Decisive battle for the national enterprise reform three years

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Decisive battle for the national enterprise reform three years

2022-01-15 06:07:07 9 ℃

Liu Zhiqiang

"People's Daily" (January 14, 2022, 05)

Do strong high-profile capital and state-owned enterprises, continuously enhance energy, influence, anti-risk ability, to strengthen national strength, protect people's common interests to build a more solid economic foundation

Promote the construction of modern enterprise system in Chinese characteristics, and the difficulties of marketing and marketing, resolving the history of the state-owned enterprises, the facts of large collectives, so that state-owned enterprises are more energetic; promote strategic restructuring, professional integration, so that state-owned capital layout is better Implement the "Double Hundred Action" "Conduct Demonstration Action" "Comprehensive Reform Test of Regional State-owned State Enterprises", so that state-owned enterprises reform is more targeted and penetrating ... Layer compaction responsibilities, pay close attention to the landing, and has successfully completed the 70% of the target tasks.

State-owned enterprises are an important substance foundation and political foundation of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and is an important pillar and strength of the party's homage. Over the years, state-owned enterprises have rely on deepening reform to market, adapt to the market, integrate into the market, and must rely on deepening reform to enhance vitality and strength in market competition. The successful completion of the "Three-Year Action" task has shown that as long as we follow the market economy law and the law of enterprise development, we must create state-owned enterprises to become a vibrant and powerful modern enterprise.

Enduring the new journey, whether it is persistent to steady and advances the total tone of work, focus on stabilizing the macroeconomic market, or achieving high-level technology self-improvement, enhancing the industrial chain supply chain toughness, requires state-owned enterprises, especially the central enterprises to play the leading role. At present, my country's economic development is facing demand shrinkage, and the impact is expected to weaken triple pressure. Under the impact of the epidemic epidemic, the 100-year change will accelerate evolution, and the external environment is more complicated and uncertain. The more this time, the more state-owned enterprises have to work with the "hard bones", "deep water area", to the reform to dynamic, to the reform.

On the one hand, we must do a good job of experience, and make a good start. In the past two years, the three system reforms of the main contents of the manager's membership and contractualization management, the key core technical talent incentive mechanism, etc., and achieve good results. Breaking the "Iron Rice Bowl", forming the user, the useer's mechanism under the mediocrity; break the "big pot", build the gap, motivate the market-salar distribution mechanism of the incentive, thereby enhanced the urgency of the corporate manager, inspired The enthusiasm of the employees of the majority of state-owned enterprises have also improved the attraction of people with state-owned enterprises, and the long-term development motivation is accumulated. Next, it is necessary to learn from the promotion of mature experience, to form a long-term system in the long-term system, incorporating the operating system, and escort the long-term development of state-owned enterprises.

On the other hand, it is necessary to focus on the key points and dare to smash the "hard bones". The more the reform is developed into the depth, the more we need to double your efforts, and add it. For example, some central enterprises are huge, strong, but innovative leadership, and international competitiveness still have shortage. To this end, we must carry out the first-class management of world-class management, focus on "big and not strong, full, not excellent", so that more "pointed" stand out, sail. Another example, many central companies have undertaken the glorious mission of the original technology "source", the modern industry chain "chain length", to improve the technological innovation mechanism system, better release innovative potential, overcome key core technology, seize international technology competition . For another example, in recent years, mixing all system reforms have been advanced, but they must truly play the effectiveness, but also further promote the depth conversion business mechanism of mixed ownership, explore differentiated management. Direction of problems, courageous, and reform results will be more significant.

In 2022, it was the year of the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform. How to ensure that the reform tasks are fully completed before the end of the year? Let us press the "fast forward", run "acceleration", deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises with practical action, do strong national capital and state-owned enterprises, constantly enhance vitality , Influence, anti-risk ability, to strengthen national strength, and protect people's common interests to build a stronger economic foundation.