Breaking!"China Marketing Plan" "Ye Maozhong died, only 54 years old!You should write advertising words you must have heard

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Breaking!"China Marketing Plan" "Ye Maozhong died, only 54 years old!You should write advertising words you must have heard

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China's famous marketing planning expert Ye Maozhong, died in Shanghai on January 13, 2022 due to advanced cancer, only 54 years old.

On January 14th, Ye Maozhong Marketing Planning Co., Ltd. confirmed the news in its official Weibo.

"China Marketing Planner" "

You may have not heard this name in Ye Mao, but you will definitely see or hear his work.

"Earth people know" "" man, you should pay attention to yourself! "" For a year, visit two Haishu House! Haishu House, men's wardrobe! "" Market, there is "" Small sunflower mother The class is started. "" The blue bottle of calcium, good calcium. "" Tired is sleepy, drink Dongpeng special drink. "... These ear cooked advertising words are from his hand.

According to the public information, Ye Mao is Jiangsu Taizhou people, for the CCTV advertising strategy consultant, Tsinghua University special professor, China's famous marketing planning experts and brand management experts, and the founder and Chairman of Ye Maozhong Marketing Planning Agency.

According to the "China Business News" report, Ye Maozhong's first work is a "handyman" in Taizhou TV, painting background, interview, and harcelation. At that time, Taizhou's only big business Chunsa Group would take a photographer, the budget is only 50,000 yuan, and everyone is not connected, but Ye Mao is immediately connected. After that, this shot in 1989, "a six-go" Chunlan Air conditioning advertisement was broadcast after the CCTV broadcast, gigant success. Ye Mao began to enter the advertising industry.

In 1996, Ye Maozhong published a book "advertiser". This is the first advertising book published by the Chinese people's own work, and has become the bestseller of the year. After the first month after the publication, I sold more than 10,000 books, and Ye Mao is therefore famous in the advertising world.

In 1997, Ye Maozhong founded his advertising company in Beijing, and served "The Elephant Floor", "Arctic Flushing Hot Underwear", "True Skill Fast Food", "Dahong Eagle", "Brand Men's", "Yaike V9" , "361 degrees", "Red Golden Dragon", "Anti Shen" and other brands have greatly improved the visibility and sales performance of these brands. Among them, there were 464 national direct stores from Dongguan several small shops in Dongguan.

In 2013, he published "16 keywords", this book is a three-year creation, summarizing the national practical experience of Ye Maozhong, from 16 aspects, to explore local marketing methods, have affected 300,000 readers.

In recent years, the word "planning ghost" is often "conflict", and the relevant concept of conflict marketing is pushed to the public. Ye Maozhong believes that "marketing is conflict, three stream marketing is to find conflicts; second stream marketing resolve conflicts; and first-class marketing is a conflict in manufacturing." "Through the phenomenon, insights essentially conflict", it also became his mouth.

Ye Maozhong was regarded as "China Marketing Plan". Sincericted, there have been many honors: 1997 to 2000, was rated as the top ten planners of Chinese enterprises; 2001 was rated as China's top ten Fengyun characters; 2002 It is rated as the top ten champion of China and China's advertising. In 2003, he was rated as a manager of China's top ten advertising company; in 2004, 25 Fengyun characters who influence China's marketing process were selected as "China's creative 50"; 2005 In the year, China's top ten marketing experts were selected. In 2008, he was rated as "China Advertising 30 Agent Contribution Award".

The slogan written by Ye Mao's "Earth people know", "30-year-old 60-year-old heart, 60-year-old person 30-year-old heart", etc. "It was rated as the top ten popular words in China.

In September 2021, the "China Brand Planning Industry Research Association" evaluation and released brand planning industry authority list "2021 China Top Ten Marketing Planning Co., Ltd." announced, Ye Maozhong ranked first.

Simple and rude, straightforward marketing

According to interface news, the real kung fu is one of Ye Maozhong's most classic plan. He has promoted the truratory road to a brand-based road, and became a Chinese dining chain brand.

In 2004, Ye Maozhong planned to serve this company, and the company is also called "double seed", and Ye Maozhong is positioned "Chinese fast food" and demand "Nutrition", and renamed "True Solver". Decisively cut off the fried food, focus on Chinese nutrition snacks, and quickly expand in this concept.

But let Ye Mao's marketing style is still reflected in advertising works.

This is a simple and straightforward marketing method. For example, during the 2018 Russian World Cup, Ye Maozhong persuaded the customer in a 1.65 billion final price of the advertisement to play "brainwashing" advertisement - honeycomb's advertisement is the conversary Huang Xuan and Tang Yan's dialogue ", why should you go to honeycomb. This marketing method of repeated port platforms has provoked a lot of public opinion. Some people say that it is noisy, and there is no video advertisement.

"To make advertising success, you must use a scientific method, the primary is the continuous reproduc brand name, so that the audience is bored." Ye Mao said in an interview with interviews, "Effective communication must satisfy two points: let People remember who you are, let people remember you can do it, can solve what consumers conflict. "He will use our personal experience to explain how this approach is effective. Many years ago, Ye Mao was found in the airport waiting. The late visit to the passengers who were very annoyed, and Mr. XX, Mr. XX, Mr. XX, please go to board the plane immediately. "He has The opportunity is dragging at the boarding port, not waiting to wait until the staff calls a few times "Ye Maozhong, please board the plane", I feel that the effect is achieved.

In fact, this is no longer new. Archpler's "Earth people know!" ! "

Ye Mao is still an artist, collector

In addition to a famous planner, Ye Mao is also an artist. Previously, Ye Mao was also held throughout the country.

At the opening seminar of Vice President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Zhang Hilu said in the opening ceremony of Ye Maozhong Exhibition. In the case of seeking a far, it is a consideration of the world, through the landscape to flee this world, get the extradition of the soul. "

Artist Zhou Chunchang commented that "Mr. Ye's creation of Mr. Ye has a lot of artists are lacking, his heart is very net, feels that in addition to painting, there is no other impurities."

Ye Maozhong's personal microblog has stopped in June last year.

In addition, according to the cover news, Ye Mao is also a heavyweight collector on the Chinese art market.

According to Shanghai Ye Maozhong Marketing Planning Co., Ltd. No a few people compare. "

It is understood that Ye Mao's collection is also from his favorite of painting, and he is also a painter. On December 8, 2020, Ye Mao was first shouted with the artist's identity. At this special auction, his 16 works eventually sold 23.8625 million yuan, of which the highest price work "Yokoliang is a" people " The amount is 448,500 yuan, and the final auction is also donated to public welfare projects.

Netizens lamented: "Generation of a generation of marketing planning industry"

For those who died in Ye Mao, many netizens said sigh. "If you don't know if you are in Ye Mao, he can be called a generation of a generation of a marketing planning industry.

Others said that "Ye Maozhong is a person who is written into the textbook in our university's advertising course. I feel that a era is quietly far away, and the seniors are far away, leaving only a desolate stage, an empty auditorium.

"The superstar is falling into a generation. David Kennedy, Lin Junming, Ye Maozhong. Heaven needs advertisers."

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