Express "Spring Festival does not fight", can you accept prices?

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Express "Spring Festival does not fight", can you accept prices?

2022-01-15 12:05:18 5 ℃

China New Jingwei January 15th (Fu Yumei) The Spring Festival is approaching, and the courier company is also "volume". In mid-December 2021, Debon Express started the first shot of "Spring Festival", many express delivery companies also made a successive expression.

Express operations during the Spring Festival, which is undoubtedly a convenient for consumers. On the other hand, the "Spring Festival does not have a" mode "follow the wind" also reflects the intensity of the industry. The market is hot, the Spring Festival does not fight, whether the express service is also "not discounted"?

Many express delivery announced the "Spring Festival does not fight"

Recently, the news of "Express delivery during the Spring Festival" is spread on the network, and the successive state of the major delivery companies has proven that this is a fake message.

"This year, I will continue to hometown this year." December 14, 2021, Debon Express took the lead in publishing the Spring Festival arrangement.

On the 26th, Zhongtong and Yunda also released the "Spring Festival" service announcement in 2022, claims to provide "Spring Festival No Service" from January 30th (twelfth months 28) to February 4 (the first month of the first month). The other date provides normal express delivery service.

On the 27th, the extreme rabbit will continue to continue to implement the service concept of "all-year non-break", the whole network service "Do not fight", meet the delivery needs of express mail during the customer's festival, and ensure the smooth flow of emperient and people's livelihood materials.

On the same day, Shentong Express also released its official WeChat public number "Sailor", Shentong Express will launch the "New Year's Eve" project, all transportation center, transportation vehicles, service outlets will continue to operate, market, customer service, etc. The support system 24 hours online, continuing to provide a full-time merchant, the majority of users provide a year-round express delivery service, and effectively protect the delivery requirements and people's livelihood services during the Spring Festival.

China's new latitude is noted that as of the press release, only the "four-way one-reached" is only a public Spring Festival arrangement. One Yuantong customer service also told the new latitude and latitude, and there is still not received the Spring Festival notice.

On the 31st, SF Express was released in its official microblogging.

On January 5, 2022, Jingdong Logistics announced that it will also be delivered in the Spring Festival of the Township. On January 10, the rookie announced the Spring Festival logistics security measures: During the Spring Festival, the rookie will rely on the domestic and foreign logistics system to ensure that Taobao Tmall consumers in 300 cities across the country shall receive the goods.

How does the price change?

The express delivery industry has been "sensitive" in the past year, and the measures during the Spring Festival also have received attention. China New Jingwei combines, currently in the Spring Festival arrangements disclosed in various companies, only Zhongtong Express clearly lists the price changes.

Zhongtong Express said that the shipment weight is 1kg (ie the weight of the billing weight is ≤1kg), the increase is not more than 1.5 yuan / single; the shift weight is 1kg or more (ie, the weight of the billing weight> 1kg), the first retransmission will not exceed 1.5 yuan / single, Continued price increases no more than 0.3 yuan / kg.

On the 11th, a very rabbit courier was told to talk to the new latitude and latitude, and the first quotation of the Spring Festival was no more than 1.5 yuan / single, and the renewal price increased no more than 0.3 yuan / kg.

Shentong Express Guest Service Feedback, currently has not received the provisions of the Spring Festival prices. However, each outlet must be implemented in accordance with the unified provisions. If you encounter a chaotic price increase, you can call the service hotline complaint.

SF Express is also said that there is currently no notice, "but the price should not float." Yunda Express official customer service hotline did not transfer success. A Beijing rhyme network courier said to Zhongxin Jingwei, but also confiscated the price increase of the Spring Festival, "generally rising, the regulations have not yet."

In social platforms, many netizens have understood the express prices during the Spring Festival, and also talk about the hope of the hope to standardize. On the other hand, the price increase is not necessarily a bad thing for the entire industry.

"There is less in the Spring Festival, and the express delivery fee is relatively high. It is expected that the price increase is mainly used for the temporary cost of payment outlets and couriers, and the industry has a certain boost effect." Anxin Securities pointed out.

For a long time, the express delivery industry was in the "price war" dispute. Low price is visible, squeezing the rights of some outlets and couriers, causing multiple concerns.

"Low-end price war is a prominent issue in the healthy development of damage to the market." Yang Daqing, expert expert, told the new Jingwei, July 2021, the State Market Supervision Administration revised the "Administrative Punishment Provisions for Price illegal Behavior", recent national post office "The Express Market Management Measures (Draft)" comments, these will make the bottomless express price war, and the price war will be strongly contained in 2022.

The industry wind has changed, and companies are also transformed in the next situation. For example, Yuantong recently launched a product with aging upgrade and precision delivery as a core advantage - "round off", mentioning the "Express Industry from the Price Competitive Turn Value Competition". Shentong also talked about "winning the market with quality service" in the description of "New Year's Eve".

Test the end service guarantee capability of enterprises

In the early years, the New Year "no break" is only the characteristics of some express enterprises. From these two years, the express "Spring Festival is not hit" is already universal actions.

In Yang Daqing's view, express "Spring Festival does not fight" fundamentally is determined by demand, not simple business marketing behavior.

"In recent years, online shopping new year and gifts are increasing, plus the 'on the ground under the epidemic control of the epidemic in 2020, so that the new year's line of the past is more turned to online shopping new year, traditional visit Friends also turned to family gifts, which brought the increase in express demand during the Spring Festival. In addition, from the express delivery company, it is also a way to improve customer viscosity during the Spring Festival, and expand the market reputation. "Yang Daqing said. Worried consumers are service quality. "Don't hurt, but you can't send it on time." "" "" Little brother is not easy, but if you encounter bad, you have to complain to complaints during the Spring Festival, it is quite difficult. " "More giving more welfare, but I hope consumers can also receive the goods at all." The netizens on social media discuss this.

Yang Daqing told the new latitude and weft, "Spring Festival is not hit" is also an embodiment of inspecting the end of the company's end service guarantee. For some express businesses, it is "less expensive than enough people".

"The Spring Festival Express Enterprise generally faces the shortage shortage of the courier, especially franchise-style express enterprises, end outlets are non-interested, and the company's employees who join outlets are also non-strong. To this kind of company, 'Spring Festival does not fight. It is not guaranteed that all regions are covered, and the Spring Festival holiday is not guaranteed is a limited guarantee under limited human resources. "Yang Daqing said.

The courier is picking up the new Jingwei Fu Yumei photo

If the person is not enough, it will be affected when the express delivery is sent. In the Spring Festival prompt of a courier, it is written. During the Spring Festival, the time limit of the express mail is prolonged. The time effectiveness of express delivery services in the province is prolonged for 2-3 days, and cross-provincial express mail is more than 4-5 days. Since February 11, the company has a comprehensive return to normal.

The aforementioned Beijing Yunda outlet courier told the new latitude, he didn't think that the Spring Festival is still staying or returning to Hebei. "Spring Festival, I will definitely want to go home, I will take a break. Most of us have gone last year, this year is still not fixed this year. Nowadays, the New Year's courier is quite a lot, and the Spring Festival subsidy regulations have not come yet. If the income is willing to do. "

So, how to form a consumer, courier, and enterprise, "win-win" situation, is also the key to "Spring Festival does not fight" benign development.

In addition to the full deployment of the company's logistics systems, it is undoubtedly important measures to do a good job in the rights and interests of the end courier. Recently, the implementation plan for the legitimate rights and interests of the courier group is issued. In such a context, the Spring Festival is a "test match".

Whether companies follow up, how to implement it, they have received attention. For example, Zhongtong mentioned in the notice that a perfect incentive policy and welfare guarantee will be provided for the first-line employee of the Spring Festival to ensure that the express delivery is a happy New Year and the quality of service.

Shentong "New Year does not fight" project spokesperson introduced that for the first-line express delivery, operational employees, the functions of the functional employees issued a holiday red envelope, and additional subsidies to remote outlets, excitation each link energy.

The rookie said that during the Spring Festival, it will invest more than 300 million yuan in motivation subsidies. Directly distribute the worthwhile rookie first-line industry employees, incentive ranges include rookie at home and abroad, distributors, and rookie stations, and a small brother.

Yang Daqing believes that the shortage of express delivery work during the Spring Festival, it is difficult to solve in the short term, but through the public bag logistics platform, it is necessary to increase the service form of the community express cabinet and the rookie station, and the end of the End of the link can be used. In addition, the "Spring Festival is not hit" to ensure good, the key is to see the good market order, the robustness of enterprises.

In response to the express delivery service during the Spring Festival, the State Post Bureau issued a notice on December 30, 2021. During the holiday period, the delivery resources during the festival period, carrying out the operation and labor deployment in advance, maintaining the stability of the grassroots outlets, and effectively protects the people during the festival Use the email demand and industry security and stability. At the same time, we must also carry out "Warm Action", let the express brother have more feelings, happiness and sense of security. Supervise delivery companies, especially the franchise network, settle the employee salary in time to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of employees. (China New Jingwei APP)