Hydrogen policy is constantly listed in the market

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Hydrogen policy is constantly listed in the market

2022-01-15 12:06:15 10 ℃

Our reporter Li Zhe Beijing reported

After "scenery", hydrogen can be popular with capital.

The "China Business News" reporter noted that under the continuous promotion of hydrogen policy, including the US Jin Energy (000723.SZ), Huachang Chemical (002274.sz), Wivus (000581.sz) Listed companies have released investment or development planning related to hydrogen energy. Also, Sinopec is also actively exploring the layout and is determined to become "first hydrogen production company."

Today, carbon is a general trend, but new energy applications still present the situation of "ladder layout". Although my country's hydrogen capacity has ranked first in the world, but in the short term, hydrogen can not occupy the main position in new energy.

This does not affect the layout of the company on the hydrogen track. "If you look from the business, hydrogen can be small in the company's revenue, but the company is optimistic about the development momentum of this sector." Huahang chemicals said.

Sports hydrogens

In 2021, under the "Double Carbon" goal, Sinopec proposed the goal of "first hydrogen energy company".

The reporter learned that on the way of China's petrochemical carbon and transformation will take the world leading clean energy chemical company as the vision target, accelerate the construction of energy resources, with clean oil and modern chemical to two wings, with new energy, New materials, new economy as the "one base two wing three new" industrial pattern. Among them, the "first hydrogen energy company" will become one of the main attacks of China's petrochemical efforts.

Under the promotion of "a base two wings, three" industrial patterns, Sinopec Hydrogen Industry Pattern is rapidly building. It is understood that China Petrochemical Plan has built approximately 1,000 hydrogenation stations at the end of "145". Recently, China Petrochemical Group Capital Co.

In fact, Sinopec has been ranked first in domestic hydrogen production, which has rich experience in hydrogen production and utilization, and has an advantage in the key materials and basic chemicals related to the hydrogen industry chain, and the company has development hydrogen energy. Business network advantage.

Actively layout hydrogen energy companies are not a Chinese petrochemical.

The reporter learned that on January 11, 2022, Wivy High-Tech issued a strategic plan for the development of hydrogen energy business development and the establishment of a hydrogen production department. The announcement is clearly mentioned that by 2025, Wei Fu's high-tech planned to invest about 3 billion yuan in hydrogen energy business, of which hydrogen fuel cell core parts business investment is about 2.6 billion yuan, PEM electrolytic water hydrogen system equipment business investment About 400 million yuan.

Internal people in Wivus, said: "The company mainly relying on the two overseas companies that have been acquired. The main development direction is the two plates of the electric pile core parts' (membrane electrodes, graphite bipolar plates, metal bipolar bipolar Online, currently, this sector is the core business of the fuel cell. "

The reporter learned that in October 2020, Wivyao has acquired 34% of Denmark IRD Fuel Battery Co., Ltd. through the Danish wholly-owned subsidiary, thus completing the acquisition of IRD 100% equity. In the same month, Weifu High-tech launched 100% equity in Borit of Borit Out.

In 2020, Wivy Hydrohydroviore Fuel Battery Core Parts Realized sales revenue of 7.7397 million yuan. Internal people in Wivei, said: "At present, most of the revenues are still overseas, and we will build plants in the domestic layout."

After the release of the Wivy High-Science, Huachang Chemical has also released the relevant content on the development of hydrogen energy industry. The progress of multiple projects including hydrogen filling station projects, hydrogenation station projects, and hydrogen fuel cell engines are mentioned in the announcement.

In this regard, Huachang Chemical Internal People said: "From the investment amount, compared with the company's revenue is still relatively small, the company is mainly relying on the subsidiary in terms of hydrogen energy, probably investment of 200 million yuan. But The company has made more work in the early stage, and the future will definitely focus on this direction. "

In addition, the US Jin Energy issued an announcement on January 1, 2022, and further improve the hydrogen industry chain layout for the continuous development of the company's hydrogen energy business. On December 31, 2021, US Jin Energy wholly-owned subsidiary Qingdao Meijin Jiachuang Investment Management Co., Ltd. (as a general partner) and Ningbo Meishan Bonded Port Area Meijinmeihe Investment Management Co., Ltd. (as a limited partner) jointly The establishment of the United States of China (Qingdao) equity investment partnership [limited partnership, hereinafter referred to " Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "wind hydrogen") and its existing shareholders jointly sign the "capital capital agreement", with a total of RMB 20 million in rivers. After the completion of this increase capital, the US brocade will hold 10% of the ventilation of 10%.

Still market import period

Companies observing that the company can find that China Petrochemical has long been engaged in oil exploration and development and oil smelting and sales. The main business of Huachang Chemical is the highest, the higher revenue is the coal chemical business. Weifu High-Tech is a company based on the R & D, production and sales of automotive core parts products.

Many companies focus on entering the hydrogen energy market, but the mentality of each home is different.

"At present, the fuel cell has a power point or a transport vehicle such as a bus. It has been put on 5 vehicles. This time it has put in 25 vehicles, and it has not yet reached a large-scale production time. It still needs to be gradually input. It is going to come slowly. "The internal people of Huachang Chemical said. China's petrochemicals rely on its hydrogen energy resources and has advantages in the construction of gas station resources throughout the country.

Weifu High-tech is more focused on layout hydrogen energy. "The company is currently focused on this piece of hydrogen fuel cell core parts, because the company has the corresponding technical accumulation in automotive parts."

Hydrogen energy can escape many enterprise layouts lies in hydrogen energy as the properties of cleaning energy and a wide range of origins.

Relevant industries mentioned that hydrogen can be very good cleaning renewable energy. The heat generated by combustion of 1 kg of liquid is 3.2 times the same as gasoline, and there is no pollution. In addition, since the hydrogenation mode is almost the same as the conventional fuel gauge, it can meet the needs of long-end miles, and the future hydrogen fuel cell will occupy a large advantage on long-distance transported freight vehicles.

But in the relevant industry, it seems that "Hydrogen can not be new, in 2000, there is already a hydrogen fuel cell car has been developed, but the manufacturing costs are too high, so that they can only stay in the laboratory stage."

Nowadays, the cost is still one of the important factors that restrict the development of hydrogen energy industry. "R & D in hydrogen can just start, all in the market introduction phase, current cost is also relatively high, and now the governments of all localities are actively promoted." Wivei high-tech interior said.

In addition, in the interview of the industry, insiders said that hydrogen is large in my country, but mainly in industrial production processes, it is very small as energy applications. Hydrogen energy use involves hydrogen production enterprises and liquefaction, liquid hydrogen storage and transportation, and end application. This involves a lot of links, how to open these links is a problem.

In recent years, the hydrogen energy industry has experienced early promotion, and in 2019, the first time I wrote "Government Work Report" in 2019, and then, in the "14th Five-Year Plan" and 2035 long-term target outline, hydrogen energy can be in the future industry Mention.

The reporter noted that since 2021, including the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao and other cities have released the layout planning of the hydrogen energy industry. Among them, in November 2021, Shanghai released a number of policies on supporting the development of fuel cells in this city. In December 2021, Guangdong Fuel Battery Automobile Demonstration Application Urban Group launched, and issued "Guangdong Province accelerated construction of fuel cell vehicles Demonstration City Group Action Plan (2021-2025)" (Draft for Comment). On the same month, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebi fuel cell car demonstration city group launched, "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Fuel Battery Automobile Demonstration City Group Implementation Plan (Jump)" "Beijing New Year's Observatory" and other files released. In addition, industrial supporting policies around the country around hydrogen can be introduced.

On January 8, 202, Li Ganjie, secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, said that hydrogen can be an important carrier of energy green transformation, and an important starter to achieve carbon-up, carbon. "We will develop hydrogen energy as an important engine for promoting industrial transformation, accelerating energy structure adjustment."