Chuanpu debts 13 billion relesemented by my wife?She auction "myself" second to earn millions of super shocks

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Chuanpu debts 13 billion relesemented by my wife?She auction "myself" second to earn millions of super shocks

2022-01-14 00:09:55 22 ℃

In the new year, the White House has also launched a lot. I think that the Sichuan Pu is still in the best results a year, and now Sichuan is silent. I have no one.

Sichuan will not participate in the 2024 election, no letter, is a low-key Melania, and recently once again become a top flow.

Just in the company's business operations, the owed will be 1.3 billion US dollars, while the assets are large and shrink, MELLNA has entered the virtual currency ring, and the auctions "I" earned a big profession. Laughing by foreign media said: Chuanp family will make money by Merraneia.

The house girl is working, still does not take the Sichuan

Although Merania is a model, she accidentally does not like to show the show, when I was in Chuanpu, Melonia had a variety of negative and discouraged, seeing Kawu to lose, put the baggage in advance Out of the White House.

Her front assistant said that Meliiia is very confracted by the White House, it is absolutely facing at home, and it is absolutely facing online. For this reason, the staff of the White House ridicule her "I adapt to the home isolation in the epidemic."

As the security of the security bureau, I also gave Melania a "long hair princess", because she almost never came out from the luxury home.

Every day, homes is doing spa at home, engage in skin, fitness.

Meliia is in the family and the child at Barron

She believes that only the mood is relaxed to keep youth, so we must ensure a long sleep time every day, so that the staff is difficult to find her before 10 am.

This doesn't want to go to work, just want to lying, the mood is too real, who can think of it, one day I can talk to Meliia.

Merraneia and Michelle Obama have different forensic people, there is no expression.

Since the removal of Kawaku, Meliiia didn't send twice, sometimes two or simply did not send two or simply. But at the end of last year, she suddenly began to actively open, and everyone didn't know what medicine sold in the rich people.

She is not only pushing several times, and she also accompanying Kawa to participate in many offline activities, Christmas and New Year's Eve, have a large dinner in their Florida Resort. Everyone in the dinner, all the children of the Chuanjia, the Republican Party is attended by one.

I used to call out, the big Christmas boring Meliia, in this dinner, the decent dress, and the Sichuan still a pair of husband and wife.

Unworthy Sichuan Advanced Gate

Fu Po Traditional Art Event - a second smile disappears

In the final ballroom dance, these two people also seem to be less familiar with each other. The whole journey is not right, and it is mechanically twisted. I can't help but sigh: it is you, Meliia, or this taste!

Who can think of the enthusiasm of Melania, it is actually to make money to make money ...

Make money to support the female colon queen Queen?

"Forbes" recently estimated that the current total debt of Kawu was as high as 1.3 billion US dollars, and 738 million debts in the next three years will expire.

After the removal of Chuanpu, Sichuan family also needs to pay a large number of civil and criminal proceedings, and the company in Chuanp is so rich before.

Some people speculate, maybe it is therefore, Melonia has a crisis awareness, and she has begun to make money.

In the past, she did not start a business, did the jewelry, developed high-end skin care products, but they were not successful.

This time, Meliia took a way to all people did not expect the road - fried virtual currency!

Not long ago, she launched a NFT digital product, named "The Vision of Meliia", is a watercolor painting drawn from the French painter Kurulong.

She said this picture represents her encouragement to everyone - look forward to the inspiration, strength and courage.

NFT introduced in the previous article, is an encrypted digital currency that suddenly emerged last year.

Each NFT represents a unique digital information. They are treated as art or collection auctions, through the block chain technology, can guarantee the number of buyers to buy with a unique characteristic to meet modern buyers (zhuang ) Tibet (B) 's desire.

It is now considered NFT with the value of the collection, and it can be auction hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dappradar reports that 2021 NFT trading volume exceeds $ 23 billion, is a rising wealth password.

In addition to the artists who are in the art, many people who have been involved in NFT are beautiful women's nets or celebrities with certain influence.

Meliiia sees this opportunity, the price of the NFT version of this painting is an encrypted currency Solana, which is about 1110 yuan.

Don't don't have much money? But you can't stop buyers. (Although some netizens said that Ning can buy the NFT of this picture below)

The buyer under the website is now the number, and the first time I get a big earned Melonia, I will meet this product.

But she immediately touched the iron, launched the second wave of products: a white hat (in kind), a white hat (in kind), a Metonia, a Merragia, NFT digital version of the watercolor.

The starting price of three things is $ 250,000 (about 1.6 million RMB), only accepting the same value of Solana virtual currency payment.

This top hat is indeed commemorable for Meliiia.

At the beginning, Melania participated in the US president meeting, and this meeting took a few weeks after Kawu was exploded, it was the first publication of Meliia scandal. The top white hat is made by her private designer to match the day of the $ 2105 in white suit with Kawu, which will reduce people's suspicion of their feelings. In other words, the top hat is a symbol of the derailment of Chuanpu. Do you say that it is not enough?

In fact, the first lady will give museum or auction after the discharge of clothing, which is a very common behavior, because these clothing is considered to have specific historical significance.

Although the Mrs. Kennedy went to Michel Obama, he donated these things, but there was never a president's wife moved these things on a virtual monetary platform, so Meliia was less than a month in the virtual currency circle. Let netizens surprised more.

Melliia named these three products as the "National Heads", which will be auction more in this way.

After all, if you just auction a hat, you can only make a lot of money, and the Melonia has a three-time hat, the second yuan hat, always live in the hat in the virtual universe ...

No matter what you are Old School collectors or the tide of the virtual currency, they escape this wave circle.

The official website of Melania announced that the "partial" gains of the auction will donate to foster families and use as scholarships used in computer science. But she did not reveal the proportion of contributions. The media is also, it is estimated that most of the money will become the private house of Meliia, which is very small.

Although many people are in Mellania, they are making quick money, and they are "adults", and even some people suspect that this is her way to help Sichuan.

But some people think that she found a new positioning: "She didn't like Sichuan to change the world, just spend the time in the money, did not disturb anyone, wouldn't it be very thankful?"

Interestingly, with the successful NFT test water in Meliia, she turned into a new "virtual currency queen". Not only publishing NFT, I also talk about my opinion on virtual currency when I have a commemorative day of Bitcoin. I wish than that the Bitcoin goes far.

These remarks are not yet the netizens, but also some currency, including Anthony Pompliano, guess, Meliia is also a bitcoin player, it looks like a vase of house at home, it is not allowed to earnestly Big money.

Moreover, MELLNA is involved in virtual currency, and is also seen as a kind of a kind of behavior of the face of the face.

After Kawu, the encrypted currency is defined as "scam" and "the disaster that will happen", but after MELLNA, after earning the first bucket of gold, Chuan Pusha has come up with a big change.

He said in the official website: "Congratulations on my wife Meliia, her NFT reflects our originality, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit." The speech of his face was ridiculed by the media: "At least the Sichuan Pusher is finally There is a person with an entrepreneurial spirit. "

Although now, "Meliia to bear the pain and make a care" is a joke, but who knows that the rich woman will not really fly, let the Sichuan family can't climb?

Look at the lively is not too big, I really look forward to it ...