The "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan is released!The development of high-precision industries in Beijing, Beijing, ushered in these new opportunities -

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The "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan is released!The development of high-precision industries in Beijing, Beijing, ushered in these new opportunities -

2022-01-15 06:07:31 11 ℃

"The 14th Five-Year" National Information Plan "

"" 14th Five-Year "foreign trade high quality development plan"

"14th Five-Year" Medical Equipment Industry Development Plan "

"" 14th Five-Year "Industrial Green Development Plan"


High-precision industry layout development welcoming machine

"The 14th Five-Year" National Information Plan "made a deployment arrangement for the information development of my country's" 14th Five-Year Plan ". By 2025, the construction of digital China has made decisive progress, and the level of information development has risen sharply. The digital infrastructure system is more complete, the digital technology innovation system is basically formed, and the quality of digital economy has reached the world's leading level. The digital social construction has been steadily advanced. The standards of digital government have improved, and the digital people's livelihood guarantees are significantly enhanced, and the digital development environment is improved.

△ The first national industrial chain view in the country is officially settled in Beijing Jingban information map

Beijing Economic Development Zone accelerates the development of digital economy and builds a global digital economy benchmark city. In 2022, it will focus on digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and the rapid development of digital economic industries will be promoted. Actively build a global digital economy benchmark city, further consolidate the digital economic foundation, continue to do high-stronger collection circuits, new display, letter, intelligent network, etc., and further improve the independent controlled digital industrial ecology; Apply Gigabit net, IPv6, consolidate the "seven-way one flat" digital infrastructure base. Continue to improve the digital management ability of Yizhuang, optimize the government's large data platform, and deepen government service "one network", build "all-regions, full-time, full scene" corporate legal chain; use "urban brain 2.0" to help urban governance modernization.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the "National Medical Equipment Industry Development Plan", "" 14th Five-Year Plan "issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Information Technology," 145 "Software and Information Technology Service Industry Development Plan" Both of the high-precision industry layout development in Beijing Economic Development Zone brings new opportunities.

Among them, "The 14th Five-Year" Medical Equipment Industry Development Plan "pointed out that by 2025, the level of medical equipment industry, the modernization of industry chains is significantly improved, mainstream medical equipment is basically effective supply, high-end medical equipment product performance and quality level Obviously improved, preliminary formation of comprehensive support for public health and medical needs.

△ Beijing Yizhuang Cell Treatment Subject Base Project Data Map

Beijing Economic Development Zone Focus on the deployment of innovation chains around the biomedical industry chain, the first construction of the innovative chain layout, in the field of biomedicine and large health industry, the first to build "concept verification platform - Public Technical Service Platform - Dare Sites Center - Master Base" Biomedical The industry's all-round service system, strengthens system integration, collaborative linkage, opening innovation of biomedicine industry services, and accelerates Beijing Economic Development Zone into domestic first-class, internationally recognized biomedical innovation strategies. The next step will also promote the copy of the corresponding system in other leading industries such as new generation information technology, new energy vehicles and intelligent networks, robots and intelligent manufacturing, and form a full chain service system covering more industrial sectors.

Business environment deepening reforms have new support

"The" 14th Five-Year Plan "" 14th Five-Year Plan "and the" 14th Five-Year Plan "issued by the Ministry of Commerce and the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Ministry of Business and the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Trade," The district promotes the construction of "two districts" to bring good news. "The" 14th Five-Year Plan "on foreign trade high-quality development plan" proposes, focus "to enhance trade comprehensive strength, improve coordination and innovation, and improve the smooth circular ability, deepen trade open cooperation, and improve trade security system" five objectives, and propose "optimization Ten aspects of goods trade structure "45 key tasks and six guarantees, emphasize innovation, adhere to expand the opening, policy measures system, and operability.

△ World 5G Conference Data Map

Beijing Economic Development Area continued to increase the level of openness, this year will introduce special policies and continue to invest in domestic re-investment in foreign-funded enterprises. Building domestic and foreign exchange platforms, high levels to run the world robot conference, the world 5G conference, Jingtai Science and Technology Forum, Tongminghu Xinchuang Forum, and organized the National Biomedical Conference.

Serial planning is also intended to improve the direction of innovation services while promoting the construction of Beijing Economic Development Zone accelerating the construction of the reform. The State Council issued by the State Council, "Tenth Five-Year" National Intellectual Property Protection and Application Plan " Quality development, effectively supporting innovation and driving development and high standard market system construction, which has strongly promoting high quality development of economic and social. Beijing Economic Development Zone has established Beijing's first self-funded intellectual property protection sub-center, and the creation, application, protection, management and service of intellectual property rights will help cultivate enterprise innovation.

Ecological environment optimization upgrade to add power

Beijing Economic Development Zone has always paid attention to ecological development, injecting green "gene" for industrial development, and the ecological environment quality of Beijing Jingban has been significantly improved in the past year. Successfully completed the "wasteless city" pilot, forming 6 experience models, was promoted by the ecological environment department; strictly implemented Linhe Lake long system, the water quality of the cool water river stabilized IV. Energy-saving and emission reduction has achieved remarkable, energy consumption, water consumption, maintained the city, leading the international advanced level. Established Regional Zero Carbon Association and Carbon Neutral Research Institute to formulate a "double carbon" action plan, actively explore the Beijing Economic Development Area Carbon Governance Path. Promote 9 companies to declare green plants, and 2 companies have become a green supply chain management company. Create the first domestic renewable energy "carbon neutral" smart park. The series planned new motivation for the green ecological development of Beijing Economic Development Zone. The "Tenth Five-Year" Industrial Green Development Plan "issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in 2025, my country's industrial structure, production mode green low carbon transformation has achieved significant results, green low-carbon technology equipment wide application, energy resource utilization efficiency increased significantly, The green manufacturing level is fully improved, which lay a solid foundation for carbon peaks in the industrial field in the 2030. In terms of green manufacturing, a typical demonstration has driven production mode green transformation, and promote low-carbon development in full industrial chains. In terms of circular economy, industrial solid waste is integrated, reducing resource consumption, and promoting coordinating carbon. In terms of technology change, accelerate green low-carbon technology change, technological process innovation, production process reconstruction to promote industrial reduction and carbon.

Beijing Economic Development Zone will also accelerate the development of green low-carbon development. Continue to promote the construction of "wasteless cities", implement "waste blueprint" planning, release the "waste park" construction index system, leading the construction of "wasteful cities" national standards in industrial parks. Implement carbon emission reduction carbon neutralization and special action programs, establish total carbon emissions and intensity dual control mechanisms. Implementing industrial energy efficiency promotion, carrying out energy audits and energy conservation monitoring, deep excavation of energy-saving and reduced carbon potential. Carry out the storage data center classification and guidance, and promote the transformation of the conditions of the data center to the industrial development calculation and artificial intelligence profile data center, explore the high energy consumption data center exit mechanism. Promote the pilot work of the national energy bureau's whole area roof distributed photovoltaic pilot, and promote the implementation of photovoltaic projects. Continue to increase the introduction of green electricity, closely cooperate with the State Grid, Beijing Electric Power Trading Center, and encourage companies to participate in a new round of green and electricity transactions. Relying on the Northern University of Technology, R & D, the research and development of scientific and technological achievements, and help "double carbon" targets.