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Evergrande official official, the trump finally hit

2022-01-14 18:10:39 15 ℃

In the past two days, the headquarters of Hengda Shenzhen has triggered a wide concern. Recretion of 2017 Changda General Headquarters is relocating from Guangzhou to Shenzhen, it is possible to say that the scenery is unlimited. It is necessary to know that the Evergrande of the year, but my country ranks first housing enterprise. But now I am deeply inferior to the debt crisis, I'm obviously not the constant time at the time. In order to save costs, Evergrande has to choose to retrieve the Shenzhen headquarters building and return to Guangzhou Husband.

Through this matter, in fact, we can also see that the constant situation is really less optimistic. Although the recent economic "keeping building" work has a significant progress, 39,000 suites have been delivered in December, which makes itself slightly relieved. But it is obvious that the debt of nearly 2 trillion yuan is facing the debt of nearly 2 trillion yuan, and the constant fund pressure is still great.

What's more, now my country's property market is in a "cooling period". In this environment, Evergrande wants to solve its own debt crisis only by real estate business, it is obviously not realistic. However, it should be noted that there are other ace, such as the new energy automobile business of Evergrande.

As early as the end of 2017, Hengda as a real estate giant, began to enter the market in the car market. And Evergrande is very keen on the car, and the accumulated investment in these years is less than 50 billion yuan. At the time of 2021 Hengda Defense Debt, as a corporate character, Xu Jiayin announced the decision of Evergrande to fully transform to new energy car companies.

It is not difficult to see that Evergrande This is the hope of solving its own debt crisis, bet in the new energy vehicle business. Based on this point, the new energy vehicle business can be said to be the largest ace in the Hunanta.

The new energy vehicle is the most hot air outlet industry, and the profit margin is indeed great. Therefore, once the success is successful, and the sales conditions are good, their own funds can really usher in great improvement, and it is also unfortunate that the General Assembly will wish to bet above.

At January 12th, the official Bo of Hengda has released the news: the Fortified Four models have been successfully launched in the Tianjin factory, the constant cars are really coming!

In fact, in November last year, Everbrucks have completed the declaration of Hengtun 5, and many people think that the model may be officially launched in 2021.

But no one thought that in the second round of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in my country, the name of Hengchi 5 disappeared. This report came out, and immediately caused extensive attention. Everyone thought that there was a "蛾". However, although the negative guess of the outside world is constantly, Evergrande official has never stood out to explain.

Subsequently in late December, there was news on the Internet to flow out: Hengsu 5 has successfully launched in Tianjin Factory. This time, it has been rumored, indicating that this is only the internal production line, and there is also a distance from the official offline.

But that time the rumors constant also identified a fact, that is, Hengsu 5 is not far from the official landing! Sure enough, 2022 have just been in the last 12 days, and Hengtun 5 is really coming!

It is worth mentioning that although Hengsu 5 has now launched, it is reported that the official production of the model will wait until the August of this year. Therefore, in a short time, I can't make money through the selling car. More critical is whether consumers will pay for the Hengfi 5 or an unknown number.

From the actual situation, the decline in the Everbright Car market is very amazing. During the peak, the market value of Hengda has exceeded HK $ 700 billion. However, as of January 13, the market value of Hengda cars only HK $ 37.52 billion.

Based on this point, many friends have maintained a doubt about whether the big flag of Evergrande cars will have a big development. The biggest key point now is what the sales status after the official mass production of Hengtin 5 is. If you sell well, then the market value of Evergrande will will increase rapidly. After returning to the huge funds, Evergrande is also expected to solve their own debt crisis.

In this regard, how do you see it? Welcome to the next message to discuss.

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