the price of 70 billion yuan is less than 50%.

Winter Olympics is the same, the same, the same, find the Leopard lion, etc., will be the number as the king.

The quantity is quite the number. Winter Olympics is also a focus on playing the number, people are shrinkage. First, the number of the noise is the same. The total tail 4 digits is the same as collection value. There will be a good premium, the higher the number of points, the higher the number of points, the number of tail 4 digits will be more than 60 yuan, and the standard can be more than 650 or more; The second is to match the same, the two banknotes are identical to the crown number (see a picture, 2 banknotes are the letter J), the difficulty is difficult, the total number, the premium will be higher, It is estimated that the son can go to 95 or more, the standard is 10 to 1100; the third is the number playing method such as the Lion Leopard, the radar number, the repetitive number, and so on. Winter Olympics a group of leopards (mixed) prices should go to more than 700.

Winter Olympics "released, providing more space for enthusiasts, also brings imagination space and hope for winter Olympics appreciation. Bless readers good luck, can be exchanged to your favorite numbers.