Behind the headquarters of China Shipbuilding Group: Shanghai opens up high-level headquarters economic "friends circle"

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Behind the headquarters of China Shipbuilding Group: Shanghai opens up high-level headquarters economic "friends circle"

2022-01-15 06:06:39 15 ℃

This reporter Guo Yangzhen Zhang Jiazhen Shanghai reported

At 6:30 pm on January 12, 202, located in China Ship Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Shipping Group"), No. 889 Zhonghua Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai. The large word slogan of developing, supporting national defense construction, and the national strategy is particularly conspicuous at night.

On December 24, 2021, China Ship Group Headquarters held the Shanghai Conference held in Shanghai, fully opening the China Shipping Group better obedience, rooted Shanghai, accelerating the construction of the world's first-class shipping group. At the meeting, the Chinese ship group party secretary, Chairman Leifan Pei said that China's shipbuilding group and Shanghai Yuanyuan are deep, the group company headquarters moves in Shanghai, which is conducive to the discovery of Beijing's non-Capital function, which is beneficial to optimize the state-owned economic layout, which is better to better Integration into and serving the Shanghai "Five Centers" construction will quickly develop strong development power to the group company to enter the world's first-class shipping group.

China's shipbuilding group headquarters settled in Shanghai, which is an epitary of Shanghai towards "China's headquarters economy." The "China Business News" reporter noted that in recent years, China's Ocean Shipping Group, China Electrical Equipment Group and other large-scale central enterprises will put the headquarters in Shanghai after the reorganization, Shanghai has also become the largest city with central enterprises except Beijing; foreign companies Shanghai has set up 827 overalls of multinational corporations, 504 foreign R & D centers. Since 2002, Shanghai has always been the most concentrated city in China's multinational corporation region.

A number of interviewed experts said that Shanghai's economic strength, education, scientific research, and external open levels are also ranked in the country throughout the country, while biomedicine, integrated circuits, automotive manufacturing and shipping industries industrial chain. The supply chain integration effect is highlighted to provide more support for the development headquarters economy.

Sword refers to the world's first-class international shipping center

"This headquarters building is almost the most static of the old Westward area. At the end of 2021, there were people moving into the end. On January 4, 2022, it should be the first day of the building officially enabled, and people who entered from get off work and dinner. More. "On January 12, 202, the security personnel of the China Shipbu Group's new headquarters building said to the reporter.

On January 10, January 10, Yang Jincheng, a deputy secretary of the Party Group of China, and General Manager Yang Jincheng, who met from the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, said that the group company seized this important history of the headquarters. Opportunities, actively integrate into Shanghai's economic and social development, continuously strengthen the construction of scientific and technological innovation and talent team, promote the key technology of core products, consolidate and enhance the competitiveness of my country's ships and sea industries, for the construction of boat, and marine strength diligent.

Disclosure, China Shipping Group is the world's largest shipbuilding group. In Oct 2019, China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd. is jointly recombined with the original China Ship Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. At present, China Shipping Group has 106 research institutes, corporate units and listed companies, total assets of 873.38 billion yuan, and 347,000 employees.

In the past year, the China Shipping Group has achieved a higher level. According to statistics, in 2021, China's shipbuilding group has undertaken 130.15 billion yuan / 25984 million load-bearing tons, and the completion of 206 ships / 17081 million load tons, and the hand-held order 4195.3,000 load meters, not only exceeding the annual indicator, but also accounts for the global market share 21.5%, 20.2%, 20.5% (with load-bearing tonnes), ranking first in shipbuilding companies. Among them, the operation contracting contract has doubled over the annual plan, setting up the latest record since 2008.

China's shipbuilding group headquarters moved into Shanghai, which is an epitomy of central enterprises to accelerate the movement and discovery Beijing non-capital function. On September 25, 2021, the newly established electric equipment new central enterprise was officially unveiled in Shanghai; September 26th, China Changjiang Three Gorges Group officially relieves the headquarters from Beijing Wuhan; December 23, China The rare earth group appeared in Zhangzhou, Jiangxi; On December 25th, China Electronics Group Headquarters "Flower" Guangdong Shenzhen ...

The official Anang Youth of the General Community Credit Management Committee, told the reporter. At present, the central enterprises have gradually moved to Beijing has two major choices. First, the central enterprises with business characteristics will choose to return to the industry, such as the China Ship Group chooses the right direction. The largest port city in the country - Shanghai; Second, the remaining central enterprises will be more and the surrounding areas such as Xiongan New District.

In the view of Leifan Pei, after the headquarters of China Shipbuilding Group will enable Shanghai to become the world's only ship, steel, Hong Kong, terminal, headquarters of the ship, industrial chain and supply chain concentration effect more highlighted. .

Xubin, director of the Silver Securities Research Department, Asia Pacific Industrial and Infrastructure Industry, further stated that Shanghai Port is the world's largest container port, China's largest shipping company China Ocean Shipping Group has also moved to the headquarters to further Support the status of the Shanghai International Shipping Center. "In the future, I hope that Shanghai will continue to launch more preferential policies such as trade industry, tax cuts, and large enterprises have also needed the support of 'Real Gold Silver'."

According to the "2021 Xinhua Baltic International Shipping Center Development Index Report" released on July 11, 2021, 2021 Global Shipping Center City Comprehensive Strength Shanghai is ranked third, second only to Singapore and London. "Shanghai continues to force in shipping hardware and software construction, through the development of the construction and service industry, the development of the self-employment test area, the development of science and technology innovation, the long-term development mechanism, continuously enhances the global resource allocation Ability, integrated rankings chase the championship, maintaining third. "" Report "pointed out. In addition, the "Shanghai International Shipping Center Construction" 14th "Plan" proposed, to form a new pattern of Shanghai International Shipping Center, 2025, basicly completed convenient, complete, open integration, green wisdom, strong world-class international shipping center. The planning goal shows that in 2025, the annual throughput of the container reached 47 million standard boxes. The annual throughput of air passengers reached 130 million, the annual throughput of 4.1 million tons was reached.

Continuously improve the headquarters economic level

Data show that 6 of the 97 Central Enterprises have six sets of headquarters in Shanghai, respectively, China Shipping Group, Baowu Iron and Steel Group, China Ocean Shipping Group, China Eastern Aviation Group, China Commercial Aircraft Company and China Electrical Equipment Group. Shanghai is also the city with central enterprises except Beijing.

"Shanghai has a natural advantage of developing headquarters economies. Meng Lilian, chief researcher, Sichuan Tianfu Health Industry Research Institute, believes that on the one hand, Shanghai is an important economic center city in China, and it is also the primary choice for many large enterprises in Shanghai. , Shanghai's education, scientific research, development of open levels, service industry development, etc., many areas have an advanced level in China and even global.

The reporter noted that in 2002, Shanghai has always maintained the most concentrated urban status of China's mainland China's regional headquarters in 2002 to establish regional headquarters policies.

The latest data provided by the Shanghai Municipal Commerce Committee shows that in January to November 2021, Shanghai has added 56 new multinational corporations, including 21 of the large-scale and higher regional headquarters. As of the end of November 2021, Shanghai has set up 827 overalls, including 158 regional headquarters in large China and above, 121 regional headquarters established by the world.

In the Shanghai-multinational corporation region headquarters mainly from developed countries, mainly in Europe, the United States and Japanese companies, accounting for 79% of the total. The parent company accounts for 71% in the Shanghai multinational corporation region, mainly focusing on biomedicine, integrated circuit, automobile manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing industry; service industry accounts for 29%, mainly concentrated in trade, Logistics and inspection and testing industries.

For example, in 2021, Porsche (China) Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. upgrades the original China District headquarters to the Asia Pacific Headquarters; the world's top 500 enterprises Tyson Food China Headquarters in Hongqiao International Central Business District; rooted China 40 years Pepsi Company will settle the Headquarters of the Pepsi-China Foods; Rhein Shanghai Company is upgraded to the Asia Pacific Headquarters, and the Nuo Hao Ya and Feidi, which is the company's headquarters.

"Shanghai itself is a large-scale urban city in China. No matter in culture or high-end talents, Shanghai undoubtedly has a leading position. This is the key to Shanghai attracts many foreign companies. Zhou Mingzi, founder, is now In all cities in China, the number of permanent foreigners in Shanghai is also the most, and Shanghai can provide more suitable work and living conditions for foreigners, which also enable more multinational companies to come.

It is worth mentioning that the transnational corporate regional headquarters driven by the Shanghai economy development also further enhanced. According to the statistics of the Shanghai Municipal Commission, as of November 2021, Shanghai Municipality Region Headquarters only accounts for 1.1% of the total foreign-funded enterprises, but the 18.2% tax revenue of foreign enterprises in the city is contributed, and 1.9 percentage points are increased. From January to November 2021, 20% of the total taxes of multinational corporations exceeded 100 million yuan.

The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Municipal Commission said that Shanghai will implement "Headquarters Energy Energy Action" during the 14th Five-Year Plan, and continue to enhance the headquarters economic level. Specific measures include: vigor to absorb, attract multinational company Asia-Pacific headquarters and functional global headquarters to settlement, encourage foreign investment and development of global R & D centers and open innovation platforms; further improve the Shanghai headquarters economic policy system, create multi-dimensional headquarters economies; Pudong Further expand high-level system open, as well as the Shanghai Trade Zone, Lingang New Wraps and Hongqiao International Open Hubs first tried to lead, further enhance the global resource allocation and open hub function of multinational corporation regional headquarters.

"Attracting more companies to set up headquarters in Shanghai, is an important part of Shanghai to achieve high-quality development in higher levels, making greater contributions to the world economy." Meng Lilian suggested, Shanghai wants to standard New York, Tokyo, London and Paris and other global economic center, do a good job in urban business environment; to do a good job in industrial support, build an industrial ecology with international advanced levels. At the same time, Shanghai Construction Headquarters economic cities cannot be limited to Shanghai, and there should be a wider vision, and it is a foothold in the Yangtze River Delta integrated development.