The ant consumption finance reforms the renovation, and the central financial enterprises suddenly give up stockings.

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The ant consumption finance reforms the renovation, and the central financial enterprises suddenly give up stockings.

2022-01-14 12:03:34 20 ℃

China's four major asset management companies announced on the 13th of the 13th that will no longer participate in the equity subscription to Chongqing Ant Consumption Finance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as antlein). On December 24 last year, China Xinda once announced that it would fund the RMB 6 billion to subscribe to the ants 20% of the equity. Now, the huge risks that the Ant Group's "Flower" and "Borrow" business have been resolved.

China Xin Da (01359.HK) Announcement Abandoned Subscription

According to the data, Chongqing Ant Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. was established on June 4, 2021, which is the main body that undertakes the ants "flower", "borrowing" and other consumption financial business rectification.

In November 2020, Alibaba's ant groups went to Hong Kong to be shut down, and the huge risks in its financial business triggered. Because the amount of consumer credit for the ant group consumption is huge, the registered capital is insufficient, which makes its financial business leverage, and the average level of commercial banks. In order to meet the requirements of regulatory requirements, the ant groups must add a large number of registered capitals for relevant business.

The ant groups present the rectification plan, promised to apply the overall financial holding company, and included the "flowers" and "borrow" small loan business into the consumption financial company, the next established Chongqing Ant Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.

Sky wind securities analysis pointed out that the average lever level of commercial banks, the leverage of ant gums can reach approximately 12 times, and "Notice on Further Regulating Commercial Bank's Internet Loan Business" stipulates that in the Unitedial loan mode, ant gum will not be funded. It is less than 30%. The current ant gums registered capital is 8 billion yuan, with a single loan and a joint loan mode to meet up to about 96 billion yuan, 320 billion yuan of consumption credit demand. According to the ant groups, as of June 2020, the Ant Group's consumption credit balance totaled 1.73 trillion yuan, and the supply and demand gap was large.

Therefore, further introduction of investors, increasing registered capital, is still an important task in front of ant gave.

On December 24 last year, China Xinda has issued an announcement that the company as one of the capital subscriptions, with the target company (ie ant gum), other capital-owned subscription agreements, and other existing shareholders. Equity subscription agreement. According to the equity subscription agreement, the target company issued a registered capital of RMB22 billion to all the capital consolidated subscription councils.

Among them, China Cinda will fund RMB 6 billion, subscribe for 20% of the foreign shares in cash. After the capital increase, the repurchase of the registered capital will increase from RMB 8 billion to RMB 30 billion, and the ant group will continue to hold 50% shares, and China's shareholding rights will rise to 24.003%, becoming the second largest shareholder.

Since China Cinda is one of the four major asset management companies initiated by the Ministry of Finance, the list of central financial enterprises, no matter whether the background is still very strong, coupled with other capital-owned subscription counters are also Yu Yuguang, Bo Chan Technology ( NetEase is famous, the above-mentioned capital of the capital (the flag of the Chongqing State-owned Assets Supervision and Commission), the above-mentioned capital income program was unanimously optimistic.

According to the Sky Breeze Securities, it is expected that the ant gum will meet the consumer credit needs of 3,600-12 billion yuan after the completion of the capital increase. With business development, follow-up or further capital increase.

The Cinda, China suddenly waited to increase capital, and there were market analysts believe that this may be related to China's own business strategy.

The public information shows that before the above capital increase announced, China Xinda has passed the 15% stake in Ant Guann Company through its wholly-owned subsidiary Nanyang Commercial Bank. The "21st Century Economic Report" quoted the industry's personnel pointed out: "If it is further involved in the capital adapter subscription, its investment in ant consumption finance this single standard company will be more concentrated."

Zeng Gang, deputy director of the National Finance and Development Laboratory, said that in recent years, the supervision department continues to guide the AMC industry (financial asset management company and local AMC) "return to the source, focus main", and continuously improve the core capabilities such as bad asset disposal, better Plays its role in financial risk prevention and resolution, "China Cinda does not further subscribe to the increase of ant consumption financial companies, which is likely to be considered for the requirements of the focus main business and investment concentration."

Ants responded to this, respecting investors' business decisions, Chongqing Ant Guanjin Company will actively consult with all investors under the guidance of the supervision department, continue to determine new capital increases as soon as possible, to ensure consumption The credit business rectification is in place.