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Broker super high salary

2022-01-15 06:07:16 9 ℃

Our reporter Cui Wenjing Xia Xin Beijing reported

"For us, this is a very unfriendly news that indicates that we may have to pay. The overall profit of the 2021 brokerage is particularly high. We still hope to take a good year-end award, which may have to discount it. "A head brokerage in the executive, Lu Qingcheng (pseudonym), told the" China Business News "reporter.

The so-called unfriendly news is a prior to China Securities Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "Secondary Cards") to the return management system for the brokerage (hereinafter referred to as "Salary Research"). Based on this notice, investigation aims to understand the industry's advice on improving the salary management system, and better play the self-disciplined guidance of the association.

On January 13, 202, a brokerage finance employee's social behavior (trial version) "was built in the financial circle. According to this paper, "avoiding dazzling rich, high-profile and other acts have to have a negative impact on the company and even the entire industry" "" Our employees must pay attention to words and deeds, do not allow for a good sense because of non-own factors such as family background, as a good career Banker "

Whether it is a salary survey released by the Secondary of the Securities Association or the internal guidelines of the brokerage of the above-mentioned brush screen, it is separated from the high income of the securities company personnel. In fact, in recent years, the payroll is high for the market. Especially after the bank salary, the high-paying high-salary of brokers is widely discussed.

Per capita salary: brokerage 1 year = private enterprise 10 years

Through the "Secure Notice Finance Department of Secret Employees" (Trial Edition) "issued by the above-mentioned brokers, you can see the high payroll. For example, it will mention such a few:

First, luxury use: under the working environment (at work time, any occasion of customers present) must wear a decent, not allowed to open a luxury car (more than 1 million yuan), wear high-grade watches (more than 150,000 yuan), use high-end package (More than 50,000 yuan), and other non-equipped items, luxuriously customized items.

Second, it is not allowed to use social software, social platform (public media, including friends circle, shake, small red book, etc.), not on the social platform, high-end luxury goods, high-end travel And related content related to high-end dining and drinks.

Third, treating personal life must have a responsible attitude, seriously dealing with personal life problems.

According to Wind data, in 40 billiaries that have been paid in 2020, the average annual salary is 5.362 million yuan, and the 16 billiaries are above the average, from high to low, which is Zhongjin Company, Huatai Securities, China Merchants Securities, CITIC Securities, Guojin Securities, Oriental Securities, Guangfa Securities, CITIC Junvest, Haitong Securities, Financial Securities, Guotai Junan, Shen Wanhongyuan, Xingye Securities, Western Securities, Trendy Securities and Zhejiang Business Securities. Among them, Zhongjin Company ranked 114.98 million yuan, Huatai Securities ranked second, investment securities, CITIC Securities and national funds were more than 800,000 yuan, and Dongfang Securities was 7.987 million yuan.

According to the National Average national average wage data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the annual average annual salary of the employees of urban non-private units in my country was 97,300 yuan, and the annual average annual salary of urban private units was 57,700 yuan.

From the average salary, the per capita salary of securities companies is 5.363 million yuan, and the simple average monthly income is 44,700 yuan. In contrast, the two months of income of brokerage employees approximate the annual income of the employees of urban non-private units, and the income of the month is approximately the revenue of private enterprises. In other words, if your income happens to the average of non-private units, if you want to make a average salary of securities companies a year, you need to work for 5 and a half, if the income is the average level of private companies, it takes near 10 years. . The average wage announced by the Statistics Bureau has included securities companies, which means that the average wage gap will be larger if the securities company is removed.

In addition, the salary of the brokerage executives is "high-income" for most ordinary people. According to Wind data, from the business average data in the 2020 industry, the average annual salary of the general manager is as high as 36.571 million yuan, and the average annual salary of the chairman is 24.259 million yuan.

In terms of annual salary of the general manager, 36 billiaries who announced the data beyond the average of 11 people, and the Zhongjin Company ranked first in 1598.2 million yuan. The second Secretary General Manager's income is only 60% of the general manager of Zhongjin Company, 99.352 million yuan. The total revenue of the Trendy Safety Securities is 94.752 million yuan, and the third is ranked third. The first entrepreneurial and national gold securities general manager has exceeded 8 million yuan, and the annual salary of other brokerage generals is less than 6 million yuan.

In terms of board of directors, 35 brokers announced, and CICC did not announce the data, the highest salary is the first entrepreneurial chairman and annual salary of 98.071 million yuan. Unlike the forefront of the forefront of the general manager's salary, the board of directors has only the first business in 8 million yuan, and more than 6 million yuan except the first entrepreneurship, only the national fund securities, 793.64 10,000 yuan.

In addition, according to Wind data, a total of 40 billiaries are statistics on the top three senior high-service compensation total, with an average value of 12.2495 million yuan, and a total of 16, the top ten is Zhongjin Company, CITIC Securities, Strong Securities, Guolk Securities, CITIC Jianban, Guohai Securities, First Entrepreneurship, Oriental Securities, Guoxin Securities and Zhongtai Securities. Among them, the total amount of the three high-tube salary is more than 20 million yuan, and there are 4 Chinese gold companies, CITIC Securities, Trendy Securities and National Gold Securities. Zhongjin Company is 53.895 million yuan, and the second CITIC Securities are 32.294 million. Yuan. According to Wind data, there are 7 people in the 2020 senior high-management compensation of Zhongjin Company, and only 7 of the annual salary of more than 10 million yuan, of which 4 annual salary is above 15 million yuan.

Head broker investment in the year-end award from 100,000 yuan

Lu Qingcheng told reporters that in the middle of the brokerage, Lu Qing, in the middle of the background, in general, the front desk person is higher than the middle stage, the background staff has high income; from the business line, the highest, the tailor, the training, the study, other lines Father. "Simply, the business line is higher than non-business, whoever earns more than the company's creation."

Lu Qingcheng told reporters that in their company's investment bank, the compensation consists of "basic wage + bonus + subsidy + year-end award", the graduates have been in a year, and their basic salary can reach more than 25,000 yuan; senior ordinary The investment banks, the monthly basics is more than 30,000 yuan. The bonus is determined according to the project income, and the year-end award is the head of its income.

Lu Qingcheng said that the year-end awards were directly hooked directly with the team's income, more labor and more differentiation. In general, ordinary investment banks will start at year-end award; the person in charge of the middle team is more than one million yuan, less than two or one million yuan, more than four or five million yuan, the team has excellent time; The year-end award can exceed 10 million yuan.

However, it is not the same as Lu Qingcheng, and the employee has issued a high year-end award, and Wang Tao, who is the investor, has never taken it. Year-end awards.

Wang Tao told reporters that his investment bank did not say the year-end award. Generally, it will send a project to a bonus to replace the year-end award. However, the project commission bonus is not only a lot of differences, but it is not every year.

"The premise of getting the project bonus is that the project earns money. If you meet the IPO stop, or the performance is very poor, one year has not taken it off, we have no bonus can be sent, and the income of the year is almost only basic salary." Wang Tao bluntly.

Wang Tao's brokerage is a medium-sized brokerage, and its basic salary is also low than head brokerage. The general employee basic salary is around 10,000 yuan. However, they can get more project commits compared to head brokers. "The big broker is the basic salary, the proportion is low; the small and medium-sized brokerage is the opposite, the basic wages are low, the project is high. The big brokerage will take 10% to 10%." Wang Tao explained.

He told reporters that there is a "career partnership" in the large-scale brokers in the large-scale brokerage. That is, the company fully grants the person in charge of the team, the company's net earning 30%, the 70% of the project revenue is handled by the team's full power, the team members' wages, bonuses, social security, travel expenses are taken by the team's person in charge .

Wang Tao further explained the road. In this mode, if the person in charge of the team is particularly prominent, it coincides with the first-level market bull market, and its income will be very considerable; but if the ability is generally, the bear market, not only the income, but also possible . "The company pays for the basic wages, social security, etc. of employees, and the project that you can win may not be enough to pay for the company, although this possibility is generally small." Wang Tao said.

Wang Tao and Lu Qing have all told reporters that the income of brokers is indeed far more than social average compensation, even more than the financial institutions such as banks, but they have to eat, especially in the investment bank, and the volatility of the income is very volatility. "" Meet the bear market, the waist is light. "

Wu Gangliang, a researcher of the Reform and Development of Chinese Enterprise Reform and Development, and the income of brokerage revenue has four reasons. First, the brokerage entrants are high, and the industry is generally well-educated. Most of the graduates are graduated from the famous school. It is not stable, and some of the rack of bear market is facing the waist. The middle and high-level managers who sign the performance and protective contract will be forced to leave due to poor performance; third, the marketization competition is fierce, domestic brokerage is serious The coupon is extremely fierce, and if you want to live in the homogeneous fierce market competition in talents, retaining talents are inseparable from high salary remuneration; fourth, brokerage practitioners bring high creations to the company, while bear High professional risk.

However, he believes that from the current state of the payroll, the gap is too large, the gap is excessive, and the state needs to further optimize the income distribution system.

In the specific salary system, Wu Gangliang believes that the system should be treated in terms of the system and the outside staff. On the one hand, for the statement of the national resource advantage, it should be restricted by the relevant provisions, do not pay the high-enchanting views of the non-market factor to give personal performance, thus giving high compensation. On the other hand, for market practitioners such as professional managers outside the system, they should be given salary in accordance with the market, but they need to establish accurate measurement results, eliminate the impact of policy resources on performance, and fully consider their personal abilities. Published according to your ability and contribution. Dong Dexin, director of the Financial Securities Research Institute of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, also believes that brokerage compensation system urgently perfect. "my country's brokerage is basically eating, and the salary distribution is mostly 'a hammer sale'. The year of harvest is a lot of money, and the year payment of the market is high. This focuses on the bottom and neglect long-term salary distribution system, to a certain extent Helping the loss of brokers in brokerage, is not conducive to the long-term steady development of brokers. "Dong Deng said.

In this regard, he suggested adjusting the salary assessment system, transforming the "one hammer sale", and increases long-term assessment, focusing on long-term incentives.

In the specific method, Dong Dengxin proposes to learn Wall Street's investment. He told reporters that 80% of Hall Street invested 80% from long-term incentives such as options, and the real current cash compensation is no more than 20%. This salary architecture has a strong long-term incentive, which is critical to the development of financial institutions.

He proposes that brokers reduce the short-term salary and proportion of cash, improve stock options and restricted stocks, etc. Long-term excitation compensation. In particular, in terms of executive remuneration, the proportion of cash will be reduced, and the long-term incentive part has been put forward, and the payroll system has prompted brokers to pay more attention to risk control and institutional stability and long-term development.

In fact, in 2018, "Securities Corporation Investment Bank Business Internal Control Guidelines", "Securities Company should establish income deferred payment mechanism for the management and implementation of the main personnel of investment banking projects, and reasonably determine the income deferion payment Standard, explicitly deferred payment staff, deferred payment period and proportion. In principle, the income deferred payment period of investment bank projects or the implementation of responsible personnel must not be less than 3 years. "

It is understood that Wang Tao's voucher investment bank has implemented salaries. He told reporters that the project commission bonus has been issued in three years, and the risk is required in advance. First, according to the individual's responsibility in the project, it deducts 10% to 40% of the risk gold, and the project is completed, there is no risk point, if the subsequent project is issued, if the regulatory punishment, the company will Delicated and directly deducted from the risk gold; secondly, the project bonus after the risk is deducted, according to the "Twenty-six" principle, the three years have been issued, and 20% have been issued in the first two years, and the remaining 60% of the third year.