Remind the single blind box, 1 yuan from the "love sale"

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Remind the single blind box, 1 yuan from the "love sale"

2022-01-15 00:02:01 14 ℃

Do you know "Release Single Block Box"?

Initially, the linen blind box named "Run Switch" went to pay attention to the form of stalls, and almost zero-share sales attracted a wave of people to join.

After that, all kinds of off-single blind box products appear: offline off-single convenience store, online off-single blind box program, take off single blind box Taobao shop, ruined drama kill, take off the snorkers ...

More people are willing to spend a few hundred pieces of unequal price compared to the presence of exclusive privileges, and buy "fate". And a drifting bottle, a game, change a "hit", seems to be a pen to buy and sell.

Institutional prediction

But can you get a single blind box? And your love, who is buying and selling?

Retogenic box experience

The wind of "Untilinating the Store", the relevant topic swept the major social software, the store also opened to Chengdu, Shanghai, Tianjin, Xiamen, Shijiazhuang, Yantai, Beijing and so on.

Recently, the whipwhewers went to experience a line of off-order. This off-order convenience store is located in Wangfujing, "Beijing First Store", his ticket division is two: one is to include a single convenience store, a lost love museum, a unicorn beast empty art museum, a whimsy to reduce the museum The 99 yuan joint ticket, the other is 29.9 yuan of off-order convenience store tickets.

After we purchase 29.9 yuan ticket, we took a drifting bottle and a note at the front desk. The drifting bottle is divided into a pink girl's bottle, blue boys, and there is not a wish bottle.

Entering the interior of the deserted convenience store, directly reflecting the shades of the whole surface, the left hand is a message, the right hand is "off single blind box" torsion, and then go to the wall, There is also a card with a card. However, there is an additional charge for twisting machine and pat.

The overall space in the store is not large, and there is no time to stay.

The bottle on the wall is full of dangling, carefully see that the pink bottle is more. You can choose a bottle through the constellation, and the whip of the paste is carefully selected and starts to remove the bottle, then you will see the information left by others, such as age, work life and ideal.

However, many bottles fill in are perfunctory, such as if there is no contact information, some contact information is wrong, some remaining the contact information of others. There is also a bottle very popular, and the note information has been taken away.

What more people want to vomit, although it is a single message, but there is also a jar of "XX❤xx" and other Xuwen love information.

It is worth noting that the information of the offset cabinet can be free to read, unlimited. That is, if you have patience, you can take the contact details of a wall, but also means that the contact details of these bottles will be added.

If you have a very meaningful bottle, you want to buy this information, you need extra 3 yuan to take away the bottle.

During the laxation of the whipwut, only two waves, two boys came in and hurried to a circle and hurried away, and even the bottles were not filled out; two female students shot and discuss them too little, one Indicates that "people at least I like should not appear in the Delin Convenience Store."

"I saw it on the short video software. When I went to Wangfujing, I went shopping." The whipwoman contacted the experience of the contact information, Lin Xing said, I spent less than ten minutes. After leaving, "It is a mentality that holds 30 yuan to try a try.

"If you do anything to meet," I hope I can meet someone ", most of the experience people have the same idea with Lin Xing, everyone wants to" use a cup of milk tea money, change a person ".

However, can you really help up the order?

Some people have married the fate of the sea.

"A few days ago, there was a boy who gave him a favorite boyfriend in the store." Take the lant shop owner buckle told the whip of the cat, "she called let us take her down information." Not an example.

"There is a boy to three times, have not found my girlfriend." The clerk told the whip.

"There are several plus me." Xiao Sa told the whip of the whip, he added one before a week, but finally deleted. For reasons, Xiao Sa said is "I feel that I don't like the type after I have seen photos."

And Zhaoxi is recently added. "The offline friends are too wasteful." He said that he was too lazy. "In case people who meet the three views here."

Industrial chain on the single blind box

According to a review software data, a 49.9 yuan general adult ticket sold in Shanghai, a total of 79 yuan, a total of more than 40 million yuan.

The line of the blind box is hot, which promotes the online removal single blind box applet. Search "Removal Branding Box" in WeChat applet to find dozens of similar applets.

The whip of the whip is randomly selects a program experience, and it is necessary to pay the "personal information," put "personal information, or" extracting "other people's information.

However, men and women's charging standards are huge. Girl paying 0.01 yuan can be recorded in the note of personal information, spending 1 yuan, you can extract

A boy strip. Boys need to spend 1.99 yuan, take a girl's note, it takes 2.99 yuan. After the cost is 1 yuan, a page with photos and contact information is played out. Of course, it is also possible to appear like a whipwut. Due to the limited sample, there is no qualified note.

"From the disassembled blind box to decide but give up for a few seconds." Jiangxia told Seven Seven, but due to the low cost, it was very confusing, and the Jiangxia continued to smoke 5 strips.

Online "Reminding Brand Box" already has a complete industrial chain. According to the whip of the whip, this industry is currently consisting of two parts, the front-end business of the sales program source code and the back-end business of "Red Niang" agent.

The whipwut was contacted a few related merchants in an orange software in an orange software, and the price was not equal at 159-400.

"I used to sell one or two thousand, but now I know more people can only cost the price." Yu Ai said to the whipwut, "The code is like this."

And, Yu Ai also made a small skill to the whipwut attached: "You can write a few strips when you write the program, you can fill a few of yourself."

When the whip of the whip is not so much WeChat, Yu Ai said that no need to fill in the correct contact: "or can develop agency, let the agent write, this is viral marketing."

And the agent business he mentioned is actually a "red mother" of the off-single blind box interface. Become a red lady generally takes 9.9 yuan, and the red lady can be 50%.

The whipwut was also registered with a red brother, and then sent its link to a friend, but as of now, the whippery did not receive dividends.

甄 艾 艾 对 分 分 分 则 则 则 则 则 则. He reminded whipwheasant "Red Niang can't continue to develop red lady", because "more than three levels violate". However, other merchants said to the whipwut: "You can modify the procedure, so that the red lady will develop the red lady."


In fact, there are currently a lot of online stores, blind boxes, will become a kind of activity. For example, another off-single blind box "Super like" is located in Wangjing. The staff also revealed that the company behind "Super Like" is a maitrator.

"(We) is mainly organized underline activities, and there is a meeting of 1V1." The staff told the whip of the whip, "the success rate of the blind box is not high, or the offline activity is higher."

The whipwood experience found that "super like" interior in addition to off-order blind box, and 1V1 room, even marriage counsel, and the blind box wall in the store is more likely to drain.

According to the disclosure activities, the current "super like" will organize the cat coffee, handmade, wolf kill, KTV, climbing, etc., and contain some online dating activities such as some games.

For young people's "off" business, it is increasingly rich, off-single convenience store, and the order of the drama is killed, and even a single marriage consultant.

The "down" pain point of the current situation is mainly: the first social is narrow, limited to the area and age of the circle of the area, the social circle is not large; the second social pressure is large, and it is exhausted to maintain social; the third social channel is scarce Lack of finding the same way.

Therefore, the form does not seem to be important. Everyone is expanding its social circle in the above way. Maybe there will be a deformal reading meeting, set off the single open wheat, or even slap the single mahjong, a desofina concert, etc.

Behind the "Undending" business, there is a huge "single" market.

The data is expected that China's adult monk will reach 2.5-260 million, and it is expected that the number of adults in a living in a living in a living in the country will exceed 92 million in the number of adults in 2021.

The large number of people with large population and large single population need to release its huge social marriage needs through social channels, providing users' basis for the development of "off-order economy".

Will strangers social, will become the push behind the "off the economy"?

According to the Medical Research Data, the Golden Year of the Stranger Social App In 2017 and 2019, the financing amount broke through 2 billion yuan, and the number of investments reached 32 and 14 respectively.

Although the mobile Internet has passed, the user's size of mobile social intersection is large and increasing year by year. Data show that in 2020, China Mobile's social users has reached 924 million, expected that China Mobile's social network users exceeded 1 billion people in 2022.

At present, social software is mainly divided into live broadcasts represented by manegackers and peppers, with video clusters represented by micro-light, and the short video communities represented by more flashing and quick hands. Class and a random matching class represented by Mo Mo, Soul.

All along, strangers socializing is facing business challenges, and will become a good direction with a decided economy represented by a row-free box?